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  1. Transforming polluted water to clean water

    One of the examples of a minor transform is making inedible food, edible. I would think this goes the same with non-potable water to potable water. (I'd almost say it's easier vs the food) As for quantity per body... well that's sorta up in the air. Although unless there's a long time limit in purifying, it doesn't matter if it's a lot or a little. If you can do 1 Liter of water per phase, and 2 phases per turn, that's still 12 phases in a minute, and 720 in an hour. So unless you are requiring to purify a whole lake, or purify water constantly say for an army encampment, then the quantity in this case really probably won't matter.
  2. Looking for an Online Group

    I'd say far from dead, although haven't heard anything for a while either, and currently without my books...
  3. HKA & added Str?

    There's been reports of straw and grass 3+ inches deep inside trees after a hurricane or strong storm. So don't think a butterknife made of metal would be less harmful than a blade of grass. When there's enough speed, anything is lethal.
  4. Looking for an Online Group

    http://www.herogames.com/forums/topic/95688-looking-for-an-online-group/?do=findComment&comment=2608812 http://www.herogames.com/forums/topic/95688-looking-for-an-online-group/page-2?do=findComment&comment=2609203 I followed the information on the mush wiki. But i'll PM you if you'd like.
  5. Looking for an Online Group

    We were posting them here (under spoilers). ALTHOUGH if you throw them in a zip you can put them as an attachment (see 'more reply options' for how to make an attachment). Not sure about how we would vet powers/decisions yet, although my experience on the MUSH (that the guidelines are based on) have opened my eyes on some choices that ended up not being applicable, to which I'd forward said rulings (probably).
  6. Adaptable Defenses

    I've never quite understood absorption because it seems it has a limit similar to aid, where once you hit the max value that's it... And absorption is 2x the points unless you use an adder...
  7. HKA & added Str?

    Meaning you can only apply your strength to match the DC's (I assume)?
  8. Two way communication devices.

    Well for skills/abilities it's 'Everyman', which might do well just the same. Wasn't there something where the basic 'human' if you sold back all the senses, attributes and other things you ended up with like 200pts? That's quite a bit for 'free'... Baseline... free stuff... Everyone has (unless poor/destitute)... actually those too are loosely defined as everyone having...
  9. Two way communication devices.

    Slot III: Flash 2D6 vs sight, gestures (must put towel over person's face or eyes, -1/4): Cost: 1f points Slot IV: Disguise 11-, must be tied over head to hide face: Cost: 1f points I'm sure we could come up with a few more... like being a container, or a sling, or an entangle against small animals like fish and crabs and birds...
  10. Two way communication devices.

    Only to determine body or drain, or how many active points to determine size/weight.. When I was in North Carolina, I was talking with some guys about starting a game and he had a bunch of equipment made, but not having any of the disadvantages. He only cared about the active points, we're talking like flight boots and stuff... Then again, it was all likely equipment so it didn't matter what the disadvantages were, since no one was paying points for them.
  11. Cosmetic transform... on the universe?

    There's severity, and how often it happens. almost all of that complication would be for it happening all the time, not because it's heavily debilitating. the 'barely' category is generally limiting the character less than 25%. But it happens ALL THE TIME. But I suppose you could do oh I don't know, 5 points, because that totally shows something mildly annoying happening all the time is only worth 5 points... like, I don't know.. missing a hand... an eye... not being able to feel pain. Looking like Brad Pitt and people asking you all the time for your autograph...
  12. Cosmetic transform... on the universe?

    Hopefully they have alternate forms of transportation. Really depends on the who and what and why. Maybe the barcodes work fine so tickets and cards work, just not reading the name, so while he can't verify his name he can verify something else, like a fingerprint, i don't know.
  13. Looking for an Online Group

    Three? You only need one (if you want). I did three cause I was bored. Crusher Bob probably had his done a while ago so it's no skin off his back to provide pre-made characters. But whatever works, a variety might allow a bigger team choices for the situation.
  14. Looking for an Online Group

    The sheet i'm using is this one, although i might have updated it on my end with new tidbits, updates and the like... hero6_sheet_v6.zip
  15. Two way communication devices.

    Radio Perception/Transmission <10 AP>, OAF(-1): cost 5pts... That seems like good for a basic walkie-talkie...