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  1. Negative END and charges

    I agree in general, Charges don't cost END, but it really depends on the SFX of the Power, doesn't it? As someone previously mentioned, if my Charges are bullets in a magazine, I still have to pull the trigger, ("...firing a weapon..." from the 5ER p425 quote above) which requires 1 END. If my charges are hand grenades, I still have to spend 1 END to toss them.
  2. Negative END and charges

    5ER, p39: "A character who uses a Power, moves, or uses STR expends END." That sounds to me like it covers any action. It still takes STR to pull a trigger, for instance, even a hair-trigger. 5ER, p425: "Some Maneuvers and other Actions don't have a listed STR value. In such cases, a character spends 1 END (unless the GM rules otherwise). This includes Combat Maneuvers such as Block, Dodge, or firing a weapon. Martial Maneuvers do not cost END." That specifically makes an exception for Martial Maneuvers (which I really don't understand). That seems to imply that everything else does require at least 1 END. That's the way we've always run our games.
  3. The Classic Rock Thread

    Speaking of classic rock, I found a band back in the late '80s that I absolutely loved. They had one minor hit in 1990 ("I'll See You In My Dreams"). I'm telling you, this is one of the best melodic rock albums I've ever heard.
  4. Black Panther with spoilers

    Probably should've stopped there. I saw it Saturday with my wife, who typically avoids MCU films like the plague, but she really wanted to see this one. Both of us loved it. It is a visual feast, it touches on relevant social themes, and the villain is relatable. It's a fun movie.
  5. I wouldn't put it that high, but it's close. I consider Winter Soldier to be the cream of the crop.
  6. Not difficult to do, when it actually is. I don't understand the resistance to this idea, particularly from people who honestly would have no clue whether it is or isn't. But I'm not here to convince anybody of anything. I just came from the theater. I've been trying to get my wife to see a Marvel movie with me in the theater but she's always resisted, until today. We both loved it. It does touch on a couple of social themes, it has a relatable villain, and it has ramifications for the wider MCU while still being a self-contained story. I'll be seeing it again this week with some friends. Interestingly, when I got home I happened on to the last 20 minutes of BvS. Suddenly Black Panther seems even better. I don't usually rank movies but without giving it much thought I'd say this one is easily in the Top Ten MCU offerings.
  7. What Have You Watched Recently?

    We haven't started on S2 yet. S1 was a guilty pleasure of mine. We watched the first four episodes of The Alienist. So far so good. It's quite dark. I'm also trying to regain my Geek Card by finally watching Babylon 5. I'm two episodes shy of completing the first season. The effects didn't age well, of course, but that's not a big deal. It seems to be starting to find its groove, so I'll give it another season. In that way it reminds me of ST:TNG, in that the first few episodes weren't all that great, but then it hit a stride.
  8. If this movie is indeed culturally significant (which I believe it is, since that's what people in the Black culture are telling me), it will be considered so regardless of box office. LOL @ the "alt-press". It's "alt" for a reason. The worst thing about social media isn't the social media itself but the way the traditional media chases after it, giving wide voice to tiny, pathological mindsets as if they were representative of anything meaningful. There's a line from the TV show Brockmire, when he asks a friend why the TV news is reporting about YouTube videos. "Today's news is what was on the internet yesterday."
  9. The Power Of Presence

    Very interesting, hearing about how people use PRE Attacks differently. Lots of great perspectives on it. I don't use PRE against PCs in our superhero game, I figure they're heroes and that kinda stuff just won't work on them. I'd reconsider that if we were doing a fantasy campaign or the characters were noobs. Generally, the players will whip out PRE Attacks on goons, and even then it's typically when it has become obvious to the bad guys that they're losing. I tend to give all my henchmen a bit of PRE defense, because I figure a guy doesn't sign up to follow a supervillain unless he's a bit of a zealot himself. I've had a couple of less-than-scrupulous characters use PRE Attacks on Normals. But, again, I find the concept of PRE Attacks between supers to be silly except in extreme circumstances. A surprise first encounter with a God-King qualifies, I think.
  10. I can't help but laugh at the concept of "sexual addiction therapy". Come on. Just keep it in your pants, it ain't something that requires weeks of in-patient counseling and workshops. Just keep your effing pants zipped. I concur with the prevailing sentiment on this thread, which is that: sexual predators are bad, and the atmosphere in which accusations go unchallenged is a dangerous and scary one.
  11. Ha! When I first glanced at the thread title I thought it said "All your earths are belong to Van Halen"...
  12. On This Day in History

    Today in 1876 the National League is officially formed with franchises in Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Hartford, Louisville, New York, Philadelphia, and St. Louis.
  13. The Non Sequitor Thread

    I don't even know what I did.
  14. GM brainworms

    Yes, this happens to me all the time. I have a fairly large text document crammed with story notes and plot ideas. I've been running a group of four players for about 9 years. They each started with one character, and now all but one of them has two. So I have subplots and NPCs all over the place, and new ones pop into my head all the time. In fact I've planned to run them against an Evil Universe version of themselves for years now. I finally got to check that one off of my list over the last two gaming sessions, and it will continue next month. I've had these villains sitting around for at least five years, so I think had more fun debuting them than the players did fighting them.
  15. Champions for One Player and One GM

    We each started with one hero and we took turns GMing, but it wasn't very long before we each had several PCs. It was up to whichever one of us GMed as to which PCs the other would run, depending on which one(s) the GM cooked up a scenario for. So the GM's PCs would serve as that game's NPC heroes. It's certainly more challenging with more players. With just me and my friend, we grew up reading comics together so it was rare when one of us as GM could surprise the other with plot twists. When I would plan the session it was pretty easy to predict how he would react to things. With more players, the chances of somebody doing something completely out of left field increases exponentially, and as a GM I like that.