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  1. Mass Producing Pistols

    Or a 15 point social disadvantage - Financial problems, defined as 'loss-making manufacturing plant'. :-)
  2. Mass Producing Pistols

    There was a cool organisations tracking process for agencies etc published in Champions 3 (I think). It allowed you to track an organisations resources and thereby make it responsive to heroic activity etc. You could use the same kind of system for a company (if that company was central to the campaign plot). You could model the production of handguns or any other commodity but the way companies work is within an economic and regulatory framework - so the company would need to be solvent and would need licensing perks to be able to do business and manufacture. That is a very small amount of points. Companies, if you were to model them in game, would be the kind of thing that would potentially have extensive non-combat influence. You could buy a company perks, contacts and favours that it could use in a campaign against a superhero... Doc
  3. Proportional Result And Margin Of Success

    I saw my mistake as soon as I posted but was at work and had no chance to come back to it. I think it is possible but you get a bit into hand-wavy territory. You could quite easily have a table showing the strength of the power growing as you get a better roll, though it would grow in a very predictable way. If you wanted to be funky, have six different ways for the power to grow in strength - then use 4D6, the fourth dice to choose which growth pattern gets used... All depends on how much drama you want. Choose the base effect - that gets bought normally Choose a greater effect (subtract the cost of the base effect from the cost of the greater effect and apply a roll limitation on the remainder) Choose a greater effect II (subtract the cost of the base effect from the cost of the greater effect and apply a greater roll limitation on remainder) ....etc It could end up quite bureacratic or it can end up adding to the excitement of the roll depending on your and your players wishes and facility with the rules... Doc
  4. Hero System 5th Edition

    I am in the camp of 6th edition being a better iteration of the game, even if the presentation was flawed by being too huge for most people. I understand why it is huge - the key demographic always wanted more explanations and examples and this gave them that in spades... For the game, I am a huge proponent of removing figured characteristics and would probably have gone even further. I think we could have separated out all of the characteristics into powers, skills and system numbers (STUN, END, BODY, CV etc). It would, however, have been a move to a more hardcore HERO which would not have expanded its horizons in any fashion. It would have addressed some of the issues such as STR and Blast costings and other little bits. It would also have made the system cleaner by removing more of the things that presume SFX from names of things. Doc
  5. Proportional Result And Margin Of Success

    Surely this is just a compound power with sliding rolls for effect (with the GM agreeing that all the effect rolls are resolved with one throw of the dice). So 8D6 Lightning Strike +2D6 Lightning strike (14 or less) +2D6 Lightning strike (13 or less) +2D6 Lightning strike (12 or less) +2D6 Lightning strike (11 or less) +2D6 Lightning strike (10 or less) +2D6 Lightning strike (9 or less) +2D6 Lightning strike (8 or less) This is a bit of a simplified roll for example purposes, you could make it more complex with skills etc. The character is able to reliably throw an 8D6 Lightning bolt. On a roll of the dice additional power gets added. On an 11 the lightning bolt is 16D6, on a 14 it is 10D6 and on 8 or less it is 22D6 - be careful of this guy.... You can work out the skill rolls and provide a similar range with all the modifiers you need making each additional damage bonus cheaper than the previous one but the build itself is pretty simple. Doc
  6. Don't need to discuss, it is a game mechanic, I made the requisite roll and I want the resulting benefits. the spherical robot, if it wants to be immune to that combat mechanic will need to buy that. I think something like levels, only against trip or some other more complex power. i would say it is prone when set to spinning such that it cannot get its bearings and needs a second or two to orient itself. anything that sounds reasonable really. Doc
  7. I am with Ninja-Bear here. We have a picture in our head of what prone means, a person sprawling on the floor, needing to get up to be combat ready again. There are however game mechanic penalties that can be applied to any opponent, not prone as described in the dictionary, but prone as described in the rulebook, with subsequent penalties and time needed to get rid of those penalties. Doc
  8. Stretching and Neck as Limb

