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  1. Mass Producing Pistols

    It's the SFX of a character buying an RKA. More seriously, this is so far outside the situations the rules are designed to cover that it's pointless to apply them. Transform Raw Materials to Guns? RKA, Universal Focus with lots of doublings? Summon dopplegangers of the character, only with the guns? Extra-Dimensional Movement to a universe where to guns exist but the raw materials don't? Whatever floats your goat, because the rules aren't designed to give a meaningful answer.
  2. Droid Brains (Star Wars)

    There are a couple of ways this could be bought, depending on which mechanical effect you want. If all they do is help pilot the ship (monitoring its subsystems and such), they could simply be bought as Skill Levels with the appropriate roll. If you want them as characters (NPCs, probably) they could each be a Computer or AI that provides complimentary skill rolls for appropriate tasks. I lean towards the simpler approach, but YMMV.
  3. WWYCD: Justifiable Homicide?

    Most of my played characters are heroic enough to take the alleged perp to the cops if he surrenders, no matter what the circumstances. Some of my anti-heroic NPCs might let him go, if their prejudices align with the shooter's claims (or if there is other supporting evidence).
  4. Stretching and Neck as Limb

    Yeah, stretching your neck around a corner is precisely what the Adjacent modifier is for.
  5. Site Upgrade

    You know, I think you're right. The differences between the normal and the bold are subtle (in Chrome, at least) but they are there. The italic is drastically lighter, which is what threw me off.
  6. I Can Feel You Through The Web

    If sound is not a, "physical vibration," what is it? I don't see the addition of Acrobatics to the list of skills that can negate this as sufficient to justify a -1/4 Limitation by itself.
  7. Site Upgrade

    I just noticed that the, "bold" text style is on by default and can't be turned off. As examples: This is normal text. This is bold text. This is italic text. This is bold italic text. This is underlined text. This is bold underlined text. This is italic underlined text. This is bold underlined italic text.
  8. I Can Feel You Through The Web

    I agree that with Mrinku that, "Not work vs. targets making Stealth / Acrobatics rolls (-1/4)" isn't worth a Limitation. That's just what Stealth does. Now, if characters with Stealth or Acrobatics could avoid the strands without making a roll, that would be worth a Limitation.
  9. Site Upgrade

    I find myself having to re-login often (but not every time), and, "Remember me" is checked.
  10. Dr Strange Build

    There's a Mystic archetype in the gallery section of the Champions genre book.
  11. Retro Styled Campaign

    I decided to go with the 60s, and all the Bat-themed gadgets that came with it.
  12. This Week in MMOs

    I've been playing SW:TOR and I like it a lot.
  13. How would you cause an eclipse?

    Your lips to Steve's (or whoever the author of the next edition is) ears. Under RAW, using Change Environment to create light is explicitly forbidden. (I started a big discussion thread ~6 months ago on Light spells.) If you want to use CE, I think it would cost 2-3 points per -1 penalty removed.
  14. I picked UNSS Champion because it's the one that I'm least likely to write myself.
  15. The Jolrhos Field Guide

    I think that G.Projector can do a spherical projection.