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  1. Thor: Ragnarok spoiler thread

    Completely ignoring the fact that Odin has enchanted at least one similar hammer (Stormbreaker) with the same powers as Mjolnir without having to wrangle some cosmic storm into it.
  2. Retro Styled Campaign

    nevermind, got the decade wrong.
  3. Dr Strange Build

    I did a build for Dr. Strange back during the Defenders limited series by Matt Fraction, when he'd stepped down from being Sorcerer Supreme and didn't have access to his signature artifacts or the extra power he'd inherited from his predecessor (i.e., might make for a somewhat playable character rather than a plot device). Sadly a computer crash wiped it out, but I'll check and see if I have a printed copy around somewhere that I can key back in. I think Dr. Yin Wu is probably a good general guideline for what Strange's character sheet would look like as far as spellcasting ability and martial arts training would go.
  4. MYTHIC HERO: What Do *You* Want To See?

    Yes! As eager as we are to hear about progress being made on the project, your well-being has to come first Steve!
  5. The Coming Epic Failure of the DC Movie Universe

    Well, Christie Marston openly acknowledges that Marston was the father of Olive Byrne's children and that all three raised them together, so it doesn't seem like she's saying Byrne was just a platonic friend of the family or anything. Clearly they had progressive ideas about relationships, particularly for the time. I'd also think that if Byrne and Elizabeth Marston had been committed romantic partners in their own right after his death she might have figured it out as an adult. Less likely that Grandma might discuss the specifics of any BDSM play she got up to in the boudoir as a young woman with her grandkids.
  6. Good fast food?

    I've heard scary things from workers there about the refried beans and border sauce. But I don't eat either of those, or sour cream and jalapeños, and I've had zero gastric difficulties with what I have eaten. (Then again, I wonder why anyone would ever ordering anything else from a menu that includes Dorito shell tacos!) The extra flavor is in the salmonella! The fast foods I go for most often are double cheeseburgers at Burger King and mcmuffins at McDonalds thanks to an intersection of good taste and cheap price. Boneless wings at Wings to Go are good, particularly as the Wednesday special. The mozzarella chicken salad at Wendy's is really good but kind of pricey; likewise the tuna salad sandwiches at Firehouse Subs. Captain D's currently has pretty good "lobster" rolls for less than $4. (I'm also fond of their lemon pepper fish entree, but that's expensive enough and takes long enough to cook that I don't really think of it as fast food.)
  7. And not only the broads.
  8. How Super is Superman?

    The Silver Age gave us feats a lot more over-the-top than that, Russell. Apparently, super-breath is the power that trumps them all...
  9. The Coming Epic Failure of the DC Movie Universe

    I'm pretty sure the Shaq movie deep-sixed any chance of Steel ever being part of the DCEU. That said, I can see the suits thinking that maybe a Superman-themed Iron Man knockoff wouldn't be sufficiently distinctive on a team that has at least two other people wearing high-tech armor and Superman himself returning as a major plot point. Cyborg has a backstory and power set that stands out a bit more from his peers.
  10. STAR TREK: Discovery

    I didn't catch more than a few episodes of Voyager and Enterprise after they premiered, and I've not felt their lack keenly in the years since. I feel no urge at all to sign on for this new streaming service. Maybe if it were 1994 hot on the heels of TNG wrapping it up.
  11. Foods for those that just don't care anymore

    They're going about that all wrong, rewarding the kids for being whiny with tasty foods. You want to condition that out of them. Make "I'm not hungry" split pea soup and "I don't care" Brussels sprouts, and make that their only dinner option if they won't tell you something they actually want!
  12. I am actually somewhat familiar with two of the three, and shamefaced that I could forget the visual of Egg Fu grappling people with his moustache. Though I'm not sure that said character's gender is anything more than a convention of presentation given that he's a giant sentient egg.
  13. How Super is Superman?

    I quite liked that story. Susan Richards as Malice in LotR-themed fetish gear, not so much, and I thought the whole Big Barda/Superman porn video storyline was an abominably bad idea.
  14. Just a coincidence?

    I was about to say I remembered the Marvel Super Heroes logo of the 80s looking reminiscent of that.
  15. The Coming Epic Failure of the DC Movie Universe

    If Affleck is too disillusioned (or trapped in the bottom of a booze bottle) to continue in the role, just back a dump truck of money up to Christian Bale's door and pretend that it's been him all along.