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  1. Kountry Komics Request for help

    Motivation is the biggest requirement for any project. Working for other motivation is often provided through others managing you and your work, setting targets, checking quality etc. A lot of that you do not realise is happening until you find yourself in a situation where it does not exist. for personal projects (hobby or commercial), you need to find a way to insert that structure either yourself or leaning on others. You need to be organised and dedicated but most of all to be realistic. If you set yourself unrealistic targets then you will demotivate yourself and everything will grind to an end - all because you were a dufus boss to yourself. :-) I think setting a few small goals over realistic timescales, get some momentum, see some things come to fruition will be the best way. The whole project is too big to see it finished any time soon and that makes it difficult to take the first steps. It is probably worth looking to see if there is a writers group near you. Sharing stuff is great for improving things and for getting motivated to finishing things. People think of writers groups as purely for those producing fiction, I think they would welcome someone doing RPG style material and you would gain a ready made peer group to drive you not only to get the pieces finished but to drive up the quality at the same time. I am trying to think of what I want to do when I retire and putting a lot of thought into how I am going to go about writing work. Thought I might as well share my thoughts.... Doc PS: the trilogy looks fine as a concept. My next step would be a putative contents page for each which might help break the big job down into bite-sized pieces.
  2. Kountry Komics Request for help

    Hell, I wasn’t meaning your books wouldn’t happen, was offering you a title if you wanted to use it. You might find having things for the site to be an incentive to get things ready. :-)
  3. Kountry Komics Request for help

    You say on the site that you plan to finish a book on street level superheroes (Capes, Masks and Mystery Men was the title I planned to use for the superhero game that I will never write!) What might be valuable on the site is an overview of the decisions you made to customise HERO to get the game you wanted - this might be a decent section in the final book but it would be a useful insight to anyone interested in doing their own version. Doc
  4. The Power Of Presence

    Interesting thread this one. I think I like the reversion to the multiples as an easy solution to avoiding mega-results. Personally, I think players need the odd total defeat somewhere in their history, I think it is useful to have a boogie man where running in, fists blazing not only doesn’t work but isn’t even an option.
  5. Crossbows and concentration

    There is a problem with HERO in that so much of it is extremely detailed, so detailed that we have come to expect that EVERYTHING will be written down somewhere after very careful consideration. That however is not true. There is no Manual of the Universe. Authors do a lot of stuff as they think fit, and they do not always see fit to detail their thinking or to avoid using terms that are quite usefully described elsewhere. My bet is, that in this instance, the author felt that the full concentration penalty was too much for his vision of crossbows. He decided he wanted to reduce that penalty and so he reduced the associated cost break to something he felt was fair as well. What he should have written, in that case was (Limited Power: concentration , 1/2 DCV, +1/4). He has used the fuzzy bit of the rules, limited power, which is essentially a bit of carte blanche for GMs to customise stuff to their idea of what is fair and reasonable. All of the other limitations are essentially examples of what Limited Power might be, what the authors of the rules think are reasonable cost benefit ratios. Doc
  6. Altered Carbon series

    I did feel that they never really read the book, there was a pretty tight thriller in there and that did not come out in the series. If Ihad not read and enjoyed the book, I would have been really pleased with it.
  7. Dullahan

    I think it is a cool added extra, the practicalities can be subsumed into comic book biophysics. :-) I think therefore that you really are looking at megascale indirect stretching. I don’t think there is a terrible advantage to it, so it should not cost too many points and, if the head cannot see the body, then it would be like the body has lost the ability to see and function. Doc
  8. Well done folks, thanks for the votes, our boy gone and won it... http://bamfsies.blogspot.co.uk/2018/02/2017-bamfsies-awards-announced.html
  9. Dullahan

    Well. If you duplicate, the basic premise is that each duplicate can do everything the other can. No need to worry about eating breathing etc. The big question is how far you want to go with the whole "the head can still feel the body" thing. Would it take damage if the body took damage (do they share the same pool of STUN and END)? If the answer to those things is no, then the duplicates can be mind linked. That provides a decent connection. Everything else then comes down to how you want to limit each of the duplicates because it is either headless or bodyless. :-)
  10. Focus

    It really comes down to how difficult it is to replace the item. If the rod is specially designed and it would be difficult to replace then you are definitely in focus territory. If he lost the rod and could simply rip something apart to get a facsimile - like the crankshaft of a car - and it works fine, then you can use the focus system but should downgrade the limitation to reflect the lesser impact of losing the item. Doc
  11. Wanted: Players in Edmonton Alberta

    Maybe you could try the board game cafe for roleplayers - https://thegamerslodge.com/
  12. Dbz attack

    I think the big point here is the (implied) inability of the opponent to react between the two hits. To me that puts everything within a single phase action. I think for my games I would look for an autofire - two hits with a triggered movement (only to where target knocked back to by first hit) The autofire itself is only activated if the character reads the target's chi. The gameplay would be a roll to hit, if successful, a roll to read the chi, if successful the character teleports to where the target is heading (to a maximum of the teleport - so may be risking injury if there is a lot of KB. :-)
  13. Improved Alchemical Sling - Does This Make Sense?

    You considered her constructing a device that resembles a sling but for the purpose of throwing potions? That would be +STR, only for throwing, OAF. Not sure how much value that would get you but it avoids all of the considerations about slings, whether you can fast draw or reload and the questions about the skill level...
  14. Restrainable overload?

    I would have the same concerns but the rules as written (p341 6E1) says
  15. Dbz attack

    You will of course get a lot of suggestions. My question for you is very mechanical in nature. Do you always want the second attack to hit, if the first one does? Do you always want the first attack, if successful to move the target? Do you care if the target takes damage from the movement (a la knockback). Would the attacker always move, even if the first attack was unsuccessful? The answers to those questions will actually take you to a different mechanical route depending on what you actually want. You also need to think whether what you are actually building is in the spirit of the game you are playing. From the description, you want an attack action to encompass two attacks and some movement. Why would anyone ever use anything else if this was possible?? If this manoeuvre is only available to some, then does that put everyone else at a serious disadvantage in a fight? I am building many straw men here! Give us some more detail and you will likely get more input. Doc