    I think that this is just another example of where the power name infers SFX. It should be called something technical and boring like Changing point of perspective. That describes what clairsentience does, moving that point of perspective in space or time. Steve's answer is right in that if you want to affect the game then you do that in a variety of mechanical ways. The mechanics are all in the powers in the book and the SFX come after that with the requisite advantages and limitations applied to properly reflect how it looks to everyone else. Doc
  9. Hero System 5th Edition

    D'oh. SHould have paid more attention to the content rather than the words. :-) However, I am not sure it feels right in this instance. Flight 10", variable +1/4 advantages (+1/2), [[Invisible [Hearing], Megascale [1km], 1/2 END, or Usable Underwater Only (-1/4)]] Cost 24 points Flight 10", 1/2 END would cost 25 points. Is it right that getting to switch between four +1/4 advantages is a point cheaper?? When I was costing the variable +1/2 advantages it looked reasonably OK, with the +1/4 advantages it looks wrong... Doc
  10. Hero System 5th Edition

    Dont you mean Flight 10", variable +1/2 advantages (+1), [[Invisible [Hearing], Megascale [1km], 1/2 END, or Usable Underwater Only (-1/4)]] Cost 32 points ?? It should not cost less to use a choice of four advantages than it would to use just one.... :-) Doc
  11. One of those occasions where I will be diverging from the wisdom from on high. :-) Or will change the way I use the rules - a trip I agree with - I will change your chance of knockback to be (BODY damage of attack-2D6-unused movement). If you get to 0 or below with that then you knockdown or knockback your opponent. if you do not, then you do not stop them. Doc
  12. Favorite War Movies

    Hmm... Kelly's Heroes - the only one I own on physical media "Stop with the negative waves, Moriarty" 633 Squadron - "you can't kill a squadron..." (still brings a tear to my eye) A Bridge too far - when the British commander refuses a German surrender negotiation because the troops trapped on the bridge don't have the facilities to accept the German surrender. Zulu - "don't throw those bloody spears at me" Glory - Glory, hallelujah!
  13. Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    Looking from the outside, I am not sure this is something the parties can fix. I can see American folk, all of whom have more in common than they have that separates them, idly castigating the other half of the nation. It is like the experiment they did separating kids into blues and greens, purely at random. i can see us taking the same path in the UK, where large swathes of the country see no circumstance under which they could see themselves voting for the "other side". I detect it in myself. The initial gains for the parties are soon lost when those people don't want to vote for "their" side and "can't" vote for the "other" side. Where do they go? They become disillusioned with politics in general and disengage. Politics therefore operates in a smaller and smaller pool of extremities but the power remains there because that is how it has been set up. People then begin to feel politicians have no legitimacy as they pander more to their core group and engage less with the country as a whole. they also look at the past through the lens of the present, attributing failures and successes to the right or left, even when those terms no longer have anything approaching the meanings they did when they were attributed. It is a mess. I have no magic solutions and no actual hope that any will emerge before things become much worse.... Doc. :-(
  14. I Can Feel You Through The Web

    Personally, I always thought that made a decent stealth roll significantly more efficient than bog standard invisibility and I don't think it should be. Doc
  15. I Can Feel You Through The Web

    Sound is indeed a physical vibration. But the sense is not looking for physical vibration, it sense physical movement (which may include physical vibration, but probably not, I would rule, sound, unless that sound was setting physical objects to vibrating. I would rule out the vibration of air molecules. If I could sneak up on you using acrobatics in a way that was not contextual (that is, climbing an unscalable cliff to get behind you) then I would indeed say that it was worth no points. However, this sense is blind to someone making and acrobatics roll OR a stealth roll, it is a sense in addition to sight and hearing. It it is only +1/4, I think it is colourful and reinforces the SFX of the power as well as giving the heroes a written down way of avoiding it. Different games! :-)