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  1. The Sailor Guardians are in Gotham City

    Yes, Deidra Hall played both Electrawoman and Dr. Evans. General Hospital, which I watched back then, had strange story lines, too. Maybe the writers were on drugs.
  2. The Sailor Guardians are in Gotham City

    Yeah, but Pittsburgh, with all its hills, is probably the best choice.
  3. The Sailor Guardians are in Gotham City

    The idea I had was for Tuxedo Mask to arrive on the scene above the Sailor Guardians, fling a rose, make some comment, and then leave. It that doesn't work out, they could always be in Pittsburgh. Sailors Mercury, Venus, Moon, and Jupiter would be in Greenfield Elementary School (K-8). Sailor Mars would be in Saint Rosalia Academy, which is just up the street from it. The shrine would be on the undeveloped hillside across from Pittsburgh Pride Car Wash. The Magee Rec Center, with its field and playground, are a bit furthur up the street, which is hilly and windy. Sailors Uranus and Neptune would go to Taylor Allderdice, which the other guardians would later attend.
  4. The Sailor Guardians are in Gotham City

    Gotham City is in New Jersey. Gotham Harbor opens onto Great Bay. Hammock Cove, Perch Cove, and Little Bay are south of Gotham and Little Egg Inlet is to the east. Using the modern map of Gotham City, Burnley is the neighborhood the Sailor Guardians call home. Colfax School (K-8), which most of them attend, and Saint Rosalia Academy (K-8), which Akiko attends, are in that district. Also in it are Gotham University, Gotham Planetarium, WGTU radio and television (which is PBS affiliated), the Gotham University Medical Center (which includes Gotham Mercy General Hospital and Gotham Children's Hospital), and the Burnley Rec Center. The planetarium, the medical center, and WGTU are owned by Gotham University. I'm changing Patty Harris a bit, too. She was an award-winning Gotham University gymnast who decided to go into teaching. She still works out, is one of the Rec Center Zamboni drivers, and does her best to tutor Serena.
  5. The Sailor Guardians are in Gotham City

    He might even think Sailor Venus is Alice.
  6. The Sailor Guardians are in Gotham City

    I must've forgotten about Batman's rogues gallery when I decided to move the Sailor Guardians to Gotham City. Of course, the animated universe might have a different one than the main DC Universe.
  7. The Sailor Guardians are in Gotham City

    It just occurred to me that some members of Batman's rogues gallery might decide to go after the Sailor Guardians.
  8. The Sailor Guardians are in Gotham City

    Patty's main job is their teacher and Serena's tutor. She can, however, keep them appraised about strange happenings at local ice arenas. I forgot that, since her mother taught her how to ice skate. Lita (Sailor Jupiter), though, is better at it.
  9. The Sailor Guardians are in Gotham City

    Cool. It was dusk and Patty was standing in the shadows when they transformed. She approached them, admitted that she'd seen them change, and promised to keep their secret. She also thanked them for saving her life and agreed to help them any way she legally could. Sailor Mercury noticed that she was wearing a Gotham Blades home jersey and asked if she was a hockey fan. She replied that she and her father, a history professor at Gotham University, drove the Zambonis.
  10. The Sailor Guardians are in Gotham City

    Didn't think of that. My thought was that she was somehow immune to the spell they generate that keeps people from remembering their faces.
  11. The Sailor Guardians are in Gotham City

    In general, the Sailor Guardians, despite only their costumes changing, aren't recognizable in their civilian identities. I had the idea that one of their teachers, Patricia "Patty" Harris, who moonlights as a Zamboni driver at, Wayne Entertainment-owned, Herod Arena was able to figure it out. Since they saved her life a couple of times, she's willing to, when possible, help the Sailor Guardians out. Edit: I'm hoping someone could suggest how Patty figured it out when others haven't.
  12. The Sailor Guardians are in Gotham City

    No, but there is a submarine base in Grotton, Connecticut. It would be reasonable to have Virginia-class, or block-three Los Angeles-class fast attack subs patrol that area.
  13. The Sailor Guardians are in Gotham City

    Looks like I'm going to have to use the current map of Gotham City, which was created for the "No Man's Land" storyline. However, The names of a lot of people associated with the comic are going to be replaced with other names.
  14. The Sailor Guardians are in Gotham City

    I agree with them being "officially" considered a sub group of the Teen Titans, but I doubt if they'd show up too much. Beast Boy might drool when he sees them, but he probably won't die from a huge nose bleed.