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HERO Designer

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HERO Designer is the character creation software for the HERO System. Including full support for both HERO System 5th Edition and HERO System 6th Edition rulesets, HERO Designer is all you need to start creating, printing, and sharing characters for your games.

While HERO Designer will help ensure rules-legal characters, support is included for customization and house rules, allowing you to change the rules by which characters are created and the costs of abilities.

HERO Designer will run on any system with a full installation of Java SE version 6 or better. Note that at this time, mobile platforms do not include support for the full Java SE -- a full laptop/desktop OS is required.

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* * * * * by MagePro Jul 01 2016 07:21 PM

The absolute answer to Hero Creation there is out there and well worth the price!!

1 out of 1 people found this review helpful.