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  1. Star Wars 8 complaint box

    It'd have been nice to keep the female lead. I think the actress would've been good in more Star Wars stuff.
  2. Classic Movie Plot Holes (Spoilers)

    Because there aren't any Skeletons in the room?
  3. Star Wars 8 complaint box

    The answer could have been, "In the hospital recovering from injuries," or "In a POW camp." (Allowing a sequel rescue mission movie.) It's not like they were forced into anything by canon in that case.
  4. Classic Movie Plot Holes (Spoilers)

    Fear the Walking Dead had the explanation that they stop eating once the victim dies. They simply have no interest in stuff that smells dead.
  5. What Have You Watched Recently?

    Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, on Hulu.
  6. In other news...

    The FBI collects statistics. There is nothing in US law preventing the gathering of statistics. The law prevents government funding of studies. The fact that the anti-gun lobby puts out disinformation like this is the reason the law exists. Stuff like this doesn't help their cause is my point. Any gun discharging in any school for any reason is a loose definition of a school shooting. That's going to give misleading numbers when the numbers are cited. You don't value honesty? Aren't honest, unpadded numbers good enough? IMO, they're pushing their agenda dishonestly. And they have no reason to. They can make their case without lying, but they chose to lie.
  7. In other news...

    The radio news said that some (I think two) were actually police training accidents. I'm not going to comb through the articles on their site, because it's not easily searchable (surprise!), but the organization is not a good source. They could make their case honestly, but they don't. They're scum.
  8. In other news...

    These guys have the loosest definition of "school shooting" possible, to inflate their numbers.
  9. In other news...

    That's him! I'd forgotten his sobriquet!
  10. Star Wars 8 complaint box

    I'd say it's more along the lines of Rogue One having a bunch of nobodies, versus the other two being about fan favorite characters. People are bound to go into those movies with more expectations.
  11. In other news...

    Kiro's owned by Cox, FWIW. I don't watch their TV news much, but the guy quoted in the article does a lot to help people. Their radio station affiliate (owned by a different group) also does a lot of public service stuff and seems to be fairly decent at reporting local news, particularly keeping an eye on the shenanigans committed by the local city, county and state governments and agencies.
  12. Classic Movie Plot Holes (Spoilers)

    Those weren't telephone poles, they were the logs the truck was hauling.
  13. In other news...

    Remember that Iraqi press secretary guy who was talking about their impending victory with our tanks cruising past him in the background? That's my most respected news source.
  14. In other news...

    I refuse to believe there's one trusted name in cable news, let alone more than one.
  15. Petey's 2018 Winter Olympics Thread

    Penguins are ammo.