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  1. In other news...

    Because the flat Earth is biblical, and Satan hates you. OK, there are probably flat Earthers that aren't religious believers (not just not Christians), but that's out on an even further limb of crazy.
  2. A kinda sorta timeline

    Yes, eastern India. I actually knew that, but my fingers didn't.
  3. A kinda sorta timeline

    "The Bengals" would be a great name for a tribute band. From Bangladesh or eastern India.
  4. RIP Malcom Young, Co-Founder of AC/DC

    They should investigate his citizenship status. Of course, he doesn't do his dirty deeds cheaply.
  5. "Roll Under" mechanic

    I don't know his profile name, but that would be Wayne Shaw. His contribution has been acknowledged in every edition, although I can't find it in Champions Complete. It might have fallen victim to the cutting process there.
  6. "Roll Under" mechanic

    I just checked Superhero: 2044, the other big influence on Champions. Its mechanics were famously wonky and inconsistent, but there is a system that uses d100 roll under. There's also a 1" = 2m ground scale, and point based character construction.
  7. Still on a mild AC/DC binge, in honour of Malcolm Young.
  8. Justice League Film

    I thought Justice League's run time was "just right". I remember thinking: how much longer? And then realized that the Big Fight At The End had already started. Of course, if that kind of run time can only come at the expense of cutting important scenes, there's a problem.
  9. I'm probably going to wait until Tuesday, when it's cheap, but I'm a bit tempted to see it today out of boredom. Actually that's a bit pathetic. Today it is!
  10. Thor: Ragnarok spoiler thread

    I agree, and they were clearly setting his redemption up all the way through, but there's only so much space that can be given to relatively minor characters. They also punked the Warriors Three pretty off-handedly. The same logic applies.
  11. In other news...

    Australia votes for Marriage Equality. My electorate very narrowly voted against it. It's also the very conservative home town of one of the most prominent No campaigners. His family, and a whole bunch of other committed social conservative activists, live here. There is very little of a visible LGBTI scene. And still they couldn't get more than 50.8% support.
  12. Atomic Age Scenario Generator (Work in Progress)

    Writing up the second draft is about as much fun as specifying a computer programming language. There is stuff to do, but I'm just not enjoying it. I might just put together a "how the PCs get involved" table and call it a day. The only problem is that the "criminal" entry in the Person table begs to be treated as an exception. Maybe I'll go with a 7(+) entry "how the PCs get involved", and stick on a plus if the "Person" is a criminal. Crude, but it would work.
  13. Atomic Age Scenario Generator (Work in Progress)

    It's a bit tricky, but my idea is that it is often the "Person" who is/becomes the real threat. The Plot Device is the enabler for this. Even with only six entries, it's obvious that the entries on the Plot Device table aren't all going to be the same kind of things. Maybe I should break up the table accordingly. Anyway, I should have a second draft together in a while.
  14. Atomic Age Scenario Generator (Work in Progress)

    The current draft can do most of these. There are a couple that it can't. Giant Insects Discovered and Attack threatening Civilization (Them, Beginning of the End) Giant things? Aliens Invade and Scientist have to find a way of defeating them (War of the Worlds, Earth Versus The Flying Saucers) Easy. World War Three takes place and people try to survival (Panic in the Year Zero, Invasion USA) The system isn't really geared towards this one. Strange Creatures are found and people must find a way to escape (Creature from the Black Lagoon) Alien/Ancient Being. Maybe add a swamp or something to the location table. A natural disaster brings the end of the world and unleashes strange creatures to prey on the survivals (The Day of the Triffids) The system doesn't do this one well. The idea is to stop the natural disaster before it happens! Explorer from Earth travel in space and land on strange worlds with threatening civilizations (Forbidden Planet, Red Planet Mars, Rocketship X-M, Missile to the Moon) This would require an addition to the location table. Giant Monsters Invade Japan and serve as an allegory for Nuclear Weapons (or America depending on who you ask) (Godzilla) Both Giant and Radioactive Mutation can work here. In most cases, the stories will begin on islands or whatever before moving on to stomping Japan. Invasion of the Body Snatchers UFOs, I suppose. I think the system holds up quite well, especially once I extend the tables a bit.