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  1. Funny pics

    Its a Mounds. upside down: "Spundow". Second item on the paper is spundow. yuk yuk.
  2. In other news...

    Yes, the National Review is a right wing publication. They are not Breitbart. I read them as my policy of balancing my diet of Vox, Al-Jazeera and other left-wing publications. It stops me from going full-tribal. It's a good policy and I recommend you try it, if only to notice how harsh the right-wing publications are on Donald Trump and Roy Moore.
  3. Stranger Things

    Evidently, the producers are planning on killing off a major character before the end. My money is on Jonathan. It's a classic way to resolve a love triangle. In other news: Stranger things as X-Men
  4. Please delete the portion of your post referring to her having posed in skin-mags, unless you can give a very good explanation why women who do pursue that work need less respect or bodily autonomy than other people. Even if she were a full-fledged prostitute, posing with hands on breasts while she was asleep is wrong, and no less wrong than doing it to a nun. I also don't think the Trump support matters. I can accept contrary points of view, though, and respect someone who thinks the accusation was at least partially politically motivated. Still, I think clearly non-consensual grope-pose photos are egregious enough that no political motivation is necessary.
  5. Well Roy, looks like All Franken jumped on the "public outrage" grenade for you. You'll be elected after all.
  6. In other news...

    I wish Markdoc was still here. not sure how far off this article is. http://www.nationalreview.com/article/453748/research-replication-crisis-growing-problem In Medicine, the Science Has Stopped Working
  7. In other news...

    Drunk driving may not get you fired, as long as you aren't driving professionally or embarrass the company when arrested. You're just arrested. That's a legal issue. In some states, marijuana is legal. People still get fired for using. That isn't a legal issue. Its a liability thing.
  8. In other news...

    Marijuana may help opioid addicts get clean. Well, clean of opioids anyway. (My doubts linger. I can imagine it working in the physiological sense. Maybe even treat the chronic pain that can lead to opioid addiction in the first place. But using marijuana will get you fired, even if used off-duty. It is my understanding that people in a bad situation (like unemployment) are more likely to get addicted. Although Wikipedia says that the "Rat Park" experiment hasn't been reproduced well.)
  9. Is everybody following the Brett J. Talley judicial appointment? He's one of the district judge appointments Trump has procured. The Senate Judiciary committee has not been kind (and for good reasons). The American Bar Association has voted that he is not qualified for this position. It gets better: The vote was unanimous (14 plus one abstention). Its the first "unanimous not qualified" since 2006. He has never tried a case, or argued a motion, and he has practiced law for a whopping three years. Oh, but he does have a prolific, solidly conservative blog. In case you thought the ABA was a bunch of unfair left-wingers. The committee approved him anyway (along partisan lines). It's no secret that when a party is power they try to pack the lifetime appointments with young, ideologically correct judges. I mean, generally they try to get qualified judges while they're at it, but whatever. He did not mention that he is married to a White House lawyer. The questionnaire. requests relationships "likely to present potential conflicts of interest", and he didn't mention he is married to Ann Donaldson, the chief of staff to the White House counsel, Donald F. McGahn II. So either he lied or he messed up filling out a legal form, and I'm not sure which is worse. The Senate is going to vote on him soon. Just . . . wow.
  10. Favorite War Movies

    Hmm, Grave of the Fireflies Be careful watching this movie. It wants to hurt you real bad. Saints and Soldiers The first one anyway. I thought it was pretty good. Hacksaw Ridge Even after noting how far off it was historically, I liked it a lot. The Siege of Jadotville Gotta get something on this list that isn't WWII and from a US pov. Maybe I'll think of others.
  11. Ah, but those are democracies. Did the people have the government take away guns to make them safer, or did they let the government take the guns because they felt safe enough. For example, Australia had a homicide rate an order of magnitude smaller than that of the United States BEFORE the 1996 tightening of gun laws
  12. But do they have fewer murders because they have fewer guns, or do they have fewer guns because there are fewer murders (i.e., people have less motive to get their own protection) (something I idly wondered the other day)
  13. And now, for your daily dose of cute...

    I'm not sure they get as much of a thrill from vista's. Humans are super vision-oriented. Humans who sought out and enjoyed vistas were more likely to identify food sources/threats over a large area. Thus, we evolved to like a big view. Dogs are much more dependent on scent and hearing, and they're low to the ground in the best of times. I bet goats like a nice view though.
  14. In other news...

    Gun shows are fairly unpopular targets for spree shooters, who want the big numbers. Offices, churches, schools, theaters etc are much more common. That's coming out as a anti-gun-control argument and I don't mean it to. But the fact remains, your scenario seems unlikely. 9 Faith leaders on the "thoughts and prayers" bit said after every tragedy
  15. In other news...

    I suspect much will be made of the Texas church shooter being shot by an armed citizen. I poked through a few conservative forums and the sentiment that people should not go to church unarmed was expressed