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  1. Jokes

    Seeing as it's almost Thanksgiving, it seems way too late for some Halloween jokes. But here we go... What did the Skeleton call the Zombie? Overdressed What did the Ghoul call the Zombie? Fast Food What did Frankestein call the Zombie? A self starter What did the Mummy call the Zombie? Underdressed
  2. A kinda sorta timeline

    Like I said I don't really have anything to stick this into. Usually I have a concept about the city or campaign then make the history. But like I said all this talk about ages, and thinking about a WW 2 campaign I found myself making the history first. As for the comics code I like options so I don't really rule out things the comics code doesn't allow, but the 80's does make up the majority of my comic collection. So I tend to do things like you are not required to buy code against killing, but the Punisher is not allowed. I really have two main problems. I'm not overly pleased with the 50's description. And as I reach the 70's and 80's should I stop there and set the campaign there, or move on to modern times. The poll showed the 70's as the most popular other era I could get away with it. But the main thing was going backwards from what I'm used to I was a bit worried I was making a mess. But seems folks think I'm on the right track, so forward.
  3. A kinda sorta timeline

    Between Golden age champions and the recent discussion of comic decades I've been thinking of a sort of timeline. I don't actually have a campagin or city to use it in, though I'm thinking a legacy type campaign. While it lacks detail the broad strokes are pretty much done, so I figured what the heck. I'd let people look and decide if I need a rethink. The Age Of Mystery As the 20's dawned a secret war broke out of the streets of Blank City. It was a time of great growth. However while there were many technical wonders created not all were in safe or even sane hands. Modern travel brought many ancient secrets into the city, even those that should have stayed buried. And the passing of so much of the old guard in the Great War left room for innovation, but not every bold new philosophy, or leader had societies best interest at heart. Many of the heroes who rose to meet this challenge activites, if they ever really existed, are now urban legend. But there was a time when criminals trembled at the mere mention of names like the Owl and Dazzle Dame. Though an explosion in masked criminals is definitely written in the papers of the time. Exactly what crimes people like the Gentleman Skulker and Baron of Crime commited may never be known. But the city was a lot safer after they were arrested. But there were those who stepped into the limelight. People argued if Maras the Mystic was just a god magician or had actual mystic powers. No one argued how often he was there when a criminal was caught. And though some reports in the files are rather odd. Homicide Det. Derek Grant 's battles with organized crime like the Shadow Council and the first version of the Marintas inspire police cadets to this day. Perhaps most notable was Thomas Telblum the Techonligcal Crook Cather. Who's patents are responsible not only for helping the police solve some baffling crimes, but been the birth of three different tech companies. Though even the most unaware citizen became aware of this war at the battle of Burton's peak. Someone calling himself the Electric man interrupted radio broadcasts to declare that he was truly Tesla's greatest rival. And to prove it he was going to use the death ray Tesla failed to invent to electrocute the city. Overnight a large strange structure appaered on Burton's peak. The cops who went to investigate were killed by a gathering of the cities most notorious criminals. An all out assault led by Det. Grant, Telblum, and supposedly the Owl attacked and the structure blew up killing most of the assembled. The War Years However conflict was soon to break out in Europe, and the city began to prepare for the inevitable conflict. Though far from the front lines, the city was still a major industrial and technological hub. Telblum closed his lab and opened a factory forming Telblum Inc. and going to work for the war department. That was one of the first but hardly the last retooling done in the city. And when the conflict broke out dozens of young men and women went overseas. Leaving it vulnerable to the forces of crime, and foreign agents. And unlike during the age of mystery these people exhibited powers the like of which the world had ever known. Which led to the government starting the Protectors initiaitve to give the country more powered guardians. These were countered by Nazi agents like Todesadler and the Black Spider whose acts of spying and sabotage nearly crippled war production. While black marketers and organized crime like Jackpot and the revived Marintas crime group siphoned millions. Fortunatly the city was defended by Protectors initiative operative Golden Shield, and freelance heroes like Pride and Virtue. The 50's After the war was a relatively quiet time there were a few communist infiltrators like Cold Heart and the People. But nothing like during the war. The 60's Saw a rebirth in superheroic action. Though not without the political upheavel of the day. Heroes like Groovy who could only use his powers when high of illegal drugs gave city hall a few headaches. After the closing of Telblum Inc after the war, the patients were acquired by Blake Reardon who founded Reatec, and soon after the armored Titanman showed up. A new Dazzle Dame appeared though unlike her predessor she didn't just use strobe lights to blind foes. But where their are heroes their are villians the Iron duke and his iron legion made several attempts to take over the city. And a new force in the underworld calling itself the Horde battled Martintas for control of crime. O.k. like I said kinda sorta. In each age of course a more detailed list of heroes/ villians and their abilities would need be made. And depending on what decade I set the campagin in I'd need a 70's etc section. And the 60's section needs work. But I don't think I've gone too far a field here.
  4. Hero System 5th Edition

