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  1. In other news...

    With Flat Earthers, I'm inclined to think that they've hit on their cause because it's crazy. That is, it used to be that you could get a rise out of people by being a creationist, but when everyone started bending over backwards to accommodate you, well, it just seemed unsatisfying. Then there was Moon landing denial, but when Buzz clocked that guy, you realised that you were hanging out with jerks and losers. (Same with 9/11 deniers.) I mean, those guys just didn't have the guts to embrace the crazy in a satisfying way. So, Flat Earth it is! Now you're the wackiest guy on the block for sure. . . . . So expect Moon Denial to be next.
  2. Martial Hero

    Pfft. My hometown has a martial tradition. It involves getting really drunk, and then taking wild swings until you collapse on each other, at which point the guy with the most in his stomach wins in ways that I don't want to explain here. Beat that, wuxia guys!
  3. The Plausibility of 10 Sci-Fi Concepts

    Wellactually, the article used to have time travel, but it degenerated into a flame war, so the author travelled back in time and edited it out.
  4. A kinda sorta timeline

  5. New Series--The Orville

    You've accidentally mapped the dollar sign to the "s" key again, Hermit. Just thought you should know. And remember, if you want it fixed, you should definitely send me all your money.
  6. Justice League Film

    Hey! Dave Sims is writing for The Atlantic! Also, Make Mine Marvel, etc., etc.
  7. I'm sad for Madison. Being a night manager is tough, and when your staff quit in the middle of their shift to go fight giant chickens, they end up doing all the work. You try working a few of those and see how much nice you can muster. Not that I'm saying Caleb should have gone back and finished his shift or anything, but Caleb should have gone back and finished his shift. And now you can see why you're not being allowed into the Comity of Planets.
  8. Happy Tunguska Day! (A Day Late)

    "We thought about doing field research on this question, but everyone who goes out on survey ends up being eaten by slugs, possessed by ancient gods, or both. So we just shrug our shoulders and surf the Internet during our lab days. It's, like, have your soul drained by an entity from a failed universe, or complain about the President. I know what my choice is. It could be worse, you know. They actually recruit archaeologists on suicide hotlines, now. It's unethical, but there's such a backlog of pre-human, non-Euclidean ruins waiting for rescue excavation before some developer can build a Club Med on the site that they've given up."
  9. Champions of the North

    Thanks for that! Always good to see Champions of the North in use. I do wonder about using StarForce as a source of pregen characters, though. Some of the writeups, particularly Argosy, seem awfully underwhelming. It's almost as though Scott skilfully designed them to not overshadow the PC party!
  10. Site Upgrade

    Looks good!
  11. Golden Age Champions Discussion Thread

    I rather unexpectedly powered through it last night, after getting to the characters' section. It was like God's perfect good [nacho-flavour is for losers]; Once you start, you just can't stop. I liked them, is what I'm saying. I'd say more, but I've got enough to do already, today.
  12. Michael Satran in the Hospital

    My condolences to friends and family. It's not fair that his parents should have had to carry this burden.
  13. Golden Age Champions Discussion Thread

    No, no, no. Want Silver Age now. Well, actually, I'm reading in my spare time and only up to Chapter 5, so I want Silver Age in December, and Bronze Age in February, as I'll probably have more time to read after the holidays. No pressure if the writing schedule slips back a week or two, though.
  14. The Coming Epic Failure of the DC Movie Universe

    Now that's a conversation that everyone wants to have. "What's your favourite kink, Gramma?"
  15. Good point. When my company's board is fired, I want it to be done humanely and. . . Hmm. I must be running quite the fever to say anything that crazy. I think I'd better go lie down now.