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  1. Savage Rifts

    Superheroes is one of the few genres I don't particularly like with Savage Worlds. That being said, the issue you bring up sounds more like a setting issue than a game system issue.
  2. The very sensical rightwinger

    It was Christopher who started with "why do you hate republicans."
  3. The very sensical rightwinger

    Posting that exchange you don't come out lookin that much better than him. Without seeing the background of what he had been doing it looks like you started the confrontation. If he's a troll you are literally giving him what he wants, attention and the satisfaction that he irritating someone. If he isn't a troll then he's a nut and no amount of conversation is going to persuade him, especially when you start the conversation by accusing him of trolling and badger him over exactness in his responses. "Never argue with a fool; onlookers may not be able to tell the difference"
  4. This may be a dumb question, but is the fact that PG is Kryptonian common knowledge in universe?
  5. In what Era was she NOT able to use the lasso on women?
  6. Site Strangeness

    Yup. Threads last posted to from mid March and later are marked as unread for me even if I read them weeks ago. I assume it's a software issue that will be resolved in time.
  7. You could ask a mod to delete it for you or edit it to something that doesn't look like you are being dismissive of the thread.
  8. Superhero Cosplayers

    My friends' daughters love Harley and Ivy
  9. Custom Member Titles?

    Are you trying to find these options on the mobile version of the website or the full site?
  10. Zslane, what's a DRM?
  11. Newbie question: non-killing damage is normal?

    I think because you found one thing difficult you are over complicating other parts and confusing yourself. 1d3 and 1/2d6 are the same thing. The example is telling you that the RESULT of the 1/2d6 roll was 3, not that the die face with 3 pips was rolled.
  12. Hacking People?

    Correct as far as I can tell.
  13. What is a "PB"? If you aren't using TK, what power are you suggesting instead that can Grab or Throw?
  14. I prefer fewer also. My point is if everyone at the table had extra bennies every game that isn't a SW problem, that is your GM handing out way too many bennies, or not presenting balanced combats that require you to spend them.
  15. I don't know about most. Magic attacks in Savage Worlds, GURPS, the few Fate settings I've played, Unisystem, Call of Cthulhu, Sixcess, some versions of Cortex, and pretty much every indie game I've ever played has required a roll. The only games, in my experience, that have auto-hit magic is D&D and its clones. And even then, most attack spells either require an attack roll or are area of effect and the single target auto-hit spells have the saving throw mechanic so someone is still having to roll to something to determine the spell's effectiveness. D&D saving throws pretty much only exist as a balancing factor to the fact that the magic was made up ad hoc without any consistent underlying system. I think the Absolute Effect rules and GM discretion cover most cases pretty well. The Absolutes in a gritty, no-magic fantasy or low powered heroic military game would not make sense in a four color comic setting. What absolutes exist, if any, is a Campaign issue, not a system issue with Hero.