    Not having 6th that's something I've been very curious about. Apparently their is a (skill?) in 6th called (attractive appearance?). So you decide you want your character to be good looking and pay 3 points?
  5. A Thread for Random Musings

    A rutabegah set fire to my sock.
  6. Hero System 5th Edition

    Actually Golden age Champions is the only 6th edition book I have. So yep I use 5th.
  7. I challenge you!

    So do I want to date someone who will keep dragging me to the ocean, or into the woods? I'm gonna go with Moana but Merida was completion. Fu Manchu vs Ming the Merciless
  8. WWYCD: Justifiable Homicide?

    Turn him over to the authorities.
  9. What's in your hoard?

    Being a hill adventurers tend to not attract the Hungry Hill's attention. But in a cave deep within the hill are carts carriages and piles of pack animal corpses The next creature The Salt Shadow
  10. Atomic Age Scenario Generator (Work in Progress)

    Xemmu says Squirrel Girl will be his bride for he has no mouth. As to the post a point of debate 5 out of the 6 things listed in plot device could also count as an foe chart. Was that intentional? If not you might want to consider restructuring a bit. Plot device 6 Alien device Enemies 6 ufo/aliens Course there's no reason not to double up the radioactive giant carrot made by the someone rich created a mutated rabbit.
  11. Real-World News ripe for Pulp Hero exploitation

    Good news your now Queen of England. ALL HAIL THE QUEEN! Bad news being queen isn't what it used to be Not even in the pulp era.:(
  12. Retro Styled Campaign

    A Lynda Carter Wonder Woman style campaign? I'd play it.
  13. Create a Villain Theme Team!

    With a hiss the chamber opened. A male figure rose from the released gasses, and promptly fell on his face. "Oh great. Where am I now?" The man looked around, but not at anything in the vault. "Well now that's interesting. Earth's been invaded. Whole cities are devastated. And I'm officially annoyed." He looked over at the Mind. "If this was your doing, you realize I'm going to kill you. Otherwise I'm gonna kill them." The Mind grinned a cold smile and remembered his first meeting with the man he called the Unstoppable. He fell out of a clear blue sky and said the exact same words he said when he got out of the chamber. The man proved inhumanly strong, able to shrug off most damage, and knew things he couldn't possibly know. Even the Mind only proved able to temporaily hold him. His only weakness seemed to be when enough damage was done, he was sucked into a pocket dimension. After being gone for a bit he would be randomly spat out into this dimension. The man's real name was Derek Sarlin, and he had only one moral compass. Don't get in his way and life. Annoy him and die. "By the way we have company." The Unstoppable pointed at a chamber. Moments later it activated to release...
  14. Retro Styled Campaign

    I'm gonna go for the 80's as I only have one choice. But as a Pulp/Golden age fan my runner up the 40s
  15. Random Song Lyrics Thread

    Way up in the trees live the monchichis. Here comes help. Here comes action. Here comes Buford. Here we go and on the double to the spot where there is trouble Clue Club.