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  1. I'm too lazy to look up the old thread(s), so I'm starting a new one. It's a word association game. You know how it works. Opening word: Bus
  2. Post random song lyrics here. Because sometimes, you just have to.
  3. Longest Running Thread EVER

    Full beer cans are probably not ideal either.
  4. I challenge you!

    Spam and eggs. With cheddar and salsa. Wrapped in a tortilla. It's the perfect redneck breakfast. Speaking of Which: Ron White vs. Larry the Cable Guy
  5. 2017-18 NFL Thread

    The NFL free agency period has started, marking the beginning of a new league year. And what a way to start things out: The Browns just traded for Brock Osweiler, freeing up the Texans to chase Tony Romo I did NOT see that one coming.
  6. Longest Running Thread EVER

    Small pieces of talc?
  7. 2017-18 NFL Thread

    True, the best thing about the Bears' Super Bowl win in the 80s was that it didn't come at the Broncos' expense.
  8. "I'll get right to the point," Victor said. "I need your help." The other man eyed him intently, but said nothing. "I know this isn't the fight you have chosen. You have dedicated your life to peaceful coexistence between mutants and ordinary humans--a battle made all the more difficult by President Kaufman's divisive and hate-fueled administration. That you persist is evidence, at least to me, of the greatness of your character." "Victor...." he began. "I also recognize that you are a man of great power--more powerful than either of us may truly comprehend. I have enormous respect for that. I understand that you are loathe to use your powers, for fear of the damage you may cause, and I respect that, as well. "But this invasion is bigger than any of that. I threatens all of us--mutants, normal humans, and everyone else. Even with the allies I currently have, I don't think we can prevail without you. "So I have come to implore you for aid. I will beg if I must." "Old friend," he said, smiling solemnly, "You need not beg assistance of me. I know what's at stake, for all of us. If Earth is to be saved, we must be the ones to save it. Any aid I can give you, I offer freely." Protagonist: Magneto
  9. Longest Running Thread EVER

    Fuzzy dice?
  10. The cranky thread

    Total Academy Award Nominations for 2018: The Boss Baby: 1 Wonder Woman: 0
  11. Longest Running Thread EVER

    I've still never been able to do it.
  12. I challenge you!

    What Lies Beneath was damn creepy. Third creepiest movie I've ever seen, I'd say. Great performance by Harrison Ford. Speaking of Fords: Ford Prefect vs. Ford Focus
  13. 2017-18 NHL Thread

    And the Avs keep winning! They won 4-2 in Toronto tonight, extending their NHL season-leading win streak to 10 games. Nathan McKinnon (the Avs' only All-Star) is a legitimate Hart Trophy candidate, and backup goalie Jonathan Bernier has yet to lose a game in nine straight starts. I am genuinely perplexed...but definitely not complaining!
  14. Longest Running Thread EVER

    If you ever find yourself attacked by a group of clowns, you should definitely go for the juggler. Just stay away from the mimes. They will do unspeakable things to you.
  15. Longest Running Thread EVER

    "In the middle of my backswing?!"
  16. Thought about her, too. In the end, I thought Bellatrix was more interesting. Besides, I found a picture where she doesn't look completely axe-crazy, so I had to use it.
  17. Longest Running Thread EVER

    The Groundhog Day episode of Stargate SG-1 was also pretty entertaining. Teal'c learned how to juggle.
  18. 2017 Word Association Game

    Cure for insomnia
  19. I challenge you!

    Little Boy Pariah was Maui last Halloween, so I'm going to go with Dwayne Johnson. Sentient Cars Showdown: Herbie vs. Lightning McQueen
  20. The idea is simple: Given a set of first names, identify the group. Then give a new set of names. Example: Richard, John, George, Paul Answer: The Beatles 'Group' in this context is not necessarily the same as 'Band', although it could be. Let's start with an easy, non-band example: Alan, Mike, David, Loretta, Harry, William, Gary, Jamie
  21. Okay, I'll go. Next up: Bruce, Claudia, Jerry, Richard, Mira, Peter, and Andreas.
  22. Answers & Questions

    Q: How can you be looking forward to the 1950s? A: Wanted one so bad, I went and did everything wrong.
  23. Longest Running Thread EVER

    Schedule the exam, man. Make it so challenging that someone would have to take it twice to pass.