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  1. Random Song Lyrics Thread

    Tired from work Hate my job I really ought-a be in mourning But I got another shift this morning Everyday feels like it's never ending What's the point of all the time I'm spending Here, at this, dead end job Oh, we are the working dead And we lurch for minimum wage But I'd really rather be Eating your brains Look at you, you seem so bright and healthy And your minds are full of joy and wonder Stay a thousand miles from the condition That I've got from all the stress I'm under Don't come near me or you might encourage All these terrifying sudden urges Seeing you makes skipping work so tempting Don't you know that in the night I'm temping? Here, at this, dead end job Oh, we are the working dead And we lurch for minimum wage But I'd really rather be Eating your brains
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  3. In other news...

    Wouldn't that be marmotomancy?
  4. Funny pics

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  6. Ctrl+V

    It's a central element of the TNG setting that everything is free, and the explanation for how Voyager could lose dozens of shuttlecraft and never run out is "replicators".
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    Answered Wed You will get a flood of answers saying “Star Trek”. They are all wrong or at least right for the wrong reason, because paying more attention to your “science” isn’t the same thing as getting it right. The more specifics you get into about how things work, particularly when you draw up on real life scientific terminology, the more opportunities you will have to get things wrong and Star Trek has made the most of that. No, a cosmic string isn’t something you can run into. You can’t make a hole in an event horizon and fly through it. The particles of the week are all phony. Spiders are not part of humanity’s ancestry. Replicators should not be able to magically conjure up stuff for free with no need for power and raw materials. Evolution doesn’t want anything and doesn’t operate in the absence of reproductive selection. Time travel violates causality and had different rules for how to deal with that every time it showed up. Human memory is not holographically stored in every single cell so you can grow a mature clone with all the memories of the original. Separately evolved species can not interbreed. Negative space wedgies are arbitrary nonsense. So when people say “Star Wars is fantasy”…as opposed to the setting where you meet all those space elves, witches, gods and demons and can get turned into a newt… …and therefore it is less scientifically accurate, they are wrong. The very fact that Star Wars is more action oriented and less concerned with plotlines where you take a totally impossible scientific problem and apply an equally unreal technical solution means that Star Trek will provide you a lot more scientific misinformation even if Star Wars gets one thing consistently wrong, the lack of atmospheric pressure in space. Of course that one thing may outweigh all the others.
  8. Greatest American Hero Reboot

    I don't know why they're calling it a "reboot". This isn't MacGyver. She's just another person with the suit. That seems like a sequel. Perhaps because the new one will be a half hour sitcom rather than a drama.
  9. Random Song Lyrics Thread

    Varian: Believe me, I know I've sunk pretty low But whatever I've done you deserved I'm the bad guy, that's fine It's no fault of mine And some justice at last will be served Now it's time to step up Or it's time to back down And there's only one answer for me And I'll stand up and fight cause I know that I'm right And I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready Ready as I'll ever be Cassandra: Now it's time to rise up Or it's time to stand down And the answer is easy to see And I swear by the sword If you're in, get on board Are you ready? Eugene: I'm ready Pete & Stan: We're ready Crowd: We're ready Cassandra: Ready as I'll ever be Frederic: Are you quite sure we can do this? Rapunzel: Together we will, guarantee Varian: I'll make them hear me Crowd: Now it's time to redeem Or it's time to resolve Cassandra: Prove they can trust me Crowd: And the outcome will hardly come free Rapunzel: I'll save my home and family Crowd: Now the line's in the sand And our moment's at hand Eugene: And I'm ready Cassandra: I'm ready Rapunzel & Frederic: I'm ready Varian: Ready as I'll ever be
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    ''We have a long way to go in this space race,'' Mr. Kennedy said. ''We started late. But this is the new ocean, and I believe the United States must sail on it and be in a position second to none.
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    comédie larmoyante. Johnson, Alissa. Nearly a Lady (Haverston Family Trilogy Book 1) (Kindle Location 2893). Kindle Edition.
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    Paddock said he was a high roller and real estate speculator from Las Vegas. "We're up all night because we gamble," Don Judy, one of Paddock's old neighbors in Florida, remembered him saying.