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Found 38 results

  1. Hey my buddy and I are making a Champions Complete podcast and we think it doesn't suck. You might, I dunno. Anyways. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/get-in-loser-were-going-adventuring/id1302997907
  2. Q: Buzzsaw's Duplicate Weapon Costs

    In Champions Villains, Volume III, page 60, there is a character sheet for Buzzsaw. Listed in his Powers are his two Buzzsaw Shooter Gauntlets. The first costs 38 CP and the second costs 5 for the exact same weapon. Can someone explain to me what rule is being employed to get this kind of discount? I ask because there is a PC in my group who has multiple pistols of the same make and model (same powers, advantages, and disadvantages) and I had him pay the same amount for each one. Thanks, experts!
  3. I'm trying to figure out if any special rules apply to Presence attacks by someone with Desolidification active. Specifically, does one need to pay the +2 for Affects Physical World on the presence attack. I found one archived post asking the same question, and the response was simply 'See the Rules FAQ under "Desolidification."'. The problem is that I have no idea where the Rules FAQ is located, and attempts to find it via searching these forums or searching the larger internet turn up nothing. Where is this document located?
  4. I don't care what settings they were meant for, I want to know if there's a book which simply contains all the skills, characteristics, powers, advantages, and disadvantages, talents, magic, whatever that have ever appeared in any books. All the raw materials that I could ever need to build any of my own settings. I don't like the feeling of these things being tucked away in different genre books, I just want all the character building tools extant within the system. I feel like the splatbooks should exclusively contain package deals that, no matter the setting or genre, only reference a single book worth of raw building materials. Does such a book exist? Am I an idiot, and that's already what the 6e core book is?
  5. Version


    This is the Hero System Universe Timeline written by Steven S. Long and based on work by Steve Peterson and Steven S. Long. I found this online and noticed that it was not available here. It is a 4 page high level brief description of the significant events in the Hero System Timeline from 100,000 BC (before the Turakian Age) through the year 3000 A.D...It was written for 5th edition but it is version agnostic.
  6. Last time around I had pretty good luck here -- managed to assemble a great group of players with real lightning-in-a-bottle chemistry; unfortunately, family issues forced me to hand over the reins of the campaign and leave the group, and now I'm involved in another campaign that runs concurrently with my old Champions group. But my circumstances have improved enough that I feel like I could take on GMing duty again, so let me shine the ol' Hero-Signal in the sky once again and see if there's any interest in a weekday gaming group in the Portland/Vancouver area... I'm a long-time (30+ years) Champions player; I'm looking either to join an existing group, or form a new one if I can get 3-5 reliable players to commit to playing on a biweekly basis. I'm self-employed, so I can make myself available for pretty much any day/time that your existing group meets; or to work around the schedules of interested players, if folks are interested in playing in a campaign run by yours truly. My one caveat, either for players looking to form a group or an existing group looking to recruit new players, is that I'm not available on weekends -- I'm divorced, and weekend-time is reserved for my son. If you've got a slot available in your group, or if you're interested in forming a new Champions campaign, please contact me either through this site or e-mailing me directly at jasonsoleil@gmail.com
  7. Temporal Anchors

    How would I buy a power that would lock down an area I'm in to prevent temporal alterations? How could I justify it for an electrokinetic character?
  8. Old Champions Comic Books

    I was going through some old comics today and dug up this little treasure. NM condition too.
  9. Happy Champions Day!

