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  1. Using held actions

    This is just semantics. Usually the player means, "I hold until X tries to hit me." Not I hold until after he pummels me into the ground. So if Defender says "he waits till Ogre attacks me", I'll assume that he means Ogre is starting to throw his punch. Not after he determines whether he hits or not.
  2. Using held actions

    The held action would take place first in the description because the specified action is Ogre moving towards him, not throwing a punch. If Ogre went up to shake his hand, the held action should still take place. Even if the specified action is something like the punch, I (this is my personal ruling) would still allow Cheshire to teleport away with out a Dex roll unless Ogre surprised him.
  3. Using held actions

    Yes, this was asked of Steve Long and he said it was legal given a specifically defined held. You generally can't move as an abort without Diving for Cover. However, you can trigger a movement power bought with the trigger advantage if you abort to do something which is the trigger (like block) or you can move as a part of a flying dodge. This make flying dodge incredibly cheap for a skill which raises your DCV by 4 and moves you out of harms way without dropping to 1/2 DCV. The flying dodge has also been confirmed by Steve Long as functioning that way.
  4. Been away and coming back to Hero

    Welcome back to the Light Side!
  5. So how do you handle knockback for someone with 5d6 damage negation and someone without in a 4d6 RKA AoE(+1/4)? (one person takes 4d6K and the other takes 2 1/2d6 K)
  6. Transforming polluted water to clean water

    So I asked the question to Steve Long about special effect vs. mechanic in the HERO System 6th Edition Rules Questions forum. The question is below and his answer. see
  7. Using held actions

    Generally, I am all for the GM exception noted on that page for the Null Zone issue. The GM may, if he wishes, let a character Hold his Action until his next Phase begins, but if he chooses to use the Held Action before his Phase occurs, it takes the place of his Phase — he cannot have two Phases in the same Segment. Side note: All the above things I said about holding an action in my games still apply.
  8. Stretching and Neck as Limb

    I can take it any longer... This thread is really putting your neck out for all those elastic people. Someone pun-ish me.
  9. A player wants to use Damage Negation in my game and the question is how does it work against an attack's advantages. We are both GMs, so we are at a stalemate as to the legality. We agree that in using 1d6 of Damage Negation against an AP(armor piercing) effect, the Negation is reduced to accommodate the advantage of AP. So 5d6 of damage negation would stop 4 DCs of an AP attack. The question comes with various advantages applied on the attack operating against the Damage Negation. 1) In the case of Area of Effect, I am supported by the book. Reduce the number of damage classes negated by the advantage on the attack. So 4 DCs of damage negation against an attack with a +1 AoE would reduce the attack 2 DC. The question comes when applied to autofire. He's of the understanding that the Damage Negation applies to each attack unmodified. I'm of the opinion that it is modified for the advantage of the attack before applied. So would 3d6 Damage Negation against a 2d6 Autofire(5) RKA reduces it to 1d6 or 1d6+1? 2) Advantages that damage negation has to take into account are all the damage affecting advantages (like AP). How about non-damage affect advantages like reduced end or no range mods? 3) Does damage negation take into account double knockback? I understand, you roll the effect of double knockback before applying the damage negation per the 6e1p183 rule. How do I go about doing this? If the character has 6d6 Damage negation against a 8d6 EB with double knockback, does the character take 2d6 EB or 4d6 EB? Do I roll the negated dice anyways and double the body for knockback? What if instead of an EB its a RKA? How do I calculate out knockback for a double knockback killing attack partially negated?
  10. So we are having a lively discussion about turning polluted water into clean water and its devolved, as such questions are randomly devolved into, a more technical question. I understand some of these items are more opinions rather than a clear dry effect, so if the answer is "as the GM dictates" that is fine, but I would like to see how you would rule it in your own game and the reason why. Here are my questions. 1) One writer is using life support as a way to clean the purified water, using the special effect of life support need not drink usable by others nearby to say the water is permanently clean. Several of us disagree saying that if you took the water to someone outside the area of effect, they would be drinking polluted water. Does the special effect trump the mechanics? 2) One writer is using the usable nearby advantage to affect many people, is there a limit to the number of people it can affect or can it affect up to one per hex out to 10m (>300 people) radius? This is a basic question that is asking if usable nearby is a cheaper way of getting usable by other area of effect or usable by many others simultaneously.
  11. Stretching and Neck as Limb

    IMHO, I would allow it however, I would warn the player that it would be visible as a head on a stick/rope look. I wouldn't allow stretching eyes out of their sockets though.
  12. Access the internet & other

    Not technically necessary to have the security systems, the Computer Link perk is supposed to relate to full access but the ultimate authority as to what can be used to simulate what you want is the GM.
  13. Transforming polluted water to clean water

    Maybe, or even an environmental engineering roll, but the original poster was talking transforming polluted water, not distilling or filtering using a skill.
  14. Using held actions

    Personally, I usually do the following. Any single defensive action will go first. This is a defensive action for yourself not another. So placing a barrier to protect a teammate would not be considered a defensive action. Getting up so you can get full DCV would. Any declared specific held action would go first. So if the brick says, I am holding my punch until speedy gets within range. The punch will go first. By RaW, a martial throw of any type held for a passing target will get to go before the passing attacker attacks. An unspecific held action will need a dex off or go after the rest of the actions on that segment of the phase. So, if a PC goes, "I blast the first teammate who gets attacked" is a little vague and would need to Dex off. A PC who has an undeclared hold, goes after the action last specified unless said action is item 1. So a PC can have a undeclared action, see the group of terrorists charge forward to attack, and can't interrupt the terrorists action. I allow any stupidly heroic action to take precedence at any time. If you want to jump in front of Doctor Destroyer's Universal World Shattering Hyper Gun to block it from incinerating little Sally Mae, go ahead. If you want to do that and abort to put up/push defenses while doing that, that's not stupidly heroic, so no. Note that the stupidly heroic hero still needs to block the incoming ray with their body.
  15. Transforming polluted water to clean water

    That's slightly different. Mechanically its making the target no longer hungry or thirst, the special effect is food. Lucius' build is making the water clean by making the drinkers no longer thirsty. Let's put this minor argument into a better perspective. The GM has set the players up in a desert dungeon. The players are being chased by a large group of raiders. There is a small oasis with water. The water is poisoned. There are 8 players. One player has purify water assuming all limitations are the same. Scenario (transform): The player with transform either takes a small amount of water and purifies it or takes time to purify the oasis risking the raiders catching them. Scenario (Life support usable by one other): The player can satisfy the thirst of the one other player, but by special effect all players in the party can now drink the water. This is the main problem I believe that those of use who err on the mechanics side see with the special effect over mechanics. Given this, a GM can always rule by fiat that the power doesn't work or does work in any given situation. Whether the game works with this is based on the GM's preferences and the players acceptance. For me and several others, we err on the side of mechanics over GM fiat.