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    I've played Champions since 1981. Is there anything else that really matters?
  1. STAR TREK: Discovery

    I don't watch Walking Dead, so I don't know if her role there is large enough to be concerned about the split focus, and likely inevitable conflict between series scheduling. (Maybe not initially, but somewhere down the road.)
  2. STAR TREK: Discovery

    There were a number of (unconfirmed) characters back at the end of October, first of November. A Klingon captain is one of them, although it was generally reported as there will be a Klingon captain, not that they would be the captain of the Discovery. Some people just automatically assume that any "captain" rumor/announcement is for the captain of the Discovery, and report it as so. Just as they initially did with Michelle Yeoh's character.
  3. Looking for resources

    There are 252 files for HD in the Downloads section. http://www.herogames.com/forums/files/category/1-hero-designer/ And if you browse around the forums (depending on what genre), you'll likely find some more files attached to character postings, etc.
  4. Wonder Woman

    Me too.
  5. Pre-Kickstart Thread for Golden Age Champions

    Things (normally) pick up during the last week, and that's almost 34 hours from now. I wouldn't count on any stretch goals, but I'm not too worried about it funding. And if there really are a lot of people with reminders set as Darren mentioned, all of the real action may be in the last 48 hours.
  6. Wild Wild West (TV Series)

    Ross Martin did have a heart attack and missed some episodes in the 4th season, but the cancellation was due to the violence. If anyone wants the basic overview, Wikipedia seems to have it covered with nothing glaringly wrong at a glance; no need to search and try tp piece everything together yourself unless you really want to.
  7. Pre-Kickstart Thread for Golden Age Champions

    If money is an issue, then the reminder seems valid since you'll be looking at whether you can afford to back right before the end of the campaign. If you back earlier you run the risk of not being able to afford it when the campaign closes. If you set a reminder and back it anyway, then the campaign can get hit with a drop in pledges as people discover they really can't afford it. If money isn't the issue, my (admittedly limited) experience is that those who set a reminder aren't sure they're going to back at all. Personally, I just pledge my top amount up-front and be done with it for campaigns I know I'm going to back. Since I tend to track the progress of campaigns I back, I suppose I might follow LL's example at the end of the campaign if I felt very strongly about making sure it funded.
  8. Strike Force Kickstarter Live!

    The book looks great...in it's unbroken plastic seal. I haven't had the heart to open it yet. More when I do.
  9. Strike Force Kickstarter Live!

    I got my copy today.
  10. As Simon has stated on multiple occasions, HD is a Java application and works on platforms that support a full Java implementation. Unless something has changed that he hasn't shared with us, he had no intention of re-writing the application for other platforms. tl;dr - I'm sure he'll tell you, "No."
  11. The official date was July 29.
  12. Licensing Status of Hero System Fifth Edition (Revised)

    A quick search of the USPTO doesn't show Cryptic Studios or Perfect World having either of those trademarks. Cryptic Studios does have a trademark for Champions Online.
  13. Trick Arrows, huzzah!

    I can't wait for the write-up of the bouquet arrow.
  14. Exactly this. I felt the same about Jar Jar Abrams helming anything with the words "Star Trek" in the title.