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  1. Create a Villain Theme Team!

    (Inspired by the Villain Theme Team thread) Just for fun, I thought we might collectively create a few villain theme teams. All of the members have to match the theme, whether in name, powers, or appearance. A bit of obscurity (as in Blue Raja from the Mystery Men movie) is acceptable as long as the poster explains how the character actually relates to the team's theme. Descriptions of each character (appearance, personality, powers, etc.) can be as brief or as detailed as the poster wishes. Full writeups aren't necessary. Here's the guidelines: Someone provides a theme and a number of members, and then posters that follow can provide a character or two to fit that theme. Agents (as a group) count as one character, but should have something about them that fits the theme. (So for a chess-themed group someone could suggest agents known as Pawns.) Whomever creates the last character then chooses the theme, name, and number of members for the next group (but not too many, okay?). I'm wondering how disjointed, eclectic, or perhaps smoothly-matching, of teams we'll end up creating. I'll start off with a theme: Computers. The team name is Mainframe, with five members. They specialize in hacking government and corporate computer systems for either information theft, altering info, planting false info, or sabotage. They'll hit physically-isolated systems just as readily as they'll do attacks remotely over the internet. Why? Well, sometimes they do this for hire, but most of the time they hack systems just to prove they can.
  2. Jokes

    I've heard this as being a man from Michigan who died, thinking the Lions won the Super Bowl. But yeah, one of my favorite jokes.
  3. Unless I've missed something, the New Samaritans haven't faced off against Apocalyptic as a team. It's been as pairs (or once with 3, counting Pogo). And they've done relatively okay, considering they've been outnumbered. I'd expect the Sammies would wipe the walls with Mister Brute and crew.
  4. I challenge you!

    Topaz, because the other sounds like a fancy drink or a musical instrument. Simple musical instruments: Tambourine or Maracas
  5. Woot! Double woot! The save there toward the end had the same good feel as the firemen taking out Livewire to save Supergirl. And it's nice that what comes around, goes around. Some of the dialogue at the end was a bit hokey, but in a good way IMO. As to Pinprick and Mister Brute, high Power Defense is a b***h, ain't it? I was tempted to post a "what's up" yesterday in this thread, but decided not to since Hermit said it was being an ugly month. Turns out I didn't have to. And I'm ashamed to say that I just made the mental connection of "Slice and Dice". Are they siblings? And with Firebug's help, can they make Julienne fries?
  6. Black Panther with spoilers

    Saw it last night. Enjoyed it, better than some Marvel movies, not as good as other Marvel movies (at least, IMO). Some truly laugh-out-loud moments, some thought-provoking stuff (without being overbearing and anvil-icious, again IMO). Excellent work by the actors involved, on both sides of the fence (heroes and villains). Andy Serkis chewed up the screen in every scene he was in, and Michael B. Jordan did a great job as Killmonger. Absolutely loved Letitia Wright as Shuri - she stole practically every scene she was in, at least to me. I can guarantee she will be my oldest daughter's favorite character in the movie. It was slower than other superhero movies, but not in a bad way. It had a fair amount of exposition to get through (particularly about Wakanda's past / development) without viewers' questions feeling handwaved away.
  7. Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    Personally, I think polls like that should not include the sitting president, at least until he's completed at least one term. Though I'm pretty sure that, if Dolt 45 hadn't been included, he'd have tweeted about the injustice of that, or some other stupid blathering on. The man does have an ego the size of a barge.
  8. Focus

    That reminds me of Snafu, a villainess with unluck powers. She carries a bunch of glitter-balls which she throws whenever she used her powers. They aren't actually foci for her powers, just a distraction. Or Johnny Reb, who likes to dress as a Civil War re-enactor, complete with a breech-loading rifle that he likes to point at targets when he uses his gravity powers. His powers have nothing to do with the rifle, it's just something he likes to do. I call them OADs - Obvious Accessible Distractions.
  9. Quote of the Week from my gaming group...

    Last night's D&D game, our party finds the cavern where a white dragon is hanging from the ceiling over his (frozen-in-ice) horde. Player 1: Does the dragon see us? DM: Yes. It's looking at you. Player 2: Should we roll initiative? DM: Not yet. It's waiting to see what you're going to do. (long pause as nobody wants to set things in motion and get us all killed) Player 2: Okay, well, maybe I should walk into the room. (bored tour guide voice) And here, we have the dragon's chamber. You'll note the horde - feel free to add to it as you go through. Next on our tour is the southern tunnel... Player 3: And we're walking... we're walking...
  10. Classic Movie Plot Holes (Spoilers)

    Or maybe they had to spend weeks hiding in the asteroid field to evade Empire ships, while they repaired the hyperdrive, before moving on to Cloud City.
  11. NGD Scenes from a Hat

    The North Koreans, so they can finally win that blasted International Ping Pong Championship title! (Plus, Kim Jong Un is one of only two world leaders who are more wacked in the head than Freddy.)
  12. Classic Movie Plot Holes (Spoilers)

