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Found 1 result

  1. The Blandness Power!

    Greetings all! I am currently hoIding a HERO campaign with a few friends, and my players have really immersed themselves into the system! Even so much they started to make their own powers, and everything is all fine and good. Recently one of my players asked me how to make a "Blandness power", and I have no really idea how to make one. I believed it be done by Illusions, while two of others have given suggestion of either a power that includes the skills disguise and stealth, and a other player suggested with geting a huge amount of presence, but presence limited to only "Blend into the crowd." I am very unsure of this and could really use some help how to do this! And example of this exists in Shadowrun of how it's properly working. "Blandness The is character blends into any crowd. He is average in height, weight, and appearance, and has a distinct lack of distinguishing physical characteristics or mannerisms. Anyone attempting to describe the character cannot come up with anything more precise than β€œhe was kinda average.” Individuals attempting to shadow or physically locate the character through social means or in even slightly crowded settings receive a –2 dice pool modifier on all tests made during such attempts. The modifier does not apply to magical or Matrix searches." My friend's character is a supernatural investigator, pretty much Constantine from DC, love the character. So he want a "spell" that make him blend more into crowds, so no one take notice of him or care for him as much. As he want to move around more freely. The spell part of it, I got no problem with, as I know how to properly add the disadvantages to make it a magical spell. But how the power itself it's supposedly to work i don't know how to do. We are playing the Sixth Edition. Thanks on before hand! Sincerely NisseFrasse