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  1. Black Panther with spoilers

    I saw it twice over the weekend. Really enjoyed it. I'm with the people who think Killmonger was a bit thin as a character and also would have liked to have seen more of W'Kabi's story line fleshed out. That being said Killmonger is certainly one of the MCU's top 3 villains. (Loki and Vulture being the other two.) But those are my only real criticisms. And they were necessitated by limited run time and a hell of a lot of back story being needed. If Disney releases a 4 hour version I'll cheerfully sit down and watch it. Loved the look of it. Loved Panther (obviously.) Loved Shuri and Okuye. And yep, M'Baku was pretty damn fine in his scenes. Michael B. Jordan was awesome, and I hope to see the rest of his scenes some day... And yes, loved the way Coogler and co. handled complex issues. I'll put in my top 3 MCU movies.
  2. I think I ran out of "likes" for the day in just the last 2 pages. This makes me feel warm and fuzzy.
  3. That is the problem of raised expectations. I suspect the film will manage to live up ti to it though.
  4. Order of the Stick

    It's is building to that.
  5. Game master reference charts?

    The main ones are: Presence Attack Mind Control & Telepathy Material DEF and BOD Environment Damage Range (I could work it out, but a chart is much easier...) Martial Arts and Standard Combat Manoeuvres (Move Throughs, etc.)
  6. Amusing Chart:

    That's just awesome! I hope to use it frequently in the future.
  7. When Did Agents of SHIELD Start To Go Downhill?

    Should have ended after season 1. Ward's betrayal was a great moment. Everything from there went down hill fast. In season 3 Daisy becomes a true Mary Sue, an actual messiah like figure where the universe has actually bent itself in knots to protect her. That was the reasoning behind the inhuman killer, that wanted to kill all inhumans, not wanting to kill her but protect her.
  8. Ursula K. Le Guin 1929-2018

    A great writer. I will have to go and re-read a whole bunch of stuff now.
  9. Weapon Types vs. Armor Types

    It is a pretty good source book. I should try and find my old copy... although IIRC it is about 1300km away in a mate's basement.
  10. Order of the Stick

    Pathfinder has a 5th level cleric spell called Scrying. I vaguely recall dnd 3.x having similar spells. Scrying Pool perhaps...
  11. Order of the Stick

    True, true. DnD does have that possibility.
  12. Weapon Types vs. Armor Types

    Palladium has a Weapons and Armour book that lists different types of armour as having different values vs. different types of attack: Slashing, Piercing, Blunt all have different values. Officially it works like DND AC rather than as damage reduction, but I ran it as damage reduction back in the olden days and it worked fine. It is for sale on their website for $9.00 if you want steal from it wholesale.
  13. Weapon Types vs. Armor Types

    I did try to incorporate this sort of thing in the Fantasy Hero Basic PDF I did up for my home game. For example I defined things like maces as being Armour Piercing against non-rigid armours. For weapon speed I gave some weapons a Dex penalty/bonus for initiative purposes.
  14. Order of the Stick

    Well, I don't like to toot my own horn, but I may have called it. Unless they revert to form at the last minute of course...
  15. Order of the Stick

    Holy cow, are the Order about to do something with style and cleverness?