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  1. Best Gun Fu, Sniper and Western Gunslinger films

    The Quick & the Dead is short on tricks but long on different styles of gunmen. The movie Hannie Caulder has Robert Culp who was one of the better real life quick-draw and gun twirlers in Hollywood at the time (there's an impressive clip of him on YouTube taken from an appearance on The Rifleman) teaching Raquel Welch how to be a gunfighter. Both films may help you.
  2. TV characters you base game characters on.

    In a Star Wars game I once based a Y-wing commander on Tommy Lee Jones's portrayal of the Commander of Attack helicopters in the movie Fire Birds. Texas drawl, cadence and word choice, stance, mannerisms, the whole bit. Very popular NPC, but that was less about the character than the actor.
  3. The new me

    To whomever it concerns, I used to be Tjack, but when the the new site went up I somehow got erased, and my E-mail address was no longer recognized. I tried sending a message to this forum topic but got no reply. If it's possible please reactivate my old ID. Thank you, The former Tjack.