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  1. How often, especially in the superhero setting, do you use skills? I'm not talking about skills tied into powers but the things like KS, PS or SS skills It seems like our group just uses powers (especially power or gadget pools) to resolve most issues. It also seems like the villains, as written in the books, seem to have the same block of skills w/certain exceptions. Are the skills you buy actually used or do just buy them to fill out the character?
  2. Record clairsentience?

    Eidetic Memory is a good idea. I also thought of clairsentience with an Image power link; only actual events or replicate them. I'll look into transmit as a link to. Thanks for all the suggestions. Any help greatly appreciated!!!
  3. Record clairsentience?

    I'm building the character right now and we haven't gotten into any legal issues yet. Right now I am building the character and the mechanics are confusing me. Some of the suggestions above seem good but not exactly what I am looking for. The PC, as mentioned, is a PI who can see events (past, present, and future) and wants to record them without the use of mechanical devices (ex. bugs) being planted in a room. The PI can then record these audio and/or visual images to aid in his investigations. Thanks for all the previous answers though.
  4. I'm building a character who is a private eye that is a clairvoyant. He wants to be able to record what he senses on to a physical recording device like a camera or IPOD. Other than clairsentience what other power or advantage would be needed to simulate this?
  5. Golden Age Champions pdf released

    Fixed with link above. Enjoy
  6. Fight the Axis baby!!! Its good!!! http://www.herogames.com/index.html/_/store-items/new-product-golden-age-champions-pdf-r215
  7. Re: ADVANCED PLAYER'S GUIDE II -- What Do *You* Want To See? I think what many want (myself included) is going beyond just "I spent 1-15 points on the wealth perk" now what can I do with it? I think the wealth rules are a little vague as to what you can/cannot do with it. I like some of the ideas of using floating perks, resource pools, etc... or extras to make the player a little more "resourceful" than those that do not have the wealth perk. Just my $.02
  8. Re: ADVANCED PLAYER'S GUIDE II -- What Do *You* Want To See? +1 I too would like to see an expansion on the wealth rules. Perhaps a combination of a VPP/resource point rules from Dark Champions could be used or maybe for every 1 pt of wealth you get 1/5/10 points your allowed some things of non-combat material or maybe the use of something for a one-time only session only. The Bruce Wayne / Tony Stark types always seem to have access to high (or higher) tech stuff not to mention other "incidentals" that make them stand out from the average man on the street
  9. Thrilling Places; what's in it?

    Re: Thrilling Places; what's in it?
  10. It looks like this book is almost to print. How many and what places are covered in the book? Is Yengtao Temple covered? You will have plot ideas for each place, I hope?
  11. Wait for v3?

    Re: Wait for v3? Thanks for the input. If v3 is that close to being done I think I can wait a little more. It would have been nice to have it for Christmas (or better yet a Birthday Present) stuffed in my stocking. Keep up the good work
  12. Wait for v3?

    Just want to know if I should wait for v3 or go ahead and buy v2? I use the v2 demo and it's excellent but wonder if I should get the full v2 or wait for the awesome changes in v3. What do you think?
  13. Mutants and Masterminds vs. HERO

    Re: Mutants and Masterminds vs. HERO Forgive me for what I'm about to say but if you feel that strongly about M&M, then why are you still on the Hero Boards. It seems to me that if you think the system is that superior, then go with the system. Just my $.02 worth.
  14. Any predictions before Iowa?

    Kerry has the initials...JFK!!!!!
  15. Alienware

    In one word....yes! <-(recommending wise) My only problem with them is they can be way overpriced on their systems. If it's a desktop, not too bad, but laptops, way overpriced, IMO! Their service department is one of the best their is (at least with the problems that some people I know had). I think that's why their rated so high amongst the computer industry