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  1. JSON Export Template

    Good point about the <![CDATA[]]> tags, totally forgot about that. It's cool, I'll create an XML template...thanks again for your help.
  2. JSON Export Template

    What I was trying to say is if you have some magical way to get the data out of HD and into a machine readable format I would take it. If nothing like that exists then I'll just keep moving down the TSV path The XML format would have the same issue as JSON, it would actually probably be worse because of the amount of special characters you would have to watch out for.
  3. JSON Export Template

    I've settled on a tab separated dump...it's not pretty but it should work for what I need it to If there's a low effort way to get an XML dump out of HD I would much prefer that though.
  4. JSON Export Template

    My export template is sort of working, it's producing invalid JSON because some fields contain a single quote which happens to be what I'm using to quote my values. I could switch to double quotes but it doesn't address the root issue which is if a player uses a single (or double quote) they will produce broken JSON. Is there anyway for my to get like an XML dump from HD that I could use for further parsing?
  5. JSON Export Template

    Awesome! Thanks so much for your help
  6. JSON Export Template

    I'm attempting to build a JSON export template and am having some success so far. I've hit a bit of a snag though with characteristics not exporting properly...see the below snippet. <!--TEMPLATE_NAME-->6E JSON Export<!--/TEMPLATE_NAME--> <!--TEMPLATE_DESCRIPTION--> <p>A JSON template for the Hero System 6th Edition by sentry0</p> <p> Version 1.0.0 (2018-02-17) <!--FILE_EXTENSION-->json<!--/FILE_EXTENSION--> </p> <!--/TEMPLATE_DESCRIPTION--> { name: '<!--CHARACTER_NAME-->', characteristics: { strength: { total: '<!--STR--><!--STR_TOTAL--><!/--STR-->', cost: '<!--STR--><!--STR_COST--><!/--STR-->', roll: '<!--STR--><!--STR_ROLL--><!/--STR-->', notes: '<!--STR--><!--STR_NOTES--><!/--STR-->' } }, movement: { running: '<!--RUNNING--><!--RUNNING_TOTAL-->[<!--IF_RUNNING--><!--RUNNING_TOTAL_NONCOMBAT--><!--/IF_RUNNING--> NC]<!--/RUNNING-->' } } The "name" and "running" properties populate correctly but I can't seem to get any of the strength properties to work. Here's what HD is outputting for me: { name: 'Edward Lightbinder', characteristics: { strength: { total: '<!--STR--><!--STR_TOTAL--><!/--STR-->', cost: '<!--STR--><!--STR_COST--><!/--STR-->', roll: '<!--STR--><!--STR_ROLL--><!/--STR-->', notes: '<!--STR--><!--STR_NOTES--><!/--STR-->' } }, movement: { running: '6"[12" NC]' } }
  7. Droid Brains (Star Wars)

    It could be as simple as a Radio Perception/Transmission connection between the droid and the ships computer...all you're really doing is offloading the astrogation calculations to the droid. You can go down fancier (and more expensive) roads and experiment with telepathy and mind control...seems like overkill though,
  8. It should be possible to add in a portrait...let me play around with it a bit and see what I can do 😀
  9. Conditionally show ECV?

    Is there anyway for me to show ECV only if the character was created using the 5th edition rules? This is for a template that I'm working on.
  10. Sweet! I'll update the file notes.
  11. Thanks 😀 I'm not sure why but Chrome wouldn't allow me to open the file properly. I think it has something to do with the way Android is passing the file into Chrome...just a guess though. The HTML viewer is not ideal (I'd much rather just use Chrome too) but it works.
  12. That's interesting, I didn't know that. I figure that a better random number generator isn't going to hurt anything per si but I could shave off 7k from the file size without the MT lib...
  13. I looked at the die roller you supplied and I really like it although it is using Math.random()...I'll probably switch that to use the Mersenne Twister lib in the codebase. I think I may replace the "Free Form Roll" tool with it to let people really make some unusual rolls and roll combinations using a text input field. I will probably retro-fit the first 2 tools to use this lib as the back end but keep the frontend the same. I think I should add a stun multiplier slider to my damage roll UI now that I'm thinking about it...
  14. Nice, I'll look at incorporating it into the app.
  15. Players wanted in Kitchener-Waterloo, ON

    Too bad Good luck with your search