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  1. College Football 2017-2018

    ...and Bret Bielema is out at Arkansas.
  2. I challenge you!

    Block sets up a counterattack. Maneuver Madness: Haymaker vs. Move-through
  3. I challenge you!

    King King. Primates > reptiles. Mythology or Football? Giants vs. Titans
  4. 2017-18 NFL Thread

    Oddly enough, the only color on color game yesterday--Chargers at Cowboys--looked really, really good. I wish the Chargers would just ditch the navy jerseys and go powder blue full time.
  5. Complicate the Person Above

    Death Tribble goes on and on publicly about Lolth and that plain-looking woman from the X-Files, but secretly he has a shrine to Anjelica Huston (as Morticia Addams) in his basement.
  6. I challenge you!

    Speed. As one of the guys I used to game with was fond of saying, "Best defense, no be there." Edit: Nertz. Let's go with Frankenstein. More Combat Conundrums: Armor vs. Stealth
  7. I'm tired of superhero movies, but...

    I'd like to see an actual "God Loves, Man Kills" movie, adapted word for word and scene for scene (as much as possible) from the graphic novel. You could never get something like that made in today's political climate, of course. Which is mainly why I think somebody needs to make it.
  8. I challenge you!

    Precision strikes. We can always go for overkill later if that doesn't work. Online Reading: iPad vs. Android phone
  9. College Football 2017-2018

    Army - Navy.
  10. College Football 2017-2018

    I saw an article on CBS Sports discussing the greatest college football rivalry. I didn't actually read the article yet, because if it concludes that Auburn-Alabama is the best rivalry (as I suspect it will), I'm going to lose my **** mind. I want your opinions. What is the greatest college football rivalry?
  11. 2017-18 NFL Thread

    Case Keenum looks like a freakin' All-Pro in the first half of this game.
  12. A Thread for Random Musings

    So, just another day at the office in that part of the world?
  13. Happy Tom Hanks Giving Day !

    Hermit, that was frelling brilliant. Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving , all!
  14. A Thread for Random Musings

    I'm in my ninth year teaching, and my school district has never declared a snow day in that time. (The reason: We have a lot of kids in the district who receive free and reduced lunches--and sometimes breakfast, too. If the schools close, those kids might not get a decent meal that day.)
  15. I challenge you!

    The woods >> Port-a-potty. In every case. Thanksgiving Duty: Cooking the turkey vs. Cleaning the dishes