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  1. Improved Alchemical Sling - Does This Make Sense?

    You forgot cylinders on revolvers.
  2. Glass cannon syndrome.

    I suppose it depends on the players. When I was in an active group. the rule of thumb was that even the DPS had to be able to take an average hit without being stunned, and 3 average hits without being knocked out.
  3. Focus

    I had a character that flew via bootstrap telekinesis on a surfboard. I'd purchased it as an OIF, since he could use any reasonably stiff object (sheet of plywood, ironing board, couch, etc) in a pinch, and it would have been hard to take away from him in any case. Then the party entered a VIPER base, and carrying around a surfboard (even a shortboard) would have been really awkward. After a brief consultation with the GM, we decided that the board was collapsible.
  4. And now, for your daily dose of cute...

    "They see me rollin, they hatin'..."
  5. Things that should be in fortune cookies

    Don't let random platitudes tell you how to run your life.
  6. Petey's 2018 Winter Olympics Thread

    Try the NBC Sports app. It has tons of other sports. It's almost like they're treating us like customers, not the product.
  7. Policy for Fan Fiction

    As I understand it, all Champions Universe IP is owned by Cryptic as part of Champions Online. You would need to contact them about licensing it.
  8. Improved Alchemical Sling - Does This Make Sense?

    This is the simplest option and probably the most realistic (if you go for that sort of thing). A conventional sling might put a fragile potion bottle under too much stress if used in the conventional manner.
  9. Cool Guns for your Games

    TFB had a video where this was described as, "tactical Jack Sparrow." Sounds about right.
  10. And now, for your daily dose of cute...

    "Children of the night, shut up!"
  11. I can't believe you suggested that.
  12. Protecting an Accessible Focus from EMP

    The, "Protects Carried Items" adder should let the defenses apply to an OAF.
  13. Let’s get Darren an award

    The site seems to be offering me the option of voting more than once. Of course, doing that would be unsportsmanlike, so I will refrain. I hope that our opponents are as honorable.
  14. Magic and Science VPP

    I don't see it as a Limitation on what powers the character can create. It's that all of those powers must use a specific SFX, and anything that is resistant to that SFX (or can shut it down) will give the character a very hard time.