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  1. Can we forgive old movies?

    No, he freed his slaves in 1781. He became president of The Philadelphia Society for the Relief of Free Negroes Unlawfully Held in Bondage in 1787 and died in 1790
  2. Can we forgive old movies?

    Note that there's a difference between forgiving the author of a work and the work itself. The works of HP Lovecraft that most blatantly displayed his "I have never even seen a Tibetan or an African but I am terrified of everything unfamiliar" tendencies are deservedly left to moulder in obscurity. I've never yet seen a Lovecraftian RPG that used the Lovecraft story where the protagonist discovers to his horror that his grandmother was "an African ape-woman".
  3. Can we forgive old movies?

    It's worth bearing in mind that Franklin freed his slaves and become president of one of the earliest Abolitionist societies so he gets credit for being ahead of the curve.
  4. The cranky thread

    I had to rescue a copy of Zarlyn Software's Quickdice from my functionally dead laptop to put on my new computer because there are no good dice roller computer programs on the web now. It's all android app crap designed for the limitations of touch screens. Which are substantial. It took me about an hour to reanimate the zombie and search for and transfer the damn thing.
  5. Excommunication and Disavowal

    "Apostasy" is not such a big deal when your religion isn't monotheistic. The spirits of retribution shouldn't really be on you just because you switch temples. Their job is to go after actual blasphemers like temple robbers and priestess rapists, or people who try to collect the benefits of membership while failing to living up to the responsibilities. Bear in mind that the new god you have adopted as a patron (or matron) should offer protection or at least retaliation if it's new recruits are being attacked just for voting with their feet.
  6. Reverse the polarity of the plotron flow!

    I did a "dark" take on Star Trek TNG in which the players would be rebels against the "psychocrats" who had taken over the Federation. They had banned genetic engineering because they didn't want anyone messing up their engineering of humanity to be docile. They placed "counselors" on all the big Starfleet ships to police their loyalty and ideological purity. They outlawed currency transactions so that the government would act as the intermediary in commercial transactions outside of the grey market. They are treating pre-warp drive worlds as laboratories to develop their social manipulation techniques, starting back as far as the time one of their agents recreated the Nazi party on an alien world to study the results before they'd even really taken over. They're in the process of handing frontier worlds to other powers so they can concentrate on managing the Federation's core.
  7. Reverse the polarity of the plotron flow!

    Neutrons don't have a polarity but if neutrons are for some reason all flowing from one place to another then making them flow in the opposite direction would be reversing the polarity of the flow.
  8. Ctrl+V

  9. Ctrl+V

  10. New Series--The Orville

    Are not something replicators should be providing. Replicators should not be magic boxes that produce anything you want in unlimited quantities with no costs. They should require a pool of raw materials that needs to be replenished as well as requiring power to run. It is not, however necessarily to use transporter technology to get them. You can always use the "nanotechnology" handwave instead.
  11. New Series--The Orville

    Macfarlane may share my opinion about the transporter, which is that there are too many problems that would be solved just by saying "Beam me up" and therefore too many transporter malfunctions and communications failures.
  12. New Series--The Orville

    ...I couldn't. Seemed to me that they spelled things very forthrightly in dramatic speeches and arguments.
  13. Goofy characters

    I've given them stats but not in a system so labour intensive as Hero. Inibri 8: Transform fluids into alchoholic beverages. Surprisingly dangerous because blood is a fluid. He can render you mildly tipsy, roaring drunk or dead. Miss Murder: Turns into her body weight in mentally linked crows. Prickly Pear: An alien with a fuzzy body shaped like a pear with tentacles,but the "fuzz" consists of lots of tiny little stingers that are super painful. Along the same lines Suicide Squid, the hyper-agile brachiating land squid.
  14. In other news...

    Um...what's that about?
  15. Marvel's The Inhumans

    They don't have a caste system. Offspring of the miners can become full citizens just by making a lucky draw when it comes time for mist exposure.