    The ark harrumphed. "One! You bury one city, and suddenly you're anti-Egyptian! And you'd melt someone's face off, too, if they just opened you up without so much as a by-your-leave! I mean, they could have at least knocked first!"
  13. Classic Movie Plot Holes (Spoilers)

    A valid point... if it had been war time. A quick search online shows the movie was set in 1936. And another quick search tells me that World War 2 started three years later, in 1939. No. No, they really didn't. According to Wikipedia, Type VII U-boats went 17.7 knots on the surface, or 7.6 knots submerged. And their battery power only allowed them to go about 80 nautical miles before needing to surface. Just in case Wikipedia's not to your taste, I also checked www.uboataces.com, where they say they went between 16-18.6 knots on the surface, or 7.6 to 8 knots submerged (depending on model), with a range of 69-90 nautical miles on battery power.
  14. Classic Movie Plot Holes (Spoilers)

    Not really. AIUI, given the restrictions U-boats operated under (battery power mainly), they tended to stay on the surface running on diesel engines, diving only when facing possible attack or preparing to make an attack themselves. So if they were in an area where they weren't in danger of attack, it's reasonable to expect they'd have stayed surfaced the entire time. However, I'd expect some crewmen would have come up to enjoy some fresh air. So keeping from being spotted would be the real problem.
  15. I challenge you!

    I'd have said the TV series, but I had a major crush on the redhead. Onyx. The name just sounds cooler. "Basalt" sounds like something you'll find sitting on the kitchen table next to Bapepper. Precious Stones: Rubies vs. Diamonds
  16. Classic Movie Plot Holes (Spoilers)

    Yeah, but you have to take a left turn.
  17. Record clairsentience?

    I like this idea, though I'm not sure what the difference is between a "single Sense Group" and a "Full Sense Group." Unless by "Full Sense Group" you mean "all of a character's Sense Groups". If that's the case, I would disagree with that part of the adder -- I'd suggest Record should be bought for each sense, like Transit.
  18. I challenge you!

    Godzilla, because he's had to fight other creatures his size - and won. All Smaug had to put up with was hobbits, dwarves, and some normal-size folk - and still lost. Battle of the Giant Japanese TV Heroes Johnny Sokko's flying robot vs. Ultraman
  19. Decorating the VIPER's Nest

    I should also preface this by saying that even though I'm running my game in 6th edition, I'm using the VIPER 4th edition sourcebook (heavily updated) for my world's general version of VIPER. If time permits, I tend to put a bunch of details (sometimes too many) onto my gaming hexmaps. Things like mailboxes, light poles, street signs, trash cans and dumpsters, fire extinguishers, etc. The hope is that the heroes or villains might make use of some of them during a fight. ("Ogre chucks a mailbox at you." "I yell at him, 'Now you're in trouble! It's a federal offense to mess with the mail!'") Also, I think they add some flavor to the encounter. My next adventure involves the heroes attacking a VIPER Nest - specifically, one in Boston run by the Professor, who is into robots. My writeup of him has 128 robot followers, along with 128 robot brains, and Mind Link to up to 16 of them, or Mech-Vipers, at once. The two primary bots are flyer bots (basically wing-shaped drones) and roller bots (which look like Johnny Five from the Short Circuit movies). Since there's no official writeup of the Professor, I'm making him a bit of the stereotypical genius who doesn't relate to (or sometimes really even think about) actual people very well. So my hexmap of his base has the people areas kinda shoehorned in, whereas the labs / tech areas are larger. A good example is the locations of bathrooms -- other than those directly attached to the barracks or VIP / scientist quarters, the general use bathrooms were obviously added as an afterthought - two are crammed into storage closets, and two others rather noticeably replace charging closets for Mech-Vipers. Since our game has been pushed back a week due to one of our players being hospitalized (and we game at his house), this has given me time to throw all sorts of details into the map and really flesh the place out. I'm attaching the map of the base as it currently stands (in spoiler tags since it's a largish picture). From upper left and going clockwise, there is Agent briefing room Hangar for a Cockatrice Flying APC Closet / bathroom Hangar for three Chimera Battle-Pods Access bay to a waterway leading to the Charles River; Two VIP / Scientist quarters Agent lounge Two barracks rooms with a common bathroom / shower between them VIP quarters Mess hall and kitchen Elevator with four Mech-Viper charging closets Mech-Viper construction / repair facility Closet / bathroom Machine shop Special purpose lab Bathroom (former Mech-Viper charging closet) Mech-Viper charging closet High-security cells Another Mech-Viper charging closet Another bathroom (former Mech-Viper charging closet) Starting to the right of the high-security cells and going across the middle of the map are: Nest control room (with two more Mech-Viper charging closets to either side of the high-speed computer cluster and Serpentine Network link) Automated robot assembly lines Store room for roller bot and flyer bot plug-and-play modules, surrounded by storage cabinets for roller bots and flyer bots You may notice that the intersections are unusually large. That is so the Chimera Battle-Pods can fly around inside and really make life fun for the heroes. As a distraction from this purpose, I'm putting stuff into the corners that the players (and their characters) might find interesting / amusing. And that's one of the places where I'd like some suggestions.
  20. Decorating the VIPER's Nest