    Champions Day (also known as "Day of Champions" or "City of Champions Day") is a special day that was set aside in to commemorate a number of sporting victories and accomplishments by Detroit, Michigan natives and teams in the early 1930s, and especially the 1935–36 sports season. This season was called "...the most amazing sweep of sport achievements ever credited to any single city" by the Windsor Daily Star. This sports season featured, among other Detroit national championships, the rise of Joe Louis in the professional boxing world, the Detroit Tigers winning their first World Series, the Detroit Lions winning their first NFL championship, and the Detroit Red Wings winning their first NHL championship.
  10. Hi, I am looking to run an off-the-hip Champions game on RPG Crossings. It's a modern supers game, 6th edition. If you are interested, check out their site, and look for "San Angeles Heroes". Hope to see you there. =) https://www.rpgcrossing.com/
  11. The Full Scope of ARGENT

    Whenever I read over my Champions source books, I'm struck by the range of activities ARGENT is involved in around the world -- how many pies it has its fingers in, and how viciously it digs into them. But from comments I've heard over the years, most Champions players who don't have those books don't fully appreciate what ARGENT is capable of, nor the range of uses it can be put to for character origins and backstory. In part this is due to there being no source book dedicated to that malevolent corporation. Hero Games did plan to publish one, but the severe downsizing the company went through several years ago curtailed that plan for the foreseeable future. There's actually substantial information extant, but it's dispersed over more than a dozen books. I thought it might be interesting and helpful to the community to pull that info together and organize it for easy consumption here. What follows on this thread is a brief history of ARGENT; a summary of ARGENT's motivations, goals, and methods of operation; a rundown of its known organizing structure, with a little logical extrapolation based on relevant precedents; ARGENT front companies described in the books; an overview of ARGENT's extensive activities around the globe; its interactions with various superhumans and supercrime groups -- those it works with, is interested in, and its rivals and enemies; a list of official supervillains (and superheroes) who owe their superhuman abilities to ARGENT science, and how they came to be; and a collection of devices commonly used by ARGENT's operatives. For anyone interested in looking up more of this information themselves, the core history and description of ARGENT appears in Champions Universe. Significant additional info is in Champions Universe: News Of The World, Champions Worldwide, Monster Island, and Teen Champions. Smaller amounts are in the Champions Villains trilogy, Hidden Lands, Millennium City, UNTIL: Defenders Of Freedom, and VIPER: Coils Of The Serpent. ARGENT is also briefly mentioned in Book Of The Destroyer, Champions Beyond, Champions Of The North, Cops Crews And Cabals, DEMON: Servants Of Darkness, and Vibora Bay. Because there are substantial differences to how ARGENT is depicted in Champions Online compared to our pen-and-paper game's books, I'm confining myself just to data found in the latter. But I'd be happy to add info related to the MMO if anyone's interested.
  12. Aliens in Champions

    Is there an exsisting alien race for the Champions setting that is an analog to the Green Martians of D.C. Comics? Trying to give guidance to a Player that is using Martian Manhunter as a guid to make a PC. He does plan to mix in T-1000 abilities, also.
  13. exorcism?

    Working on more parts for my Occult Detective and just found a new can of worms. I want him to be able to do exorcism's. Problem is I really can't find good info on it in any of the hero system books. I'm guessing that an exorcism works like a form of banishment but it info on banishment in the fantasy hero guide it about banishing a summoned creature and it doesn't really seem to be what I'm looking for. Also the info is no well explained. It's on pg 155 and than jumps to 149 for Dispel. I'm confused and need some input.
  14. SHIELD Helicarrier

    So working in my Champions Campaign and my group has received a base of my version of SHIELD (UNTIL in Champions universe). I got a copy of The Ultimate Base and saw this photo. It looks a lot like a Helicarrier but I can't seem to find stats for it. I looked in The Ultimate Base and my UNTIL guides and didn't find it. So where do I find it's stats or if there is no stats, has anyone made stats for it? It would be useful info for my campaign.
  15. Military Rank costs

