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  1. There's a solution that might work. Not arming teachers with firearms, but with tazers. Something to consider as a sane approach, rather than the insanity of more guns.
  2. So who does Apocalypse usually fight and why haven't they shown up yet? I'm assuming that there is a hero or at least a team in the Fishverse that is more in line with their power level. Otherwise they would have taken over the world by now. You've introduced a mega tough villain team, somebody has to be keeping them in check.
  3. https://www.yahoo.com/news/donald-trump-ranked-worst-president-215700182.html
  4. Black Panther with spoilers

    Saw that one coming. For what it's worth Daniel, I think you gave him every chance to say "Sorry, that wasn't what I meant", or at least absent himself from the boards until he cooled down. But he just wouldn't back down, not even a inch. What happened as a result was his own fault.
  5. Classic Movie Plot Holes (Spoilers)

    Or you could simply remember that Star Wars is not science fiction. It's space fantasy. It uses the jargon but not the physics or mechanics.
  6. Classic Movie Plot Holes (Spoilers)

    The 1st U-boat outfitted with a snorkel was the U-58 in the summer of 1943 as an experiment in the Baltic. They did not become operational until 1944. Raiders was set in 1936, so no it was not a snorkel.
  7. Classic Movie Plot Holes (Spoilers)

    So the 20th century audience can understand them of course.
  8. Star Wars 8 complaint box

