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Hudson City: The Urban Abyss (Book+PDF)

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Welcome to Hudson City, pal. Better watch your step. Only the smart and the lucky survive around here. Hudson City: The Urban Abyss describes the (in)famous Pearl City in all its gritty detail, from the glittering skyscrapers of Bankhurst to the grimy, sin-filled streets of the Strip. It's the perfect setting for your Dark Champions adventures!

Hudson City includes:

  • a history of the city from its founding to the present day
  • detailed descriptions of all the major neighborhoods in Hudson City, including locations and people of note
  • a review of city government and services, from the mayor's office to the cop on the beat
  • a who's who of Hudson City society and the underworld, with plenty of enemies, adversaries, and rivals for your PCs to encounter during their adventures
  • dozens of NPCs, ranging from average joes to powerful crimelords
  • gamemastering information and advice
  • numerous city and neighborhood maps
Make sure you've got enough ammo and are ready for anything... the mean streets of the urban abyss await!

Stock#: DOJHERO601

ISBN: 1-58366-037-2

176-pg Trade Paperback, Perfect Bound

Author: Steven S. Long

Artists: Klaus Scherwinski (Cover), Various (Interior)