    Thus far, for the Hall of Fame I have: Agent Amorkca: “In recognition for kidnapped Majel Barrett Rodenberry to provide the voice for the Nest’s computer system” Professor Steriaca (hacked selfie): “For making his Computer Programming roll by 4 to hack into the Boston VIPER’s Nest.” Agent Sketchpad: “In recognition of bravery in facing off alone against Just Cause to allow his compatriots to evade capture.” Agent Cowan: “In recognition of exemplary information gathering that opened new doors into the Boston and Cambridge police departments.” Agent Big Steve: “In recognition for hacking into a PRIMUS Jump Jet’s nav system mid-flight and redirecting it into the Mystic River.” Agent Cassandra: “In recognition for developing a new power system for the Mech-Vipers that increased efficiency by 45%.” Agent Dsatow: “For increasing morale (and Nest income) by developing the Roving Beverage and Snack System.” If any of you have something you'd prefer, I can easily change any of these. Cassandra's comment about trap doors reminded me of something from years ago, when my budding supervillain daughter was watching me hexmap a day care center that a group of supervillains was going to attack. She asked me where the "poison pit" was, and I pointed out it was a day care center. Though I did concede that it had a ball pit, and they never clean those, so it's probably fairly dangerous. Good idea on the music and movie, dsatow. I should put together a playlist for the game session. I think one of the info screens will display a list of movies being shown in the briefing room over the coming weeks: Snakes on a Plane Anaconda Conan the Barbarian Mega Python vs. Gatoroid Piranhaconda Silent Venom
  21. Decorating the VIPER's Nest

    I missed this post the first time through. I could have the ouroboros snake-biting-its-tail (figure-8 style) incorporated into the backs / seats of chairs. That might actually look kinda cool. I'm not too big on poison gas, though knockout or strength-sapping gasses might be good.
  22. Decorating the VIPER's Nest

    Ooo! That's one I should have remembered! Hmmm... I should put him by the waterway access bay doors, since that's where the heroes are likely to arrive. I'll bet they blast him to smithereens as soon as the doors open. Looks like I'm going to have to remove some info kiosks from the corners to make room for robots. I'll mount the info touchscreens on the walls at various places instead. I made a change to the map, turning one of the VIP quarters in the upper right quadrant into a physical plant (circuit breakers, air systems, and water heaters). I could get rid of the other VIP quarters there and turn it into a meeting / teleconference room. Love the idea of a roving drink robot, though I'll have to add snack service as well. That should help distract Honey Badger. Great idea. I'll name the lead hacker Big Steve in appreciation for you mentioning it. Well, I wouldn't go that far. I figure they broke in to steal some parts to repair the Foxbots late one night, and had a little fun while they were there -- reprogramming the Westworld android after it drew faster than Foxbat, plus hacking into the Hall of Fame frames to add selfies of Professor Steriaca and Foxbat. (Exoskeleton Man was there too, but Leroy wasn't keen on pissing off the Professor too much.) I'm mainly using Foxbat's recent break-in at the Nest to lead into him helping the heroes find the Nest. He might even mention that the Professor apparently has sensors that detect dimensional intrusions, since alarms started going off as soon as Dot opened a teleportation gate for Freddy, Leroy, and Steriaca to exit the Nest. This gives the players fair warning that Shadowboxer might not want to use his shadow-sight to nose around before they're ready to head in.
  23. In other news...

    Well, it used to be Jon Stewart, but since his retirement, I'd say it's John Oliver.
  24. It's okay. These things happen. Not all things are under out own control.
  25. Decorating the VIPER's Nest

    I thought about Baymax, but as he's from Big Hero 6, I thought maybe the Professor might not think him the best choice. I also thought about Iron Giant, but "I am not a gun" is not a message the Professor would want his robotic forces to emulate. Sketchpad's and Steriaca's idea of an android from Westworld is a good idea. And I like the idea of him having been hacked by Foxbat Force during a break-in. In fact, Freddy owes the PCs for letting him go in the past -- he might point them in the Professor's direction as a way of clearing the slate. I think I'm going to keep the Dalek, and add a Cyberman to the same intersection. A plaque by the Dalek will have a note identifying them as gifts for the Professor stolen from the BBC by Viperia - and would you want to tell her the Daleks aren't really robots? I don't want to have too many robots - no more than 2 per intersection. So I think adding the Cylon, a Cyberman, and a Westworld android should just about do it. Maybe a Mark I Mechanon shell, done up as a cigar store Indian in a nod to the old Champions book. Amorkca's idea about the computer voice from Star Trek is great. Gotta incorporate that. I think aboveground, the heroes may find a black Pontiac Trans Am, license plate KNI 667, parked nearby.