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  1. Black Panther with spoilers

    I enjoyed the movie, but I have a big gripe about the decision to "come out" to the world. Look at all the trouble just one "outsider" caused. The lesson learned should have been...." This is why we need to stay secret...the outside world is corrupt. No matter our intentions...our tech can and WILL be used in negative way". The movie just hand waves that in favor of a "positive" ending. Granted, we all know the real reason for the Wakanda reveal is so that they can play a pivotal role in Infinity War, but the conclusion of the movie as presented just flies in the face of common sense.
  2. Honor System: I drew a queen of Diamonds. I'll try to add story elements tomorrow.
  3. Many 6th Edition villains too tough?

    I really don't have a problem with it. There's SOOOOO many villains. Plenty to use for all power levels...and quite frankly....the likes of Firewing and Mechanon are supposed to be tough enough to wreck entire teams of heroes. They aren't the only villains in the books though.
  4. How does one become the Archmage?

    I believe that you need a mage in high standing to sponsor you. Then...you need a gift from a native of each of the four mystical realms surrounding earth...Elysium...Netherworld....Faerie...and Babylon. You also have to be a powerful mage in your own right and an acknowledged master in some type of magic. That's all I can remember right now.
  5. " Incredible. You think this...EMP cannon can breach the force field around King Ghidorah? " " In theory. There's much still unknown about the creature's physiology, but it should give Ultraseven a chance to defeat him...." " And with him out of the picture, we can focus on the enemy fleet and ground forces. " " Charles and I were just discussing a plan of action in that regard. We're going to use his abilities to launch a coordinated strike worldwide simultaneously. " " I have a great respect for the professor's abilities, but I don't think even he is powerful enough to do that. Besides we're short on manpower and equipment. " " Normally, you'd be correct, but normal limits go out the window when you have one of THESE in your possession. " " Mr. Richards, is that an....infinity gem? " " Call me Reed. You are correct. As for the other matter...." " I shall aid you in that regard. Namor and the all the forces of Atlantis stand with the EDF. Let us end this in victory! " Protagonist #3: Mr. Fantastic https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mister_Fantastic Protagonist #4: Charles Xavier https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Professor_X Protagonist #5: Namor, the Sub-Mariner https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Namor Option #1: The Mind Gem https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infinity_Gems Option #2: The Atlantean Armed Forces...
  6. EDF(Earth Defense Force) headquarters.... " We're losing. Even with Ultraseven on our side...we're losing...badly. They have the numbers...plus their teleporting devices gives their troops mobility we can't match. And we can't touch King Ghidorah. he's developed some sort of bioelectric force field that repels all attacks. " " Yes...we need the help of some of the Earth's greatest scientific minds in order to turn the tide. " " Agreed. Our superhuman assets aren't enough. No disrespect to you of course. " " None taken. I have some people in mind. We just need to get them together. " " We leave that to you then...but hurry. The Western US, Britain, and India have all fallen to the invaders already. " Protagonist #2: Sunfire https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunfire_(comics)
  7. "" Sir....Omega Squadron reporting that they've engaged an unknown humanoid entity in sector 7. Casualties estimated at 30%. " " What? Impossible! It would take an entire legion of superhumans to inflict that much damage so quickly. " " Casualties now at 40%....50%....and rising. " " Unbelievable. Inform the Empress....IMMEDIATELY! Protagonist #1: Ultraseven https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultra_Seven
  8. " So....you fully understand what is expected of you? " " I do, my Empress. " " They are to be shown no mercy. They are an extremely resilient people. To break them, you must crush their spirit as it has never been crushed before. No doubt must remain in their mind that submitting to my rule is absolutely in their best interest. " " They will soon submit to being ruled by their betters. THEY WILL KNEEEEL BEFORE Z-.....ahem....Vhan. " " Nice save. Now....GO! " General pick: General Zod https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Zod
  9. So is Vhan the Borg Queen then?
  10. " Empress, I know you have expressed interest in this particular Earth, but I'm not sure why. There doesn't seem to be anything exceptional about it. " " Not exceptional? This earth has been subjected to countless invasions of all types and has remained free. Its greatest cities leveled to the ground on a regular basis. The city of Tokyo on this Earth has suffered a devastating attack no less than 6347 times in the last 65 years. And yet...they always rebuild and persevere. Their resilience is remarkable. Any such steadfast people deserve to be in the empire. " " Yes, my Empress. This...creature though. They have fought it off before. " " I've had my scientists make....enhancements. They will be unable to withstand the planet killer this time. " For my " Dragon "....I must choose the literal planet destroying dragon....KING GHIDORAH!
  11. I'm going to try this draft. For my Earth...I choose the Toho/Tsuburaya Monsterverse. In this universe, all those monster movies actually happened and all those kaiju, alien invasions, and alien superheroes from Japan actually exist...
  12. Ordered PDFs not appearing...

    UPDATE: Two links finally popped up. I'm still missing the link for the Ghouls and Golems PDF though....hmmmm....
  13. Ordered PDFs not appearing...

    Yes. It shows the three PDFs I purchased...and says to click the link below to download them....no link. So...I'm lost...and I've gotten no response from site support.
  14. Ordered PDFs not appearing...

    Title says it all. I ordered some PDFs yesterday and so far nothing has shown up. No links or whatever goes on so I can get them. Are they down for the holiday?
  15. I vote for Zachary Quinto as Namor...