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  1. About to start an Atomic Age Supers game

    How about this? The Mad Machinations of the Madams: A bevy of women mad scientists, angry that the men get all the credit, have decided to show just how good women are at the mad scientist game! Leader: Molly Queen, aka MollyQ, has the her Matter restructuring ray gun. Muscle: Dee Nascitee, aka Density, has the ability to increase her mass to the weight of a battleship using her white dwarf powered gloves and belt. Face: Hedy Kiesler Markey, aka Spectrum, has invented various light emitting devices and is the communication center of the team. Workforce: Lise Meitner, aka Miss Fission, has the ability to split into dozens of duplicates.
  2. Choke Hold Maneuver as ranged?

    Both builds are valid and have good points. I like the TK at range only because its a simpler build. Also, Darth Vader has used a non-force choke hold to interrogate prisoners before so it fits. On the other hand, I've used the NND approach on a character who pulled the oxygen from people's lungs and another who constricted blood flow to the brain.
  3. Can you aid a naked advantage? Can the aid adjust the maximum active points the advantage applies towards? (ex: if Gunner has a 45 act RKA and 30pt naked advantage AP, can Aidalot aid the AP so that he can use the 45 RKA with AP?) Can the aid adjust the naked advantage to increase the effect of a naked advantage? (ex: if Gunner has a 45 act RKA and 45pt naked advantage Area of Effect Radius 4m, can Aidalot aid the AoE Radius such that instead of being 4m Rad, its 8m? Or AP such that its 2xAP?) If the answer is yes to both 2 and 3, can the aid be switched between the two freely?
  4. Lucius' build is cheaper and straighter to the point though again a trigger might be even better. But here is an alternative. I made it invisible and indirect so the character can use it surreptitiously. At 20d6 of Mental Illusions, 70 Active can have the illusions do a pretty good drain. Mental Illusions 20d6, Invisible Power Effects (Invisible to Mental Group; +1/4), Indirect (Source Point can vary from use to use, path is from Source Point to target; +1/2) (175 Active Points); Mandatory Effect EGO +30 or Greater (Must Always Achieve [Particular Effect]; Must inflich body and stun; -1), Conditional Power Power does not work in Very Common Circumstances (Only when target is asleep do the illusions affect the character; -1) Real Cost 58
  5. Or you can make it a conditional power (limitation). Not saying I don't think trigger isn't the best call (I think it is), but its another option. Best bet would be to work it out with your GM, as they are the last arbiter. But hey, having a handful of ideas from this board on how to do it couldn't hurt.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    These are the hdc files for a generic Babylon City gang members. They shouldn't be too tough for standard supers to beat. Most of them will generally go for mob tactics, increasing their chance to hit by using numbers.
  7. If I use healing to heal a wall, how do I have to buy it? For example, Mighty Man punches a brick wall and destroys a section of it. The Reassembler uses healing on the wall to reassemble it. Does the Reassembler need resurrection on the healing? How about "Can heal limbs"? What if Might Man smashes a car? Is a wheel a limb? Does complete destruction require resurrection?
  8. Barrier

    Material thickness relative to Body can be found on 6e2p172-173.
  9. Entangle

    I gave a recent vampire who transformed into a giant snake martial arts with martial grab and crush.
  10. Barrier

    The thickness of the power barrier does not relate to the thickness of material's Body as noted in 6e2. Because its a power, it doesn't have to correlate unless the player/GM wants it to correlate when purchasing the power.
  11. Presence Tricks?

    Side Note: A high EGO can act as defensive PRE.
  12. Build Ideas for "Digital Energy Being"

    I think the Framework was more like extra dimensional movement leaves physical body behind.
  13. Need Help - Theme Team Member

    I was also going to suggest Knockout. They can also have lots of tech skills and be the technical knockout.
  14. Legion of Attackers

    Assuming the use of Change Environment, 1) Yes, it still requires a to hit roll as it is an attack. 2) No, as the effect of the change environment is not environmental per say. However, your GM may allow other defenses against it*, like say 10-20 pts of mental defense or a successful EGO roll, based on the fact it is a mental power. *NOTE: I am not saying that these are valid defenses, but that a GM may, for their campaign, allow such a defense (personally, I would). The power uses an APG ruling which are not universally accepted and it furthermore has an exclamation point in that it can be unbalancing.
  15. 6th Edition Rulebook Errata

    Probably need to ask Derek Heimforth. I don't think Steve Long wants to edit a work that is not his. Hey Derek, if your reading this, want to produce an errata?
  16. Presence Tricks?

