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  1. What Have You Watched Recently?

    I liked it too. I really liked the gamer type moments, where you can see people who play video games using the system.
  2. Hmm, I really thought that moment was in the first Avengers movie when he flew a Nuke into space assuming he wouldn't have the power to return.
  3. Black Lightning on CW tonight

    If anyone would actually use telepathy right in a show like this, it might not be. Being able to telepathically warn your teammates that this villain is aiming at this spot with their death beam, so move 2 feet to the right in a fraction of a second, is not a weak tactical power. Knowing your opponents every move as they think it is very useful. Also, if linked together, knowing what your own side is doing prevents almost all problems of getting in each others way. Add that to a team like the LSH or original X-Men with Marvel Girl who train together a LOT and already have maneuvers. Not having to shout out/signal said maneuvers is a great help. Problem is demonstrating it in a show. It is actually one of the things that made Superman warn everyone at one point that Martian Manhunter was more powerful then him, because he could do everything supes did plus shapeshift and use mind powers.
  4. Supergirl

    Johnny Cash was big everywhere.
  5. Black Lightning on CW tonight

    Plan to watch, but in the comics I have been struck by how much they "altered" BL's power set to mimic stuff Static did. It makes sense, very similar powers. I remember in the Static animated series him meeting BL at one point. I always figured the difference in their powers was more a matter of scale and control.
  6. Star Wars 8 complaint box

    was going to say what Starlord did, but he beat me to it. and the ships the resistance had, were landbound.
  7. Yes, but it fits with the movie continuity. Pym told Lang early that the helmet is what helps protect him from the deteriorating madness that infected Yellowjacket, because he didn't have the right technology. It is also why Pym couldn't wear the suit himself, because even with the helmet, the cumulative effect had meant he couldn't.
  8. Black Lightning on CW tonight

    ditto what armory said.
  9. RIP: Dolores O'Riordan

    Loved the Cranberries music. I really just hope this turns out not to be a suicide or an overdose. To many of those amongst rockers period and to many suicides amongst some truly great artists recently, especially of that genre of singers (Chris Cornell and Ed Kowalczyk to be specific, though not in that genre, the suicide of Keith Emerson hit me too).
  10. Black Widow

    I always assumed Quicksilver's death was due to a deal between Fox and Marvel regarding who was going to be using the character going forward. Marvel got to use him for one film. They then got to keep Scarlett Witch and Fox got to keep Quicksilver with their new X-men launch.
  11. Black Widow

    what are you talking about. The 2000 movie with Jason Alexander and Rene Russo as Boris and Natasha was great.
  12. Funny pics

    Shouldn't the sport one have Big Bash Cricket too? or is that considered the offseason of AFL?
  13. Black Widow

    They showed a preview for a movie that is in the writing stage? I mean, there are movies I feel like they go straight to the filming the action/splosions before doing the writing, but I would hope a BW movie didn't do that.
  14. What Have You Watched Recently?

    that football game was the epitome of a QB willing his team back in the game and then winning it.
  15. What Have You Watched Recently?

    You have been watching El Rey network. I really like it.