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  1. I posed this question on the FB Hero System Fan Group page, and it was suggested I ask it here, so here we go!... I'm looking for the store in Northern California that is Hero's top-selling brick-and-mortar local game store. I'd like to give this store my business without having to worry about the "sorry, we don't carry anything Hero System any more -- MTG makes more money for us" line, which I got really tired of hearing really fast. I'm also a cosplayer with a lot of cosplayer friends, and I'd like to work with the #1 Hero-selling store in NorCal on a day to promote superhero gaming for once, instead of just boosting some store's comic-book sales (which I've also done a few times). Can you guys point me in the right direction?
  2. High Rez (HDPI) Screen, Tiny HERO Designer HELP!

    Success! HD6 now runs with increased font size! Thank you EVERYONE for the help!
  3. High Rez (HDPI) Screen, Tiny HERO Designer HELP!

    Please disregard earlier post! After some digging, I was able to re-download HD6, and now have the following: HERO Designer 6 Build 20170109 So it looks like I have the 01/09/2017 build, which should be the most recent. Making one more attempt...!
  4. High Rez (HDPI) Screen, Tiny HERO Designer HELP!

    A direct cut-and-paste: HERO Designer 6 Build 20151123 Can it be updated, or do I have to buy it again?
  5. High Rez (HDPI) Screen, Tiny HERO Designer HELP!

    Still a no-go. Here's the structure of my .batch file, copy-and-pasted directly... ----- TITLE RUN_HERO_DESIGNER REM ** Runs Hero Designer with decreased screen resolution for INCREASED readability! ** ECHO OFF CD C:\STUFF\HERO DESIGNER javaw -jar HD6.jar 18 --- Also, the .batch file is named "TEST.bat", which isn't the same as the "official" name, if that matters. Thanks again for any help!
  6. High Rez (HDPI) Screen, Tiny HERO Designer HELP!

    OK...I learned how to make and run a .batch file for the first time since running DOS commands...and still, "just adding a space and number" after HD6.jar doesn't do anything. I'm running Windows 8. Any advice?