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  1. I did find an article about Washington molester teachers continuing to receive pensions. And I found one about teachers fired for accused molestation finding new teaching jobs. Nothing for an accused teacher returning to his post.
  2. Armed drones stored in secure cabinets with explosive bolts and a hard line to the police station. On notice of shooting, the police blow the bolts and an officer takes control of the drone, for instant armed response. Just made that up and it made my inner 14 year old happy. But . . . Expensive. Cabinets are a constant reminder to students that the are under lethal surveillance. Probably some other downsides I haven't thought of. (taser armed or lethal?)
  3. Funny pics

    Ah, that explains this
  4. I was more interested in the "Red Flag" laws, that would allow friends and family to petition a judge that a specific individual is violent or suicidal and should be disarmed.
  5. United States Youth are notoriously even more easily distracted than Donald Trump. They can do a movement for a year or so (when it is cool and fashionable), but they aren't up for long, boring, difficult task of actually changing gun control laws. Especially as the most effective gun control laws would require a repeal of the 2nd Amendment, which would require an awful lot of red states to get on board, and that just isn't going to happen. Even as the old guys die off, it isn't going to happen.
  6. I missed the part about "propose regulations". Just propose. So he's just asking Sessions to come up with a bill he can push through. That's fine then. Of course it remains to be seen if El Distractissimo can follow through.
  7. I am conflicted. Donald Trump did something I like, but he did it in a stupid, probably illegal way. https://www.yahoo.com/news/donald-trump-directs-justice-department-211146879.html He instructed the Justice Department to start banning bump stocks. Great. But the Justice Department already said they can't do that without a bill passing Congress. So it'll be tossed with the first lawsuit. If Trump were a better leader, he'd have gotten a quick simple bill through, since his party controls both houses. So it goes. And the ban wasn't much of a fix anyway. And my brother super likes his.
  8. This will certainly reassure conservatives that Academia is not a liberal echo chamber. I don't want to defend him, but he hasn't even completed a term, and its pretty hard to beat Buchanan or Harding.
  9. In other news...

    EPA head Scott Pruitt says he has to fly first class because the people in Coach are mean to him. (okay, he really said it was a security concern, but phrasing it that way was funnier.) Bibi Netanyahu might get indicted The Baltimore Police are in trouble for their cops turning into robbers. A Maryland delegate even suggested disbanding the police. The whole Syrian Kurd issue is turning our diplomatic situation into a cross between 3 dimensional chess and Jenga. This was certainly an eventful week.
  10. Again, this would be for people who don't have enough of a case to get jailed, just fired, which means also people for whom there isn't enough evidence to compel them to take a class. But, it is possible for employers to compel a class. Of course, compelling a class is easy. Much more difficult is persuading people they have a problem and a class might help. https://www.vox.com/first-person/2017/10/20/16503804/harvey-weinstein-sex-addiction-therapy
  11. I'm trying to figure out how to type this without becoming an apologist for perverts, sleazes, and abusers. I don't want to be that. There's been a spate of men fired for sexually harassing women, or abusing them. Fine. They deserve something, and getting fired is scary and it hurts. So lets say that there was a lot of evidence the guy was bad, but not the Beyond Reasonable Doubt level needed to jail him. There's enough to persuade an employer to fire him. So, does he ever work again? If he does, this feels like when the bad priests just got shuffled off to new churches. The whole point is to make a safe workplace. But if they get pervert-blacklisted, what are they supposed to do? We don't want them going into petty crime. The darker parts of myself suggest it would be convenient if they all pulled a Mark Salling, but that is both macabre, cruel, and not likely. And it isn't even just about "keeping a safe workplace". That white house guy didn't get fired for harming anyone at the office, but for beating his wife. Same for Johnny Depp, who now has calls to never work again. Unemployment is the new public stoning. So what should be done? Again, this is for case of men who only have Preponderance of Evidence or Substantial Evidence. We can't jail them. (a good article about the problem with Carceral Feminism). What do we do with men condemned to not work?
  12. I'm assuming this is corporate-office Wal-Mart, not store level, which might be a very nice environment
  13. Jokes

    Over here, David Brin had a flash fiction contest, to say what happens next to the Tesla Roadster launched past Mars. This was my favorite entry:
  14. In other news...

    Trumps plan to force them to choose between taking advantage of available social services, and their family’s future ability to stay in the United States permanently. https://www.vox.com/2018/2/8/16993172/trump-regulation-immigrants-benefits-public-charge