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  1. Order of the Stick

    If all things are equal/proportional and Dwarves in DnD live for 4x the human lifespan... I'd say it's about 3 year pregnancy. Ouch. That's longer than an elephant.
  2. Order of the Stick

    Also, how long do dwarf babies take to gestate? Coz that's a very little baby.
  3. Order of the Stick

    Thanks Cygnia. Last night I went back and started reading from the beginning. (About 90 strips in.)
  4. Dispel vs Gadgets & Electronics (CC)

    In 5th ED at least (I assume it hasn't changed that much in 6th) Dispel is turning something off. Not destroying something. The target can turn the thing back on again should they wish. Be it spell, device, whatever. Destroying a focus is doing damage to the focus. Others above have suggested good ways to do damage to a focus. I can't see why they can't all be allowable within a game. Obviously one has to hit the focus with the attack.
  5. Thor: Ragnarok spoiler thread

    Have a no-prize. :-D I'm off to re-watch this tonight. Already excited.
  6. Agreed. Action sequences need to be motivated by story and character. If they are not then action sequences are just flashing lights/explosions/loud noises/whatever. But there's more to it than that. The story needs to do it well. There's no hard and fast rule for what constitutes doing it well. As a general point I'd say the more story there is the better the chance that the action will be sufficiently motivated. But not always. IIRC Green Lantern gave us a fair amount of story. The whole back story, call to action, training montage, etc. Yet the action sequences seemed unmotivated. I'd have to re-watch the crap to give a thorough break down of what I think went wrong and that ain't gonna happen.
  7. Oh I'm cool with CGI everywhere. I watch animated shows after all. It's the story telling chops that make it or break it for me. And so far almost all the DC movies have failed terribly there.
  8. Are you sure that was one of the biggest complaints? Not that it was just overall a bad movie?
  9. What's in your hoard?

    The Salt Pans are a source of great wealth. The rock salt mined there is in great demand across the Borderlands and beyond. But mining it is a dangerous as the Salt Pans are haunted by a shadow of undeath known only as the Salt Shadow. It slips through the night hunting for living things to drain of life. Its lair lies at the bottom of an abandoned salt mine. There in the cold, silent depths are piled the salt desiccated corpses of hundreds of miners and merchants. These corpses will rise as zombies at the Salt Shadow’s command. If anyone can win past these guardians they will find the entrance to a long forgotten city, buried by an ancient volcanic eruption. Next up: a Palindromedary.
  10. TV characters you base game characters on.

    My character Knight Rider is a rip off of the Knight Sabres from... err.. show name escapes me. Sorry. Brain fail. Bubblegum Crisis. <Thanks goggle.>
  11. Order of the Stick

    I admit I've got no idea who she is. Obviously Durkon's baby-mama. Or he is her baby-daddy, if you prefer. But when she was previously mentioned... no idea. Guess I have to do some re-reading. But also, go high level PCs vs. vamp minions! Although V lost some levels. That's bad. The team really needs to get a new cleric. Hey... wait a moment... she's a cleric! OMG! (winky face here to indicate I'm being comical.)
  12. What's in your hoard?

    I'll bite. What IS in a palindromedary's hoard?
  13. I Can Feel You Through The Web

    Ranged/area of effect touch with physical manifestation.
  14. Thor: Ragnarok spoiler thread

    Yeah, I assumed it was Thanos' ship too. Although, now I think about it, why would Thanos be in a Kree ship? Doesn't he have his own?
  15. Retro Styled Campaign

    Hmmm... So Happy Days/Laverne & Shirley as as supers? I could go for that.