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  1. I thought the LMD storyline was excellent. Current season ain't bad. Still not sure where they are going with it and I rarely like time travel stories. So there is that. It needs to acquire a direction imo. I miss Fitz :-(
  2. No excuse! * waves fist * :@
  3. Yeah! Those #### recast Thor as a blonde! Gingerists :-(
  4. Funny pics

    But it's not :-( Has to be less than...
  5. She goes on to say she would only be interested in directing a super hero movie if the hero had “really complex psychology”. Which suggests she has never seen a super hero movie.
  6. Traveller, anyone?

    We could go on ;-)
  7. Traveller, anyone?

    Communication in Startrek is a little murky. They have face to face communication but sometimes it seems to take a while for that to be established. Which is an interesting game mechanic. They also drop bouys when in danger, which kind of suggests their instantaneous communication is dependent on their relay infrastructure. So might not be available when out in the wilds. Which again might be a good game mechanic.
  8. Wonder Woman

    I read that as "it was cool in Captain America, let's do that too."
  9. “If I calculate my own carbon footprint, that's a bummer,” Traer says. “But if I calculate it for Batman, things get interesting.” - I completely disagree ;-)
  10. Who wins Squirrel Girl vs Batman

    That's what I fail to see, any humour at all in it. Amusing superhero comics are very difficult to get right. Probably because of the built in absurdity of it all. Superheroes have to be played straight, even if played for laughs. Especially when played for laughs. That's probably why characters like this fall flat for me.
  11. Agents Of SHIELD!

    I would not be at all surprised if that was part of the original plan but then they saw the viewing figures...
  12. Don't get me started on Titanic. We are all used to Hollywood f**king over history for the sake of a story but that one gets me spitting blood. When it is just inserting Americans into a war story we all roll our eyes but no harm done. When you use real people's names for "historical accuracy" but then have them behave like monsters then you deserve to be taken out and shot!
  13. I love the Flash. I also love the Marvel shows. Agents in particular had a strong last season and the new one is looking interesting. Flash is light fun with a strong heart, what's not to love? These shows, DCU and Marvel, get a fair amount of complaint but I find them comparable or indeed better than much on telly today. Looking at my viewing habits at the moment and it's either Super heroes or history programmes. :-)
  14. Who wins Squirrel Girl vs Batman

    This is why I hate the character (Squirrel Girl) because I have never seen the humour in this.
  15. Ps: has anyone watched The Runaways? Is it any good?