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  1. Problems With Fantasy Hero Complete and Newbies

    Yeah, false memory on that one. In any case, I've uploaded the final version to the Downloads section of the website. Thanks all.
  2. Version 1.1


    This is a quick, simple 28-page introduction to the some of the basics of the Hero System, especially as it applies to Fantasy Hero. It attempts to walk a new player through some of the system's principles, showing off why Fantasy Hero is worth digging into, but without getting bogged down in math or rules minutiae. The intended audience is someone new to Hero, especially those coming to Hero from D&D or other class-based fantasy systems. The reader is walked through the basics of character creation, three character examples, a sample combat, and a few other bits.
  3. Problems With Fantasy Hero Complete and Newbies

    I had the same reaction. Both Champions Complete and FHC use 3 pts per, whereas Hero System base uses 5 pts per (error on my part). Heh, thanks. It's just using generic MS Word, so anyone should be able to do it. Text boxes, page borders, Book Antiqua font, and just a splash of colour here and there. Avoiding underlining. Also actively using whitespace: a lot of guys tend to overcram stuff into a page, but that makes it look overly busy. It helps when you have someone as amazing as Martin McKenna to draw art from, as well. If you want any other specific pointers, I'd be happy to offer some. I'll definitely upload the final pdf to the site. I just wanted to keep it just in this thread for a while to make sure that I'd ironed out all the errors and formatting tweaks, first.
  4. Problems With Fantasy Hero Complete and Newbies

    Very glad to hear it. I read your thread, linked to by Brian, and used some of your frustrations to make the text clearer (like "rolling" vs "result", normal damage vs. killing damage, and so on). Please note I've updated it again, for what I hope is the last time (I missed a spot where I used the standard Hero 6th edition costs for OMCV/DMCV, vs the cheaper FHC costs, as well as a couple of other very minor things). Link is the same above.
  5. Problems With Fantasy Hero Complete and Newbies

    EDIT: file deleted, now that it's been uploaded to the main site. Get it from there. Missed this earlier. Not a wet blanket at all: people shouldn't post things for criticism if they don't want criticism. There were lots of good comments in this thread, yours included. Thanks for taking the time to go over it.
  6. Problems With Fantasy Hero Complete and Newbies

    Thank you very much for the kind words. If you have any ideas as to how it could be specifically improved to meet what you had in mind, I'd be happy to hear it. Also, if anyone is planning on downloading this, the links all expire on 15 Mar, since Dropbox is shutting down its public link service at that time. I last updated it today (minor typo fixes).
  7. How to Model: Splash Damage

    Acid Arrow: roll to hit, and if you hit you do do damage now + half damage later. If you miss, you do half damage now. It's interesting, as since I've posted I've had lots of opportunity to think about this one spell but also conversion approaches in general. I forgot that just because it's one effect in D&D it can be two or more in Hero, so bigdamnhero's/Christopher Taylor's solution works well. At the same time, I realized that I'm not really interesting in recreating all the basic effects Hero can already do, but just the weird D&D spells that do atypical things you probably wouldn't think of yourself. In other words, why convert Alter Self (Shape Change) or Aid (Aid) when there's something like Alarm or Animal Shapes to think about? It's also made me realize just how boring most damage spells are in general: "ah, but this one is 4D6 damage, not 3D6, and the SFX are different". But I do miss the abitrary ability to just say "this works" and call it a day that D&D has, because my god some of these power builds are ridiculously long.
  8. I'm looking to recreate spells from D&D that have the effect of "if it hits it does full damage, and if it misses it still does half (or quarter, whatever) damage". But of course, this has application outside of Fantasy. To some degree this could be special effects, by stating that since you're doing damage you really didn't miss, did you? But these effects are usually predicated on an attack roll and yes, the effect really does occur on a failed to-hit roll. The reduced damage from the miss (the splash effect) is also tricky. I don't want to do just do area effect explosion because the attack may not be an area effect attack. I can always make a custom advantage. I just want to make sure I didn't miss anything already in the rules first.
  9. Problems With Fantasy Hero Complete and Newbies

    The great Martin McKenna (http://www.martinmckenna.net), of Fighting Fantasy, M:tG and other awesome art fame, just confirmed that I have permission to use his images in the pdf. So that secures most of the art used in it right now. Sorry, I'm not clear on exactly what you're referring to. What pages or material should go where? What do you mean by "the powers"?
  10. Problems With Fantasy Hero Complete and Newbies

    All right, I've concluded the Combat section with a page on normal damage, END use, and getting stunned. Then there's an Appendix: that has a quickie guide to building magic systems and how to modify the game to capture various combat tones. To ground people trying to find some basis for comparison, I've also placed the Characteristic Comparison chart there along with two monsters taken from the Hero Bestiary (I didn't want to use more because of copyright concerns; I think this is enough to get across the general idea of what a monster looks like without straying over the bounds of fair use). I end with a bunch of links to product. I think I'll call it a day here, unless anyone makes a good case for how something important is missing. Some things discussed earlier -- even ones I thought might be good and was thinking of adding -- I decided to drop as the idea for the project evolved. I want this to be a sort of general guide to how Fantasy Hero broadly works and what it can do, not a guide to how to specifically read or use Fantasy Hero Complete, even if it can't help but be that a bit since it draws on that book's material. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/357573/Fantasy%20Hero%20Primer.pdf I'm also contacting the artists to see if they'll let me use their pieces for free distribution; I want to have that before I upload this to the Hero Games site proper.
  11. Problems With Fantasy Hero Complete and Newbies

    The combat example in the current PDF is up to five pages. I think I'll stop narratively detailing everything and simply take another half-page or so just outright stating what else could happen. There's no need to take the combat to the very end; I just want illustrate the key elements of combat rather than tell a story, and I don't want to bore the reader. By this point I have: Initiative Actions in general: half, full, attack, half-moves, weapon draws Holding actions STR Mins and STR adding to damage Armour use Regular vs. killing damage Resistant defences CSL usage Recoveries Anything else?
  12. Problems With Fantasy Hero Complete and Newbies

    Added the next page of combat: the tricky issue of damage.
  13. Problems With Fantasy Hero Complete and Newbies

    It's in her special abilities section (p. 13): +30 END, only to cast Shadow Magic.
  14. Problems With Fantasy Hero Complete and Newbies

    Okay, continuing to work on this here and there when I have time. I've removed the Characteristics Comparison table for the moment. I still think it's very useful (especially since FHC doesn't have one like it), but now that I plan to add an appendix, I think it's better placed there than dropping a giant full-page table on readers just three pages in. It's clearly reference material, rather than something you need to know for the walkthrough in progress. I've also added the first three pages of the combat example. There's no mention of exactly how many opponents are there because I haven't decided that yet: I'll add a number once it's all done, in order to make everything work out exactly as I want. As always, feedback on what's there and any ideas of what should come next (especially cool ideas that show off the best of Hero System combat) would be appreciated: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/357573/Fantasy%20Hero%20Primer.pdf
  15. Problems With Fantasy Hero Complete and Newbies

    Updated again at the standard link with the third and final full-build/walkthrough character, a rogue. That's 17 pages. I think I'll aim for 32 pages, which I think should be pretty doable.