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  1. Cap on Luck?

    Was this an actual quote, or something you made up yourself?
  2. Cap on Luck?

    Do you put a cap on Luck Powers? Do you limit general Luck in any way? I think Luck can be very powerful. I'm talking about undefined Luck. I normally put a cap on Luck, at 3d6, but may be talked into 4d6. But I have seen a character with 12d6 of Luck before. If you roll 3 sixes on Luck, amazing things can happen. The tides can turn when you least expect it. Can your characters roll it like a Power, under their control? Do you, the GM, control Luck and limit the times it is rolled? Tell me what your views on Luck are.
  3. Yondu's arrow

    I was referring to the movie franchise, as I've never read one of the comics. (They are 5 bucks now per comic book!) I was thinking a ranged killing attack with Selective (it doesn't have to hit everyone in an area) But it also hovers, so I was wondering if it should have a mulitpower. So far, 3d6-1K (or higher), Area Effect (Area, Selective), Indirect, Penetrating, OIF, (or Physical Manifestation), Incantations (whistle). Plus, special effects. of whizzing through the air from target to target. Did I miss anything?
  4. Yondu's arrow

    How would you build Yondu's arrow from Guardians from the Galaxy?
  5. San Angelo Champions on rpol

    Note: Not accepting any more players. Thanks
  6. San Angelo Champions on rpol

    That is a scary thought Question man. I have been on rpol for years, and with Hero central gone, it is the only other role playing site I know.
  7. San Angelo Champions on rpol

    I'd rather you post something on rpol.
  8. San Angelo Champions on rpol

    Excellent questions. 1. I do prefer to connect some longer story lines, with multiple story arcs. But there will be times when it's just a short story that has nothing to do with the rest of the plot. One character, Ava. i have been playing with that player for years and years. She started out in a high school super hero, and is now an adult. The story is all interconnected. 2. There is a supplement called San Angelo. I think it's available in the stores, but it does connect with my personal universe (and the Champion Universe) It started out in a city called Sentry City. But I wanted a new background and to start from scratch. 3. I don't mind if you've been playing for 30 years (like me) or for 5 seconds. Everyone is welcome and I'm willing to help if you need it. 4. I hope the group lasts. But people come and people go. I often break the group down into smaller groups. I will say that in a post by post game, the combat lasts a little longer than in a face to face game. But I try not to stretch that out too much. I hope that answered your questions.
  9. San Angelo Champions on rpol

    Just to let you know. I don't visit herogames.com every day, so you may have to let me know you've changed something on rpol as well. Note : room for one or two more characters.
  10. Does the REC of an Endurance Reserve only effect the Reserve? Thus Does it recover STUN or BODY of an attack?
  11. San Angelo Champions on rpol

    MrKrinister. Please apply to the game. I will have questions there about your questions I'd rather discuss there. I do appreciate you explaining your character more thoroughly. It makes more sense now. I'm still looking over the character, but the Active point limit is 65 not 70. But at first glance. I don't see where you went over 65, I only mentioned it because you mentioned it. And I will be asking questions about every character, but on rpol and not here.
  12. San Angelo Champions on rpol

    MrKrinster, your MindScape character is unusual with the way the powers are laid out. Even the three columns of stats for the characteristics are confusing. I'm taking it that the first column has to do with his focus power, and the rest are natural. You also have both movement and attacks in the same MP. That means most of the time, he can either move or attack, but not both on many of the powers. And, I must admit. I have never seen both powers and additional powers (with a focus limitation) in a single slot. I may have to type this out in my hero designer to have it make more sense.
  13. San Angelo Champions on rpol

    Yes, I have room. I've already thought of some devious things for your character.
  14. San Angelo Champions on rpol

    The game is called San Angelo Champions Opale you are approved.
  15. San Angelo Champions on rpol

    Welcome true believers. San Angelo is a city filled with wonders, and the criminals are running rampant. It's not unusual to see a super powered villain carry an armored car over his head and he leaps off into the sunset. The city needs heroes. The city needs Champions. San Angelo Champions is a Hero 6th Edition, super powered game based on 400 point heroes. (75 of those points from Complications). Active Points should not exceed 65. No VPPs I grew up with comics and super powered cartoon like Justice League Unlimited, Batman the Animated Series, Batman Beyond, Static Shock, Teen Titans, and others. Most of the comics I read were around the 1980s and 90s. I did not get into the more gritty comics that were starting to come out during that time period. So, I'm used to super heroes fighting to knock out and not kill. Supers put bad guys in jail, not the morgue. Swearing was not done at all. And that is the feeling I'm going with this game. Killing attacks were to take down walls and robots. Yes, some story arcs were very long (I read Marvel a lot), and some villain escaped more times than they were kept in jail. (Does Arkham have a revolving door?). And there were stories that captured the imagination and heart. This was before the Civil War and Supers fought Villains, not each other. (well sometimes). That is the feeling I am trying for here. This game is for about 4 to 6 players. The heroes must be designed on the Hero Games 6th edition. The character they make must be no more than 400 total points. 75 of those points come from Complications. The character must have a decent amount of skills. 15 points MINIMUM! Limitations MUST limit. Complication, must complicate a life, and each complication must be different. Hunted ideas: VIPER, ARGUS, DEMON, or other main Champions character (must be approved by GM) I love creativity and thinking outside the box. I love it when heroes work together and often give bonuses for such things. So, maybe you might be able to take down Mechanon with 12 blasts. But what if you took item A and a skill roll to make it 8 blasts? Or what if you took item A, another hero takes item B, and then you combine your skill rolls and take him in 5 blasts? Or.... you get the point. I never make an impossible situation, but sometimes I allow a villain to get away. Maybe the villain isn't the head villain and they 'need' to get away so they can be followed. Maybe they need to be seduced, threatened, or just talked to? Maybe I just need them to get reveal the larger picture first. Sometimes fighting isn't always the answer. This game is located on rpol.net The website does not send ads, nor does it cost a dime. It is one of the largest post by post role playing site I know. It does ask for an Email address, and confirmation of your age. (Some other games are for mature or even adults only players) I am only looking for about 2 or 3 more players, so hurry and join up today.