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  1. Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    Thank you, thank you, you're too kind.
  2. Quote of the Week From My Life.

    "Bet that wasn't a conversation you expected to hear two fifty-year-olds have in front of you." --Me, to a Wal-Mart cashier, after my wife and I saw a display of Pokemon plushies nearby and talked about our favorite Eeveelultions (Eevee and five were there, three missing).
  3. Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    The more I look at that pic, the less I think he's actually touching her. I freely admit my vision stinks, but it looks like his fingers are not in contact with her clothing. Still inappropriate as hell, even through body armor. To Old Man's point, Roger Ailes tweeted about the pic before it actually became public knowledge. With this, her Trumpty-Dumpty support, and being a friend of Hannity, is suspicious to enough of us that we suspect this is all some kind of setup. We have the damning pic, yes, but everything else, AFAIK, is on the tongue of someone who supports a guy publicly in favor of sexual assault who lies 5.5 times a day to the populace. The fact that Franken outright said 'bring on the investigation' makes me think he thinks so, too, as opposed to Moore's attempted cover-ups. At the very least, unlike Moore and Trump, Franken has shown genuine contrition as opposed to deception and pride, respectively; that should count for something. Heck, she even accepted his apology and said he shouldn't resign (which I actually find suspicious). And in case it wasn't obvious, I freely admit my bias: My loathing of Trump is such that I inherently distrust anybody who supports him. Loathing is too soft a word. Saying what I would like to do to him here would violate the code of conduct, terms of service, FCC regulations, common decency, X-Rated Movie restrictions, a half-dozen religious mores, and possibly the Geneva Conventions.
  4. Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    ESPECIALLY for those who believe in separation of church and state. I'm honestly of the mind that anybody who says anything indicating they're going to put their religion above the Constitution shouldn't be allowed to hold public office. They're literally saying 'I have no intention of following my sworn Oath of Office'.
  5. 2017 Word Association Game

  6. 2017 Word Association Game

    I Think We're Alone Now
  7. Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    Last I heard, he was down by eight to ten. Not that it means much.
  8. Funny pics

  9. Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    So, Roy Moore and his wife have evidently forged those letters of support they got from Alabama pastors. I think it's safe to say he knows he's busted.
  10. Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    Well, of course the p*ssy-grabber-in-chief is going to say that. I remember when Reagan was called 'The Teflon President' because any attempt to call him out on his *ahem* inaccurate statements slid right off him. Trumpty-Dumpty has him beat all hollow on that. He's averaged 5 lies a day, of various blatancies, every day of his regime (I refuse to say 'administration') and all he has to say is 'Fake News' and it's like shaking an Etch-A-Sketch.
  11. Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    According to a poll, 29% of Alabama voters say that the child molestation allegations against Roy Moore make them MORE LIKELY to vote for him. WT actual F, Alabama?
  12. Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    In the interests of being fair ... if Moore was after teenagers, then technically that's ephebophilia, not pedophilia. Still awful, still illegal, still disgusting, of course, and if true, he should get castrated via a pair of rusty hedge clippers for it, then his testicles shoved up his nose.
  13. Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    And don't forget 'treating women like incubators on legs' and bigotry against the LBGT populace. Oh, and erosion of the wall of separation between church and state. If you're not white, rich, straight, male, and christian, voting Republican is voting against your own best interests, as far as I'm concerned.
  14. Funny pics

    I know there's a video thread somewhere, but I couldn't find it. So ...