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  1. 5th Edition 250 Points Superheroes Random Generator

    Martial Artist Male Char Female 20 STR 15 18 DEX 20 20 CON 18 12 BODY 11 18 INT 18 11 EGO 14 20 PRE 20 18 COM 18 8 PD 7 6 ED 7 4 SPD 4 8 REC 7 40 END 36 32 STUN 28 Total Characteristics Cost: 100 Points Cost Skills 4 Choke Hold 5 Defensive Strike 4 Martial Block 4 Martial Disarm 4 Martial Dodge 4 Martial Escape 25 Skill Set Total Skills Cost: 50 Points Cost Powers 24 Armor +8 rPD 8 rED 50 Multipower (50 Points) 2 u) Desolid, Cannot Pass Though Solid Objects (-1/2), Does Not Protect Against Damage (-1) 2 u) HA +6d6, HTH Attack (-1/2) 3 u) HKA 2d6 [[3d6+1 [Male] or 3d6 [Female] 2/STR]] 3 u) Invisibility [Hearing], No Fringe, No END (+1/2) 3 u) Missile Deflection [All Ranged Attacks] +5 2 u) Running +5", 8x NCM 3 ES: PER +1 8 Running +4" Total Powers Cost: 100 Points Total Cost: 250 Points
  2. Luthors Masterplan in Batman vs Superman

    Even if the plan made sense it was undercut by Jesse Eisenberg's performance as Lex Luthor.
  3. I challenge you!

    Gandhi because I didn't see Malcolm I though IX Jason X vs. Diary of the Dead
  4. Skills: useful or just for flavor?

    Not unless you're up against Dr. Spamalot.
  5. I challenge you!

    Buckskin because Wrangler Jane looked good in them. Sergeant York vs. To Hell and Back
  6. Focus

    It's not unusual for a villain to use weapons that counter a heroes powers. Most villains should have VPPs.
  7. Luthors Masterplan in Batman vs Superman

    Kryptonians who are centuries ahead of us only use Fingerprints to activate their technology. Why couldn't Superman tell Batman Luthor kidnapped his Mom?
  8. Luthors Masterplan in Batman vs Superman

    Why use special bullets at all?
  9. Skills: useful or just for flavor?

    To Solve a Problem covers things like Preventing a Nuclear reactor from melting down, stopping two countries from going to war, or keeping you job after your six hours later because you were preventing a nuclear meltdown or stopping a war.
  10. I challenge you!

    Once Upon a Time in the West because it looks and feels so real. Burt Reynolds vs. The Rock
  11. Skills: useful or just for flavor?

    Skills have three basic functions. 1. To find someone or something. 2 To solve a problem. 3. To find a way to defeat a villain.
  12. I challenge you!

    Capt Parmenter because of Wrangler Jane F-Troop vs. McHale's Navy
  13. I challenge you!

    They made it in 1998 with David Hasselhoff and Lisa Rinna. I liked it.
  14. Focus

    And if a character has a power that seems like a Focus but has no Focus Limitation it could be a like Jimmy Olsen's Guardian's Shield or Oliver Queen's mimi-bow which they can activate while in street clothes (or a tux in Ollie's case).
  15. Stalling for time with Persuasion rolls?

    Just sing "Ooh Child."