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  1. I challenge you!

    Holy tie batman! They both had great first movies, great second ones then went straight down the toilet..... After much brain wracking, i had to say the superman series is better if you add in superman returns. The superman series clearly suffered from dwindling budgets in the fourth movie whereas batman kept a high budget all the way thru the disastrous 4th movie. If two movies are really bad but one clearly had a much bigger budget i call it the worse one since it has less excuse to suck. And I may be the only one but I thought superman returns was good. Little known, under appreciated, low budget, high effort movie mash up: Frankenstein Unbound vs Zone Troopers.
  2. In other news...

    Guys, the bible says the earth is flat, so as far as millions of Americans are concerned it's flat. Look at this guy and realize he's not trolling.
  3. Can we forgive old movies?

    Well, as to the future and what may become the zeitsmode in it, who can say? I mean it's possible that there could be a major turn against capitalism in America due to it's increasing abuse of the majority if Americans. Could the word "corporation" become a dirty word in the future? Could be. Could "wall street" become considered something to foul to say in polite company? Who knows? Your example could come to pass but PETA is so far on the fringe I'm not sure pet owning would become considered slavery. But in a few decades, barring a huge halt in technical advancement, vat grown genetically engineered meat could replace actual animal meat to the point that eating meat from animals may get you looked at like pond scum. To be honest if genetically engineered meat became a safe, efficient and palatable source of food that was viable I would welcome it as a way to end animal suffering in massive battery farms. Touching on what you said here, in 1990 A.C. Clarke wrote ”ghost from the grand banks" in which a person had a job using computer image manipulation to eliminate smoking in old movies as smoking had become so horrible to most people they could'nt stand to even see people doing it. Christ, how far are we from that now?
  4. Can we forgive old movies?

    BTW I notice a trend to "throw the baby out with two bathwater" among some people wen it comes to objectionable things that come up in media. I'm a hardcore star trek fan and I was really down when I heard about Stephen Collins pedophilia. On one board a guy even said he burned his sttmp DVD over it. I sure didn't do that, I thought that was really excessive. I would not watch a new movie with him in it as if one would ever be made.
  5. Can we forgive old movies?

    One thing I have to say in fairness to to thee ww2 cartoons is that they were not bashing the Japanese just because they were Asian but because they were the enemy. I mean, Germany was whiter than America and we ripped on them big time. Germans were portrayed quite badly in a lot of old propaganda.
  6. Funny pics

    And if you mail in 4 boxtops you get a free skull bowl. Plus khorne flakes never uses HFCS. All sweetener in khorne flakes is 100% pure, natural human blood sugar.
  7. I challenge you!

    The one without a naked thing... Worst bastardization of a long established comic villain: Dr Doom in fantastic four or lex luthor in BVS.
  8. In other news...

    Does he have metal teeth or a big metal arm?
  9. Can we forgive old movies?

    BTW, there are some old movies I don't think should be forgiven. "Birth of a nation" was specifically meant to create racist sentiments and inflame hatred towards blacks. As comical as the sight of white actors literally rubbed with shoe polish to make them look black and having ridiculously thick trails of fake drool coming from their mouths as they chased white women is today it was meant to create hatred and fear, and several people were murdered by mobs of white people who had seen the movie and stormed out of the theater looking for the first black person they could find. That movie and it's makers are unforgivable. Likewise movies like "triumph of the will" and "the eternal Jew" were not just reflecting the reality of their days but were made specifically to cause hate and pave the road to the death camps. Movies like these should be viewed only in academic settings as educational inoculations against everything they were and the kind of people WhO made them. But not every movie with what would be terribly racist stereotypes should be lumped into the same class as these. For instance, some people today find charlie chan movies horribly racist, but they weren't meant to create fear and hate, they were meant to paint a positive image of Asians to reduce fear and hate. People may get offended by them today but they tend to ignore the good intent of the people making them.
  10. Can we forgive old movies?

    Let's face it, the racism in blazing saddles was insignificant compared to the campfire scene.
  11. In other news...

    Sigh. How to debunk flat earthers..2 versions. Version 1. Raise funds DS to lease a jumbo jet. Have live feed from its cockpit and instruments. Have live GPS feed online. Take off from, say, LAX flying east. Keep flying east, landing and refueling, until you return to LAX from out of the west because you've flown around the planet in a matter of days Version 2. Call them a few vile names and ignore them . they're just attention seeking morons.
  12. I challenge you!

    No such thing as inapropriate cosplay. Batman vs. Dr. Doom.
  13. Can we forgive old movies?

    You know the thing about blazing saddles was it was an anti racist movie and mostly white people were portrayed badly. Stupid ignorant, weak, corrupt, evil, etc. Bart (clevon little) was brave, dashing, handsome, intelligent, witty, friendly, kind, forgiving, heroic, etc. In the end the townfolk learned and came to see him as a hero.
  14. Can we forgive old movies?

    Nice reply. Makes a point with just a dash of sarcasm, but not an obnoxious amount.
  15. I challenge you!

    Nolan's series even tho bale's a prick. Wonder woman vs Power girl.