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  1. Darren needs a V&V expert

    Hey all! Anybody here on the board a Villains & Vigilantes expert, particularly on the mid-80s scenario books and the characters and implied settings therein? dw
  2. Golden Age Champions Discussion Thread

    So, still no luck getting any reviews out in the wild. Anybody else seen any they can link to? dw
  3. Golden Age Champions Discussion Thread

    Nothing so ominous- the player in question dropped out of the campaign early on, and his character wasn't sufficiently different from the other non-powered heroes to be worth writing up in the book. If you want to include him, take Black Mask, drop most of the detective-y stuff and replace it with a combination of cowboy and spy stuff, and drop the specialized guns and replace with Colts and maybe a small collection of trick-shot powers (TK to disarm or knock objects on opponents, etc.) dw
  4. Golden Age Champions Discussion Thread

    Thanks much to everybody for the kind words! Please spread it to your friends, retailers and other sites, especially if you're interested in seeing a Silver Age followup. GA will need to do well in retail and direct sales, because the Kickstart barely squeaked by and we probably can't afford to do that again. dw
  5. Hero All-Stars

  6. Hero All-Stars

    Well, that's pretty much all I have unless you have specific questions I can answer from memory... dw
  7. Hero All-Stars

    There was also a sequel to the pulp one which I never put up on Mike's site, since it was mostly the same PCs. It was basically a Ghostbusters prequel, though that wasn't clear until the climax, set in Hollywood where the construction of the Hollywoodland sign was suborned by Ivo Shandor and his cult to summon Gozer the Gozerian - "strange, it's made of a magnesium-tungsten alloy." It was always fun to watch people playing Doc Savage, Tarzan and the Shadow suddenly realize where they had heard "Wait for the sign, then all prisoners will be released" before. Whoever failed a PRE roll by the most at the end chose the form of the Destructor - if they all made it, Walt Disney was at the party where it was happening and so he appeared as Mickey Mouse. Fortunately, Mary Poppins was on the team and gave them sufficient firepower to usually defeat him, at least once by sending him into a chalk drawing on the sidewalk. dw
  8. Hero All-Stars

    Keep in mind, these were all con games, intended to be run multiple times and frequently part of special events at shows I was guesting at, so putting in the extra time and effort on the details, props, etc. was the least I could do for players who were paying to be there. I don't know that I'm that great a GM in actual play, so at least there was always spectacle so players could go home and say "I played in the craziest game - Dracula and the Mummy got in a big fight and then the Invisible Agent called in an army air strike against the entire party, himself included!" dw
  9. Hero All-Stars

    I ran the 80s one more times than any other - for whatever reason that year I went to a large number of cons. Somewhere around my fourth or fifth run, a player came up to me after the game was over and said, "once I figured out the gag of same-actor-is-same-person and that Roarke was Khan, I kept expecting Captain Kirk to beam in and help us while disguised as an LAPD cop!" My stunned, only response was, "where the hell were you when I was writing this?!?" dw
  10. Golden Age Champions Discussion Thread

    I think "Ozymandias if he never went crazy" might have been in Riley's original pitch of the character. In the end, he was played less brainy and more Cap-style inspirational, so I hope that shows in his writeup. And yes, beating up Liquidator is a storied tradition in my campaigns. Even when he gets his own back for a little while, we never let him enjoy it for long. dw
  11. Golden Age Champions Discussion Thread

    Mitch Albala originally named him Fubar, so of course first chance I got I added all his relatives (Snafu, Tarfu and the mighty Janfu) to the story. Bohica just sort of came naturally after that. I never got Figmo into the story anywhere. Anybody mystified should simply Google the names. dw
  12. Hero All-Stars

    This post includes some mild SPOILERS for anybody who ever wants to play one of these, though I haven't run one in a couple of years now. OK, the first All-stars game was Pulp, and the heroes were assembled when the dreaded Volcano Master set off a small volcano in the middle of Central Park. After dealing with that, the heroes track back the effects of the volcano machine, which leads them to the caldera of the volcano in the center of Skull Island only a couple of years after Kong's capture. They fight their way through dinosaurs and giant insects to find the Volcano Master, who is in fact in league with the Nazis in his plan to hold cities around the world for ransom. 2005 was 70s-80s heroes. When Steve Austin goes missing on a case, OSI calls FBI agent Bill Maxwell (from Greatest American Hero) to assemble a team of super-agents to track him down. (Maxwell is revealed early on to also be Kelly Robinson from I Spy, which is the one hint we allow.) The team picks up the trail of Los Angeles' master criminal Mister K, who uses amazing androids like Bigfoot and the KISS robots to commit crimes, and follow it all the way back to Fantasy Island (usually by taking the Love Boat, of course.) There, Mister Roarke and Tattoo are revealed to be the heads of the crime ring; more, Tattoo is actually Knickknack from Man With The Golden Gun, and Roarke is of course Khan Noonien Singh, using the advanced-robot-run island of fantasies to raise funds for the coming Eugenics War! 2006 was Universal Monsters. A mysterious benefactor gathers the players and offers to grant them unimaginable power if they can only recover a magical amulet from a mad scientist's island laboratory near Goldstadt, which is defended by sharks, mole men and a giant tarantula. Of course, none of the monsters wants the others to get the amulet, and nearly every time this was run the group broke down into complete interparty battle. The benefactor is revealed to be Lucy Weston, since unlike most versions of Dracula she escapes in the Universal movie. 2007 was 60s super spies. This time, it's James Bond who disappeared on a mission, and the spies are assembled to find him. They track clues that eventually lead to Goldfinger, who having survived his apparent death is auctioning the right to kill Bond off to an island full of insane villains. The plot also involves the acquisition of the secrets to Bionics, which are of course descended from the work of Victor Frankenstein (and Jaws is himself the first actual Bionic Man, with his deadly mechanical mouth!) 2008 was victorian heroes. An all-star team of villains have discovered Narnia, and are using the Wood Between The Worlds to travel to and rob an entire multiverse. This one was pretty nuts, even by my standards. I had fun with Alice being a slayer in Wonderland, though. 2010 pitted the actual heroes of KISS, along with Alice Cooper and Wendy O Williams, against a plot to steal the soul of a teen fan of the band. They traveled through the worlds of multiple concept albums (including the Yellow Submarine, Xanadu and others) and received assistance from various other bands (ZZ Top showed up to give them the keys to a car when needed, for example.) In the end, they learn that the Devil (played by Ozzy Osbourne) has been tricked into taking an innocent soul by Pat Boone, who hates that heavy metal has made Hell cool and wants to convert it to Easy Listening as the new ruler. The only way out for our heroes is to get the attention of a currently absentee God, who is played by Johnny Cash. dw
  13. Golden Age Champions Discussion Thread

    You know, I'm certain I had one during the playtest, but I can't lay my hands on it. I'll have to rebuild the darn thing and post it on the boards at some point. dw
  14. Hero All-Stars

    A bit tied up right now, and I don't have any easy-to-read notes. But at some point shortly I'll come back and write out at least the plot descriptions for each adventure. dw
  15. Golden Age Champions Discussion Thread

    Hey all! Still looking for reviews now that the hardcopies are out and on sale. Here is lovely, elsewhere's even better. If you'd like to see a Silver Age book we need to spread the word! Thanks, dw