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  1. Looking for an Online Group

    I have a spreadsheet but I'm not sure where I acquired it. Would like to see yours. If it's better I will use it.
  2. Looking for an Online Group

    I agree start with one personal if you choose. Now that I know there is a gate producing thunder god I will shy away from teleporter and play crusader handed down the mantle with amazing resources. Think Phantom (ghost who walks), with some Black Panther, Captain America, and Batman/Moon Knight worked in. So I will have a base and donate as the character connection and team grow.
  3. Looking for an Online Group

    Great. I've two characters in mind. One is a crusader style champion of good who inherits the mantle of the Sentinel. Think a mix of Captain America fighting style with Batman, Moon Knight style resources. The second is a dimensional scientist who due to a lap mishap gained the ability to shrink the space between two points and open portals. This is a teleported who really opens up the dimensional possibilities. Each of these characters has advantages, one the resources and the other group travel. I would enjoy your feedback.
  4. Looking for an Online Group

    Chat would seem the more fluid route for game pace and role play.
  5. Looking for an Online Group

    Any of those times on any of those days works for me. I don't really want to get too deep in to the real world in my supers game. I like my comics four color. Some serious tones are welcome too though. That's why I like supers. The breadth of what can happen from one comic arc. Aliens, it can happen. Secret societies, a staple. Super prisons, lots of great ideas. I am looking forward to being the GM and a player. Perhaps this will let us play a game with a variety of feels.
  6. Looking for an Online Group

    I like 400 point caps with characters built on 450 or so. This allows a few supers who have been in business for awhile to step up and fill the role that perhaps is a bit ahead of them. The extra points spread the characters out, bases, vehicles, a wider range in their multi powers, etc.
  7. Looking for an Online Group

    Tuesday works for me. I pitch this. The world has adapted to the presence of supers. Insurance companies offered protection policies, reality supers tv has been a thing, and all the super villains are locked away safely in prison, on the moon. Until that fatal day when the event now known as the Cataclysm occurred, wiping out Earth's supers. Except for (player character X), who must now recruit a new team from the super prison on the moon.
  8. Looking for an Online Group

    I like rotating GM's as well. Works easy in a supers game. I can GM, I have a fair amount of experience with it in general and with Hero. Will we use the Champions world for simplicity or fully our own design?
  9. Looking for an Online Group

    Just thought it needed to be addressed. Along with the role of supers in the world. This is already established in DC, Marvel, and Champions setting. Do heroes already exist? If not where do you put superpowered prisoners? Just those nuts and bolts.
  10. Looking for an Online Group

    The city could be fictional. DC has this down. Is it an original universe or The Champions universe or something else?
  11. Looking for an Online Group

    Now is the team being brought together on or off screen, or are they established? Does a branch of the government have oversight in exchange for resources? City scale is a good start point. Lots of the above doesn't come into play. Easy to start the game of everybody arriving if team dynamic isn't established.
  12. Looking for an Online Group

    I like the idea of a city scope and perhaps working up in scope organically. This allows the characters to establish themselves and then grow into the team. Unless we have some reason to be an established team. All of that character gen idea and balance in the link is very easy to get the feel. I can see the balance pattern, and good job on entangled. I would probably play a more up front character, with martial arts and gear. Also with a motivation to uphold the good. A sense of purpose, passed down from generation to generation. Only this is the first time that there was no male heir, so the mantle is in the hands of a female for the first time. Would probably have some sort of hideout the team could use.
  13. Looking for an Online Group

    Champions is my preference and a weekend game works.
  14. Looking for an Online Group

    I can make myself available at whatever time works best. Open availability!
  15. Looking for an Online Group

    I've played a lot in person and am eager to try online since I have difficulty finding players. I can jive with that schedule too.