    I am starting a game for a 5 gamers who never played the Champions system before. One player envisions his character as a human/alien hybrid clone experiment. How much would you charge the character for Membership in the US Air Force and to hold Rank in it? Just going to make him an enlisted member.
  16. I want to announce I am gonna try a weekly Twitch and/or YouTube show where I will showcase character builds and otherwise attempt to answer questions and discuss topics. I'll try to start the stream at 8PM EST and will attempt to broadcast to both Twitch.tv (https://www.twitch.tv/cptpatriot)and YouTube (Not sure exactly where, but should be able to be located at https://www.youtube.com/user/cptpatriot or possibly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqboK-mVRf8)
  17. I recently moved to the Saint Louis, MO area for work. Looking for a Hero Systems/Champions group to join. I may also be interested in some other games as well.
  18. Need help with Occult Detective

    I'm working on an Occult Detective for Champions. I got most of his items figured out. Stuff like a revolver with silver bullets, holy knuckle dusters, cross, stakes etc. I'm having problems with a few items. 1 item is a bag of holding. It holds a ton of items within a bag. Think along the line of large on the inside. Look up D&D bag of holding for more info. Another problem I'm having is figuring out holy water. Mostly because it deals damage to undead, devils, and demons but nothing else. The last part is various smaller items like spices and chalk. Salt could be used to fend of evil spirits and could even do damage to some. Garlic is effective to Vampires and chalk can be use to make magic barriers and doorways. I guess I could use some of it in limitations. Such as create a Magic Barrier spell and have 1 of the limitations as "Must draw a circle around desired area in chalk".
  19. Version 1.0


    This is a fairly complex write up for all of the capabilities and functions of the modern Smart Phone. Strictly speaking, the construct is not legal by the rules as written because it places special powers in a power framework. Ask your GM for permission before purchasing this equipment for your character.
  20. I'm trying to figure out how to resolve Knockback while in a high gravity environment.
  21. Starter-Character-Sheet-Portrait

    Version 1.0


    There was a request to create a simplified character sheet suitable for new players. For this first effort I chose to stick with a basic portrait layout and use some colors to This three-page HTML character sheet introduces new players to the HERO system by presenting only the elements they need to start playing quickly. This template assumes someone with more experience will create or enter character information for the player in Hero Designer. What you need to do to use this template: Fill in the following sections in Hero Designer: * Character name * Alternate ID * Powers/Tactics * Personality/Motivation * Background/History * Complications * Campaign Use * Appearance * Campaign name Add the list item HTML markup around each line in the Background tab of Hero Designer. For example, <li>This is an example</li>. Limit images to 200 pixels wide x 300 pixels high. Add bold HTML markup around each complication type in Hero Designer. For example, <b>Hunted:</b>. When printing from the browser, enable the option to print background images.
  22. Build This Character! Challenge

    In this thread, we will pose challenges to one another to build superheroes and supervillains based on only a name. 5th Edition and 6th Edition builds are fair game. While 250-350 points is the baseline, any number of points is OK if that's what you need to make a particular character work. Any origin, any motivation, any power, and any complication are fair game. To begin, I present the name of a superbeing: Terrapin. Build this character!
  23. Version 1.0


    This is an effort to explain the organisation and rank structure of the Australian Army. I expect to do the same for the Navy and Airforce. Package Deals will follow shortly.
  24. Version 1.0


    This is an archive Lemming uploaded nearly a decade ago. He's not been on in over a year and since folk have been asking about character outlines. I thought that I would upload some of the ones that I have. Here's what Lemming has to say about this archive: From the ReadMe. ----- 268 different outlines. These were produced mainly from comics by Sam Bell, Don Satow, and myself. Each outline used to live on a page with several other outlines hence the odd numbering scheme. I scanned them in a few years ago and recently seperated the rest, indexed to 1 bit and left the background transparent. To be truly useful, you'll want to convert into RGB mode and use this as a background layer to draw around on. -Mark lemming at quirkyqatz.com April 10, 2005
  25. Version 1


    These are the Character outlines that appeared on the original 2nd edition character sheet. I believe that the artist is Mark Williams. This is an archive created by another poster, but has been missing from the boards for quite awhile. enjoy, Tasha