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  1. Reverse the polarity of the plotron flow!

    Also, bank robbers are the protagonist of many films. If you are tired of allways playing the same side of law... You can have more or less honorable thieves as PCs. The problem is, in the heist films, the audience must be surprised by the clever plot. That can't be translated into RPG. The other option is a plot complicates and fails. (Or a superhero appears. May be interesting if a superhero campaign has a moment to focus in normals against superpowered, if only to show how above mortals are your heroes) Or the criminal PCs can be against something more evil than themselves.
  2. Hero All-Stars

    OK, and thank you again for your time. 2004 Pulp: -The volcano cannot be stopped, I suppose the PCs are there to contain damage or save people. -How can the volcano Master be tracked? Super-science in action, detective work? -Are there Nazi villains in Skull Island? (from "Masterminds and Madmen") -Were the game balanced? The PCs look like very powerful, but there are dinosaurs here... 2006 Monsters: -Had the Mummy any chance to find his lost love in Goldstadt? Any interactions with the lesser mortal beings? -Could Dracula fly to the island, leaving the other PCs behind? -The scientist was Cagliostro? Had human minions? Were they vulnerable to Dracula's hypnosis? -And the Amulet has power, and Lucy is playing right or foul with the PCs? 2007 Spies: -The villains were all Bond-related? 2008 Victorian: -Who were the all-star villains? -And the worlds visited, Narnia, Neverland, Wonderland...?
  3. Hero All-Stars

    So... Any chance to see more details of this in the future, or the topic is closed? If anybody has interest, I can post details of my take on the victorian heroes when the play is finished.
  4. Reverse the polarity of the plotron flow!

    I've been thinking of "polarity reversion" with baddies as PCs. Not about things like nazis or rapist orcs, but things like minions of the Dark Lord, half-witted goblins, etc. Problems: If you send goblins against heroes, heroes will cut the PCs in pieces the first round... Another idea could be the PCs are not entirely bad but are in the wrong side of the conflict, may be knights following orders of a bad King, Judges in Mega City... And the adventure could be about how to manage the situation for the greater good without being labelled a traitor, or well, end as traitors. Still thinking about this. In my emerging powers campaign I ran two adventures with normals working for the bad guy in the shadows, but they didn't know who was the boss and the consequences of their actions. And two of them defected.
  5. Hero All-Stars

    Wow, I couldn't climb to this heights of craziness. But may be my version of this victorian heroes will travel to Narnia soon or later... The all-star team of villains is another interesting thing, but villains often are too egomaniac to work together.
  6. Hero All-Stars

    Thank you. I'm a big fan of this concept.
  7. Hero All-Stars

    Hoping Darren Watts read this thread.
  8. Hero All-Stars

    Hello. Well, surely most of you know about this page: http://surbrook.devermore.net/heroallstars/heroallstars.html So, I like the idea of this All-Stars adventures. But, unfortunately, my imagination can't build adventures with only this. Well, I am running one with the 2008 cast, but without Holmes and Peter Pan, some sort of vampire-western in the first part and a fight against Robur the Conqueror in the second. It would be nice if Darren still have some notes about the plots of the adventures, and enemies. I understand he could be very busy, but I had to ask. Sorry if this is not the best forum for asking.
  9. Trying to get foreign naming right

    May be the problem is "diablo" and "cangrejo" are both more nouns than adjectives... So, I think "el cangrejo diablo" is a diabolical crab, and "el diablo cangrejo" is a demon with crab-like powers. In Spain we use "diablo" and "demonio" (devil and demon) alike. Don't know if in Mexico they use it as the same.
  10. Trying to get foreign naming right

    You can, but if you do this the product gets an odd poetic flavour. Normal Spanish: "La pradera verde", "The Green prairie". Poetic Spanish: "La verde pradera", "The Green prairie". I think the name of a superhero or villain should be normal and not oddly poetic. If I can help you with Spanish names, feel free to ask.
  11. Red Alert!

    Russian superhero movie: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guardians_(film)
  12. Trying to get foreign naming right

    Hello, I am Spanish. In English the naming convention is Adjective+Noun, and in Spanish is Noun+Adjective. Green Devil would be "Diablo verde". So, if Crab is the Noun it would be "el Cangrejo Diablo". But if you are trying to create some sort of a new concept, like a demon with crab powers, may be "el demonio cangrejo".
  13. Traits of an Emerging Powers Campaign

    The thing about a ship in international waters is they can do anything above the law inside this ship. (I'm sure this happens in real world) In my game the ship was operated by the same PMC the PCs were working for, (a theme in my campaign was the privatization of military) and some of the cell were designed to contain specific special effects, but the prisoners with mental powers were sedated. Of course, the supervillain recruiting teleporters had a plan to locate the ship via captured agents with a location device. The device was not noticed, and the prisoner interrogated revealing some of the philosophy of his organization (specials being the Out of Context Problem that can destroy civilization as we knew it), and then the teleportation tunnels opened and the villains came to the rescue.
  14. Traits of an Emerging Powers Campaign

    I have played something like this. My take was: A comet pass near the Earth in 2006, and after that some people (maybe 1 in 100.000) gains powers. The source is in spores of the comet. People affected by that are called "specials" (like in Rising Stars comic), PCs are built with 200 points and can only have one power or a set of very related powers (my players choose Invulnerability, Magnetism, Duplication, and Invisibility+Light powers). Players were working for a Private Military Contractor, and another PMC had a rival group (8th Division) based on the DV8 comics. The fist mission was in Iraq, and clashed with this DV8. There was a powered televangelist who rallied against the specials while being one of them, but he thought his powers were God given and powers of the other specials were something of the Devil. And more, his power was a very high VPP and he can Transform normals in specials. I wanted him to be one of the two main enemies, but as the campaign progressed I focused in the other menace: The comet passed before, and a veteran of the Punic Wars is still alive and knew the comet were about to come again, and had a vast conspiracy waiting to help any special with law problems and criminal leanings. And they were targeting people with Teleportation: Join them or die. The comet idea gave me a world like ours, with no history of powered beings (supposedly), and it turned an Out of Context Problem: There was no technology to counter this powers. There were a Supermax Prison in a ship, in international waters. Some of the prisoners were heavily sedated, and the guards carried guns with ammunition of uranium coated with cyanide. But... When the prisoners broke out the guards evacuated without fight.