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  1. Sure, why not? We've already seen a different actor play a younger Sarek, what's wrong with different actors playing Pike, Spock, and Number One? And I would imagine that we will meet Spock. He is the main character's foster brother, after all.
  2. Petey's 2018 Winter Olympics Thread

    The women's hockey tourney started a couple of days ago. The men's hockey tourney starts on Wednesday (USA vs. Slovenia at 7:10 AM ET/4:10 AM PT on NBCSN). A couple of web sites that might be useful to you instead of the app (or to supplement it). Can't comment on the app itself (as expected, it is not available in Canada): http://olympics.org http://nbcolympics.com
  3. Skills: useful or just for flavor?

    Personally, I tend to design characters with 40 or 50 points of Skills, Generally, they will have several of the standard skills, a few Knowledge Skills, a Language or two, one or two Professional Skills, one or two Area Knowledge Skills, maybe a Culture Skill or two, and, if appropriate, one or more Science Skills.
  4. The new Jumanji[SPOILER WARNING]

    I was never trying to claim that board games were more popular than computer games. I was merely countering your condescending “who plays those anymore" comment with an indicator that the hobby game industry is growing and thriving. However, I’m done here. Clearly, my point was lost on you.
  5. The new Jumanji[SPOILER WARNING]

    Here's some numbers for the hobby game industry from 2016: https://icv2.com/articles/news/view/38012/hobby-games-market-over-1-4-billion My impression is that similar growth continued in 2017.
  6. Can we forgive old movies?

    Joan Rivers made Rabbit Test not Nancy Walker. Nancy wasn't even in the movie.
  7. RIP Robert Guiaume

    His best known role after Lion King was in Aaron Sorkin’s Sports Night.
  8. Supergirl

    I might agree if he didn't experience the thousand years, but my impression is that he did.
  9. Supergirl

    Of course, that is a fault of viewers like you and not the actor or the producers. And it's General Talbot, by the way.
  10. Supergirl

    Are you referring to Glorinth fooling around with his timeline in the Valor (a post-crisis name for Mon-El) series? Because otherwise I can't really recall any time travel associated with him -- unless you're thinking of the 1000 years in the Phantom Zone as time travel.
  11. New Series--The Orville

    Hmm. I have to disagree with you there. I felt DS9 was far better than TNG.
  12. News From High Rock Press

    To be honest, folks, until Jason posts some kind of update, it is probably best to just assume that eveything beyond Golden Age and Ghosts, Ghouls, and Goblins is dead. That's not to say that such projects may not appear at sometime, but really until Jason actually announces that a project is being worked on, it seems silly to put much energy into even thinking about that project.
  13. STAR TREK: Discovery

    Yes, in Canada, it is available on Space and the Crave TV streaming service. Outside of Canada and the United States, it is available on Netflix.
  14. STAR TREK: Discovery

    Well, the way they chose to recycle the original pilot involved Spock committing mutiny. They could have chosen a different framing story.