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  1. And now, for your daily dose of cute...

    Let us introduce the next class of astronauts.
  2. Answers & Questions

    Q: Who said that Stalin could be the leader of our forces? A: You volunteered for this all expense paid kidnapping.
  3. Answers & Questions

    Q: What makes you so certain that this duck was actually an Irish playing an olean? A: You liquidfied my metal.
  4. Answers & Questions

    Q: Did you just accuse him of the crime mostly by the belief that the Dalmatian was destroying the couch? A: That gravity is doing a dance on its wave.
  5. I challenge you!

    Going with earthworms since they created the framework of the modern lifeform on earth and are responsible for many aspects of a health ecosystem. Battle of 80's super vehicles: Air Wolf vs KITT
  6. Answers & Questions

    Q: What are we going to do with this T. Rex body discovered in Central Park? A: We will send in Agent Delirious.
  7. Answers & Questions

    Q: Look at this list of citations, from sources that are extremely credible. What are you attempting to accomplish with all this? A: pookah rain
  8. Answers & Questions

    Q: Dr. Strange, what is your opinion of the Cult of Dormammu? A: He is the Director of Obtusivication.
  9. I challenge you!

    Quality: That is the true measure of how good something actually is. After a while, quantity gets drull and tripe, to the point that people actually refuse more. However, with good quality people will always want more, leading to better quantity. Battle of time: day light vs standard.
  10. Answers & Questions

    Q: What is that chrono-bubble going to be for? A: That was a Hulk- sneeze!
  11. Answers & Questions

    Q: What are you doing to Commander Data? A: We are destroying this destroyed planet.
  12. Name: Hyguill Rank: First Officer Species: Antaran Sex: Male Background: Hyguill was raised to believe in the new concept of military order that his world currently believes in. While they are primarily pacifists, occasionally some member will venture out beyond the stars. Hyguill is one of these brave adventurers. This was during the early days of the Dominion War. He signed onto Starfleet and proved to be a more-than-capable leader and negotiator. As a result, (and the large losses) he quickly rose through the ranks. Now he finds himself as the first officer aboard the Tiberius at the time that it is sent on this historic mission. He feels as though this is a great honor, not only for himself but also everyone else aboard.
  13. Answers & Questions

    Q: This is an amazing prophylactic display. Why is everyone getting so upset about it? A: I reject your sanity and replace it with my insanity.
  14. I challenge you!

    Potter had the power of the entire school backing him up (both book and movie) while Jackson was a demigod and had had the collective power of the demigod camp to use. This camp told him to go on a mission and not take advantage of its power and abilities (it even denied them), as a result the winner would have to be Percy Jackson. Now lets see who's funnier: Sgt. Bilko or Gomer Pyle.
  15. Answers & Questions

    Q: Why did your father bring the shotgun to my arranged wedding? A: Orsen Technology - We know what you want.