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Valdorian Age PDF

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Mighty-thewed warriors with flashing blades. Cities full of thieves and corruption. Eerie wizards using complex rituals to summon foul beings from other worlds to serve their whims. Ancient races from before the ken of men lurking in the dark and forgotten places of the world. Such is the stuff of Swords And Sorcery Fantasy.

The Valdorian Age presents just such a world for your Fantasy Hero game. It's a place of heroes — a world where one skilled man, armed with nothing but a sharp sword and his own unbeatable determination, can make a real difference — but it's also a place where survival and riches are often esteemed more highly than valorous deeds.

The Valdorian Age includes:
  • a complete guide to the city of Elweir, from the darkest hovels of Lowtown to the palaces of Gold's Reside, with plenty of maps
  • information about the rest of the world: noble Valdoria, ancient Abyzinia, harsh Khor, dark Ureth-Kalai, and many other realms, with plenty of rumors and adventure ideas to tempt your heroes
  • character creation rules and advice tailored specifically to Swords And Sorcery campaigns
  • detailed information and rules for Sorcery, the strange (and dangerous) magic of the Valdorian Age
  • GMing advice and suggestions, including plenty of plot seeds and a GM's Vault filled with the secrets of the Valdorian Age
Strap on your broadsword and keep a close eye on your coinpurse — adventure and danger await you in The Valdorian Age!

Stock #: DOJHERO507

ISBN: 1-58366-041-0

180-pg Trade Paperback, Perfect Bound

Retail: $26.99

Author: Allen Thomas

Artists: Nate Barnes (cover), Various (interior)