    This may not be the right thread for it. But I was completely underwhelmed by the teaser for Solo. Anybody else feel this way?
  9. Thanks, Hermit, Pariah, and everyone who voted for a good old fashioned space opera. Truthfully all I was hoping for was a solid showing in the top half. Never figured on winning. Especially with some of the other great drafts this time around. So once again thank you all. Oh and those molten lava cakes will be delivered some time in February. not sure what year though.
  10. The first 10 years. Can you name them all? http://www.superherohype.com/news/411661-see-the-marvel-studios-10-year-anniversary-class-photo-and-video#/slide/1
  11. My counter-bribe - Molten Lava Cake with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge!
  12. I don't do bribes. However I have been known to do counter-bribes.
  13. Title: Invasion Alert: Terra! Location: Perry Rhodan's Earth circa 1985 just after the 1st cycle The Earth of this time is far from the major power she will be in the future. In fact she has only just become unified with the rather high sounding name of the Solar Imperium. The government is becoming integrated with the old Western, Eastern, and Asiatic power blocs slowly combining with Rhodan's own tiny but far more powerful New Power. But even with the highly advanced science and tech of the Great Imperium of the Arkonides, Earth remains a non-entity by galactic standards. On a pound for pound basis Earth is superior but her Solar Fleet consists of a mere 3 capital ships, 4 heavy cruisers, 2 light cruisers, 60 escorts, 6,000 Alpha-series single-seat space-fighters, 3,000 Zero-series three-man spaceship destroyers, 1,000 Gazelle-series six-man ultra-lightspeed scouts. An eye drop compared to the numbers she could face. So Earth has been hiding in the dark while she builds up her strength. Through a clever ruse Rhodan has convinced the Galactic Powers that Earth has been destroyed and he is dead. But now it seems that someone has discovered the truth and the Empress is wasting no time. She has chosen her General, she has chosen her Dragon, and she has chosen the forces they will lead in this new conquest. Let the invasion begin! The General: General Erich Domel, in the service of the Empress Garmilas greatest military leader, both a brilliant strategist and an equally skilled tactician. During the battles against the Gatlanteans in the Lesser Magellanic Cloud Domel tore through the enemy formations with trivial losses, inflicting a loss rate of better than 15 to 1 despite the technological inferiority of his ships. Plucked from his command deck milliseconds before it exploded in battle with the Earth ship Yamato, V'han has offered him a chance for revenge the Terrons. Not surprisingly Domel has accepted it. The Dragon: Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith Plucked from his spinning out of control TIE fighter minutes after the destruction of the Death Star. Vader is offered a proposition by the Empress: aide her forces in this new conquest and if they are victorious her physicians shall restore his body to perfect health. No longer will Vader be trapped in a form-fitting life-support module kept alive by machinery and his own black will. He will be free to stride across the stars unhindered by any infirmity. And when the mission is over V'han will return him to Coruscent. For Darth Vader the decision was an easy one. Protagonist: Spacefleet General Honor Harrington, Solar Fleet Commander, and CO of the Superbattleship Titan One of Rhodan's oldest allies, Spacefleet General Harrington has been with him since the beginning. The two were roommates at the California Academy of Spaceflight 25 years earlier and served together on several missions prior to Rhodan's 1971 lunar landing mission. Now the commanding general of the Solar Fleet from the command deck of the Titan, one of only two 1,500 meter superbattleships of the Arkonide Universe class that was seized from Arkon last year, General Harrington is a brilliant strategist and an equally skilled tactician. Further she is a crack shot and expert in hand-to-hand combat. On a visit to the planet Sphinx 5 years ago she was adopted a 6-limbed, empathic treecat that she has named Nimitz. Protagonist: Colonel James T. Kirk, CO of the Battleship Stardust II Widely known as Solar Fleet's finest tactician, Colonel Kirk commands the Battleship Stardust II an 800 meter diameter spherical spaceship of the Arkonide Imperium class. Captured from the Reptillian Topides, who had in turn stolen it from Arkon, by Perry Rhodan ten years ago during the campaign in the Vega sector, the Stardust was Earth's first, and until last year, most powerful capital ship. Protagonist: Colonel Wilma Deering, CO of the Light Battleship Ganymede A former fighter pilot, Colonel Deering commands the Solar Fleet Light Battleship Ganymede. The 830 meter long 180 meter wide Ganymede was captured on Gozul's Planet from the Galactic Traders. After repairs and a minor refit she became the second capital ship of the Solar Imperium. Protagonist: Colonel Susumu Kodai, CO of the Fleet Aerospace Force Somewhat hotheaded in his younger days, Colonel Kodai has become simply the best pilot in the Solar Fleet. Still flying his old reliable A-series space pursuit ship, Kodai leads the Fleet Aerospace Force of 6,000 single-seat fighters, 3,000 Z-series 3-man spaceship destroyers, and 1,000 of the new Gazelle-series 6-man ultra-light speed scouts. Protagonist: Lt. Colonel Donald West, CO of the Heavy Cruiser Mars Formerly a daring fighter pilot the newly promoted Lt. Colonel West has matured into a superb ship commander under the tutelage of his former CO, Colonel James Kirk. Last year he was appointed to command the 200-meter diameter Mars, the fourth of the Terra class heavy cruisers. Options: 100 trained Sith, in the service of the Empress A mixed force of 30 Sith Marauders, 30 Sith Juggernauts, 20 Sith Sorcerers, and 20 Sith Assassins. None of them are major characters but all have completed their apprenticeships and are considered fully trained. Somewhere between levels 35 and 40 in the game. At Vader's suggestion, these are General Domel's elite Shock Troops intended to face and defeat Rhodan's Mutant Corps. Options: The Mutant Corps, Cosmic Agents of the Solar Imperium The corps consists of 50 humans (primarily Japanese) who have been mutated by their parents exposure to atomic radiation. Most of their powers revolve around the three axis of telepathy, telekinesis, and teleportation, but there are some oddball powers as well. All have been thoroughly trained in the use of their abilities as well as espionage and commando operations. The Australian telepath John Marshall is chief of the Mutant Corps. Options: Power Bracers II, Artifacts of the Superintelligence IT The three Power Bracers were given to Rhodan by IT, the Immortal Unknown, on his visit to It's planet of Wanderer. The bracers draw energy directly from the immense background energy of the universe and as such are limited only by what the wearer can mentally control. They appear to be wide golden bracelets with a large, milky-white, luminous stone set in them. Honor Card Pick: Diamonds (Theme Music: The Avengers)
  14. Philistine! Well Citizen Kane may have been a trifle overlong, but Casablanca?!?!
  15. The clear choice is Invasion Alert: Terra!