    I have used PRE offensively by mentalists (Telepaths/empaths). They get a multipower slot with PRE not as a defense -1/2, costs 1/2 end -1/4. It allows the telepath or empath to use their powers to win friends and influence enemies. As Surrealone notes, with the adders and using PRE based skills, the mentalist easily becomes the face man of the group. It can backfire in making the said telepath/empath the primary target.
  17. Presence Tricks?

    under talents in the 6th ed rule nooks.
  18. Legion of Attackers

    Which book and page number are you referring?
  19. Villain Minifigs

    I've done and still do this. Works great. I got a huge collection off ebay and got a cheap wood carving knife set from Michael's. They work well for prying the figure off the base. I didn't know about the freezing trick. I'll give that a go. Dr. Doom works well for Dr. Destroyer and Ultron or Brainiac works well for Mechanon. You can find some places on the web which sell Hero Clix single defined figures for under $10 depending on how much of a demand there is for them.
  20. I need some help on a villain

    You can always look at Doctor's Strange's list of spells I've lately been giving some regular names to the spell the casters have been using. Here are some Chains of Perdition: Entangle 1d6, 5 PD/5 ED, Area Of Effect (4m Radius; +1/4), Cannot Be Escaped With Teleportation (+1/4), Affects Desolidified Any form of Desolidification (+1/2) (60 Active Points); Entangle Has 1 BODY (-1/2), Restrainable (-1/2) Real: 30 Chains streak up and grab the character, dragging them down. Elemental Blast: Blast 10d6, Variable Special Effects (Limited Group of SFX; +1/4) (62 Active Points); Restrainable (-1/2) Real: 41 The ability to blast a target with any of the fundamental magical forces (air, fire, water/ice, earth, lightning) Magic Fingers: Telekinesis (10 STR), Affects Porous, Fine Manipulation, Reduced Endurance (1/2 END; +1/4), Affects Desolidified One Special Effect of Desolidification (+1/4) (52 Active Points); Gestures, Requires Gestures throughout (Requires both hands; -1) Real: 26 The ability to grab all sorts of magic paraphernalia safely. I've also been giving them staves. The staves are supplementary End Reserves (mana). Taking away the staff doesn't stop them from casting a spell, but it does reduce their mana by about 66%. They also have wands, which interestingly enough I've made as levels with magic through a focus (it makes it easier to concentrate and accurately cast a spell).
  21. Build Ideas for "Digital Energy Being"

    This is just a suggestion, as there can be many ways to build this character set. Note that GM approval should always be sought after. One character I played with a long time ago in a town far, far, away (okay, only 30+ miles) had created a character which summoned and mind controlled bodies. The hero could not move and basically had a mental link with each of these android bodies. We (the other players) thought the body was the player until one day we were accidentally transported to another dimension and the summon body didn't do anything except say "Error: Communication lost" ... You might take this idea and say the energy being portal to this realm is fixed and immovable and he summons android bodies to interact with it.
  22. Find a Game for a First Timer

    Or host a game at your FLGS. Keep it simple and see who comes out of the wood work. Champions/HERO is one game system where if you know how to make and play a character, you can GM with a little more effort. Just keep the plots simple.
  23. Superheroine Team Names

    Any good super team name will probably be asexual (neither male nore female). But if you want a female based name I like the Angels of San Angelo but for more suggestions: The Idols or SA Idols The Divas or SA Divas Queens of SA
  24. MarsCon 2018 - Williamsburg, Va. Jan 12-14

    Sadly, wrong coast for me.
  25. Aid Stations #UR86D In the immediate aftermath and widespread devastation, many governments and private foundations have set up aid stations to help victims, provide temporary shelter, etc. Literally hundreds of stations sprang up, most reputable though some not so much. Licensing and oversight took care of the fraudulent stations. After a year though, the funds and public interest in helping the victims of Greenfield dried up. Oversight was shutdown and licensing discontinued. Many of the aid stations have disappeared but Aid Station #UR86D has continued to work in the Ruins. Partially funded by those it has already rescued, it is one of the few stations that seem to be continuing to do good work despite long odds and criticism over helping "people who can't even help themselves."