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  1. Thor: Ragnarok spoiler thread

    From my FB review right after seeing the movie a few hours ago... Movie Review: Thor: Ragnarok. This third entry in the Thor franchise is pretty much what the trailers suggested. In tone, this is essentially Guardians of the Galaxy 3. And while the movie IS funny, it takes it a tad too far and starts to devolve into camp. And while campy movies aren’t in and of themselves bad, it really just doesn’t mesh with the basic plot which suggests and has one hoping for something much more serious(which never really... materializes). Goldblum’s Grandmaster and Blanchett’s Hela(who is supposed to be the Asgardian goddess of death) elicit more laughs than anything else....which is a huge disappointment to fans of the original comic book characters. It’s a shame really...as both characters look very good. Karl Urban’s Executioner doesn’t suffer as much from the camp effect, but his character is underdeveloped and again feels like a missed opportunity. (And how have we had three Thor movies with no Enchantress?). The action is good though and Hiddleston is entertaining as always as Loki. Hulk basically steals the movie and overall this feels like another Avengers film. I’ll give it a B as there were too many little things dragging it down to give it an A.
  2. Clairsentience question..

    Thanks for all the replies, folks. Quite useful.
  3. Clairsentience question..

    Can Clairsentience overcome Darkness? A character has a Darkness field(usable on others) placed on them....and now can't see. If they placed their clairsentience viewing point outside the darkness effect....would they be able to see? I said no...as my feeling is that the darkness field cuts the link between their regular senses and the viewing point. I also felt that you're still in Darkness...so anything your Clairsentience might perceive simpy isn't going to make it back to you. So...anyone who is more rules savvy than I want to chime in?
  4. VIPER: Who's Your Dragon?

    There's a lot to like in both 4th and 5th ed VIPER. Nuff said.
  5. Golden Age Champions Discussion Thread

    Ok..got my copy. Some early thoughts: 1)The character writeups are good...VERY good. Even if you have no intention of running a Golden Age era game, a good GM can get a lot of milege out of the plethora of characters that are in here. 2) Diversity: Not just Nazi bad guys and not all..."black and white" morality. 3) Optimus immediately evoked Oyzmandias from The Watchmen for me. 4) Art was mostly good to great. No complaints here. 5) Liquidator made me laugh out loud. 6) Good amount of background material as well(mostly in the first half of the book). All in all, I think they knocked it out of the park and I can't wait to delve more deeply into it.
  6. Golden Age Champions Discussion Thread

    <---looks in mail box....."Fudge!"
  7. VIPER: Who's Your Dragon?

    I respect that, but also respect that in my campaign...she ties in with the Egyptian god Apep instead of with Nama, which makes her a foil for Solaria, a player character who is an Avatar of the Egyptian god Ra in said campaign. So...her origin is still magical...but still different in many ways from what was presented in 5th Ed VIPER.
  8. VIPER: Who's Your Dragon?

  9. You win a movie studio! What movies do you make?

    I have. I guess I should qualify this with "A Godzilla film made in America" by folks who actually understand the kaiju genre.
  10. You win a movie studio! What movies do you make?

    A Godzilla film made by folks who actually understand the kaiju genre....
  11. Halloween horror films.

    Lots of great films, but Cabin in the Woods, Scanners, Childeren Shouldn't Play With Dead Things, The Keep, and The Wicker Man for starters...
  12. Little known movies you recommend.

    Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things Scanners The Night Stalker The Mysterians Frankenstein Conquers the World Cabin in the Woods
  13. Shin godzilla

    Absolutely. The best Godzilla movies have interesting and/or entertaining human casts....Monster Zero for example.
  14. What Have You Watched Recently?

    Journey to the West: This is probably the best film attached to Steven Chow since Kung Fu Hustle. It's the story of of a buddhist monk who wants to be a demon hunter. Problem is that his methods are a bit too pacifist for the public at large. When a pig demon starts causing havoc, the monk goes on a quest to find the legendary Monkey King to help. The SPFX in this are pretty good and the leads are engaging enough to make the 140 minute run time go by fast. Recommended.
  15. What Have You Watched Recently?

    The Great Wall...not a bad time waster, but I wouldn't call it great cinema either. The main problem being all the eastern actors treat their roles much more seriously than the Western ones do...which makes matt Damon and friends look amateurish in comparison. The CGI is also a bit too transparent. Good cinematography and set/costume design help this film quite a bit.