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  1. I'm tired of superhero movies, but...

    Blue and Gold - something with Blue Beetle and Booster Gold. A superhero buddy movie. Southern Knights. I'd enjoy the heck out of that.
  2. Happy Tom Hanks Giving Day !

    Better not forget Castaway, Apollo 13, Sully... Just don't let Mr. Hanks fly you, or fly with you, anywhere. Things will probably not go as planned. Considering it's coming from a country that brought us Boaty McBoatface and Gritsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Anti-Slip Machiney...
  3. VIPER plots

    I hope you mean a rescue of innocents. Unless VIPER is using a shrink-ray to literally reduce the innocents. Which, come to think of it, is a great plot for kidnapping well-guarded people or stealing well-guarded things.
  4. I challenge you!

    Millennium Falcon. Worst movies not to be named: Superman 4 vs. Highlander 2
  5. Hero System 5th Edition

    I'm of the camp that there are some things I preferred about 5ER, and some things I prefer about 6E / CC. For instance, I prefer Transfer to Drain + Aid, but find Barrier vastly superior to Force Wall. Left to my own devices and if I had the time (and skill) to reprogram Creation Workshop to accommodate it, I would probably have used a combination of the two editions. As to COM / Striking Appearance, it's easy enough to convert one to the other based on points spent. 3 points for +1 / +1d6 Striking Appearance = +6 COM, and vice versa. Probably have to do some 1-2 point adjustments along the way, but really not a major deal IMO.
  6. New Series--The Orville

    Yeah, I know. I had exactly the same disconnect and thoughts. I was just being a smarta** about my strong expectation that the writers have put next to zero thought into things like that. That said, as to multiple users going separate ways, I'd think it could maybe be done by directing different users into discreet areas of the holodeck which can be walled off on the fly, with each area having its own rotatable, variable-movement, variable-tilt user platform. If users are supposed to be in sight of each other but far away, use holograms of the other users, appropriately small enough to show them at a distance. So even though Phil and Steve see each other at, say, opposite ends of the football field, they're actually about 20 feet apart, separated by a holo-wall with sound dampening active.
  7. Enough zombies?

    What about modern zombies' apparent ability to use smartphones? Because I see dozens of them every day, walking across campus and crossing streets, blithely texting to their hearts' content without regard to oncoming traffic, other pedestrians, etc.
  8. New Series--The Orville

    I think it's all handled in a very complex manner using Handwavium and Dontthinkaboutite. It seems to me that sections of the floor would have to move / incline / rotate / etc. to accommodate people's movement. But really, I suspect it's one of those things you're expected not to look at too closely or think about too hard.
  9. VIPER plots

    Some suggestions for future scenarios (take or leave them as you wish): Kidnapping of a now-retired scientist who worked on the US Army's Man Amplification Project (powered armor) to get info on what worked and didn't work VIPER breaks into a research lab where Kelvarite is being studied Theft of some Cyberline drugs from PRIMUS (if they exist in your game world) Lure a hero into an ambush by a bunch of rookie VIPER agents, with lots of hidden sensory equipment around to detect how the hero's body reacts to the various attacks. My personal favorite plot arc: Have your heroes go up against very low-level successes of VIPER's Man-Mutation Project on a one-to-one basis, with the heroes most likely defeating them handily. Make each VIPER semi-powered goon distinctive in some way, whether in powers or personality, hopefully in some way that is counter to the specific hero involved. (Water powers vs. the fire-throwing hero, casual killer type vs. the healer hero, etc.) The VIPER subjects may be so low-powered that they don't even warrant being thrown into a super-prison, just locked up in a regular prison. And then later VIPER has a breakthrough on the MMP that allows them to vastly increase a subject's power levels to make them comparable to the heroes. So VIPER breaks those subjects out of prison and powers them up. Done right, this can set up a nice set of arch-nemeses for the heroes to cross swords with.
  10. Quote of the Week from my gaming group...

    A friend is running a D&D 5th edition game, in which I'm playing a Neutral Good paladin named Raphael. I've been portraying him as kinda looks-superficial ("that b*****d messed up my hair!") and quite the player with the ladies. He's also a bit of a rogue (not the actual character class, but the personality), with a few rogue-type skills he got at character creation. A month back, when we reached 4th level, I emailed the DM: For those who don't know feats in D&D5, Lucky allows you to either give yourself Advantage (roll 2 d20s and take the better of them) or forces a foe to have Disadvantage (he rolls 2 d20s and takes the worst of them) in attacks against you, and you're able to choose to use Lucky after the initial die is rolled (but before effects are determined). You can do this three times between long rests. (In effect, three times a day you can get a re-roll or force an enemy to do a re-roll.) In my first session after Raphael got Lucky, his first use of the feat was to avoid a big bad's critical hit, followed by cancelling out Raphael's own critical fail. Last night, being Lucky allowed Raphael to avoid two critical failures of his own and cancelled out a foe's critical success. One of Raphael's crit-fails was on a saving throw vs. poison (which I'm guessing the DM would have ruled did max damage based on the crit fail). After last night's game, the DM commented: "You know, at first I thought you were being silly, but that Luck thing is really working for you."
  11. VIPER plots

    What was the final plot? And how did the kids do defeating it?
  12. I challenge you!

    Yes, MST3K material Video gaming. I'm not a fan at all of most sports. Thanksgiving desert: Apple pie (with or without ice cream) vs. pumpkin pie (with or without whipped cream topping)
  13. Enough zombies?

    I second GM Joe's recommendation of iZombie. I also enjoyed Zombieland. Other than those, though, I'm not a fan at all of zombies.
  14. I liked this installment a lot. I especially liked Eel talking Laydee Lit out of a life of crime, instead of just busting in and bashing heads. A nice mix of tactical acumen and heroic personality displayed. More and more, I could see Eel becoming a hero team leader in his own right. Favorite comment: "(If that wasn't a sign all the good names are taken I don't know what is)" I have to admit, I was getting a little worried we were going to mainly be getting the Caleb Lambert Show, but this satisfied my need for a little more superhero action. All in all, I think you're maintaining a fairly good balance. Since these kids were presumably *not* of the "rich brat" type, I have to wonder what payment they made to the Fumians to get the tech. I hope you put a little thought into that (though I suspect you have, given your past writings). Also, since Marcy will most likely be forthcoming to Lady Obsidian, how three early teen girls got in contact with the aliens in the first place.
  15. Dispel vs Gadgets & Electronics (CC)

    Yep, the Hero Golden Rule. Personally, I'd say that it's dulled and covered with rust, so it can't work as a HKA. Outside of combat, you could give it some TLC and restore the sword to its former glory. Same idea with, say, powered armor. If a cyberkinetic successfully uses Dispel against, say, Defender's Resistant Protection, then the bad guy has activated the powered armor's emergency release catches. So the chest and back plates fall off, the flex-metal sleeves and leggings retract, and he's standing there with his helmet, boots, gauntlets, and (most importantly, to satisfy the Comics Code) his metal shorts. So he can still use his radio and IR, his boot jets, and his gauntlet-based attacks (since none of them were Dispelled) but otherwise he's effectively a sitting duck. He'd have to spend some time outside combat disabling the emergency release system before he can put Humpty Dumpty back together again.