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  1. Funny pics

    It's hard to keep your wiener straight when it's so cold out.
  2. Expose your Superhero ID!

    I am Molarr, the All-Wise! I grew two sets of wisdom teeth. You think having your wisdom teeth removed once is painful?
  3. Funny pics

  4. Classic Movie Plot Holes (Spoilers)

    Sea turtles, mate.
  5. Funny pics

    I'd fall out of my chair if they found a way to make that happen on the CW show.
  6. Classic Movie Plot Holes (Spoilers)

    Superman and Bizarro could timeshare the two Fortresses.
  7. Classic Movie Plot Holes (Spoilers)

    He doesn't. Some days, you just can't get rid of a bomb.
  8. Golden Age Champions wins an award

    Well, the Golden Age was a simpler time.
  9. Funny pics

    It's in the Lost Geography section.
  10. Die Spy Kill Kill

    Aww. Bummer. Imagine this trailer as a two-and-a-half hour movie.
  11. TV characters you base game characters on.

    For oddballs, I sometimes use: Gomez Addams Exidor, the crazy street preacher on Mork
  12. Die Spy Kill Kill

    There's a book like that called Shatnerquake, too. Crazy fun.
  13. Funny pics

    El Niño -- the archenemy of Old Man.
  14. Die Spy Kill Kill

    What if every James Bond movie was mashed up into a full movie where George Lazenby, Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig all tried to kill each other? It's 007 to the 6th power... It's the Ex-Bond-ables... It's shaken AND stirred... It's... DIE SPY KILL KILL Watch for free, wherever fine internets are sold thanks to the mad geniuses at Team Spyral. https://teamspyral.wordpress.com