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Found 4 results

  1. A two-part question for characters escaping from Mental Paralysis. Note that this is for a superheroic campaign. 1) Since EGO doesn't (normally) cost END to use, is it possible to push EGO to help escape from a powerful Mental Paralysis? Example: Osiris (angry over not getting enough attention) hits LongMan with a 2d6, 3 Mental Defense Mental Paralysis and rolls 2 BODY. Since LongMan only has 13 EGO (and thus rolling only 2 1/2 d6), his chances of breaking out are slim... but he has a deadline to meet. Can he push to 23 or even 25 EGO? 1a) Related question -- though EGO doesn't typically cost END to use, would he have to spend 1 END to use his normal 13 EGO to break free? 2) LongMan has a teleportation ring he found in a box of Cracker Jacks. Can he simply use that to teleport out of the Mental Paralysis, if it's not bought with Cannot Be Escaped With Teleportation?
  2. I see that in 6E1:217 it says: Is this already (effectively) taking into account BODY and PD / ED being Defense Powers (since an Entangle is actually an Attack Power), or does the Drain effect rolled still need to be halved, in addition to using the costs above? For instance, Dr. Deathtouch has a disintegration field (2d6 Drain BODY, AoE Personal Surface, 0 END, Persistent, No Range, Always On). Captain Gummo hits Dr. DT with his Entangle 5d6, 5 PD / 5 ED, and Gummo rolls 5 BODY. Dr. DT rolls 8 on his damage shield Drain. Does that mean he Drains 4 BODY from the Entangle, or 2 BODY?
  3. So I'm going through 3rd edition's Enemies: The International File in my general attempt to update those villains I thought worth saving to 6th edition. Riplash (p. 27) has a couple of advantages on her 5D6 entangle that I'm not sure about. The first is one that increases the entangle by 1 DEF each segment. It's listed as a +3/4 advantage. I'm wondering if: a.) that's legal b.) that's a standard option for entangles, and c.) you think the advantage modifier is fair She also has with the entangle "has one BODY only, only vs. one victim at a time" for a collective -1. Now, "only has 1 Body" is a standard option for -1/2, but the way that this is glued to "only one victim at a time" confuses me. I would assume that "only one victim at a time" would be it's own -1/2 limitation (assuming that value is right as well, which is another thing I'm not sure about). Lastly, she has an attack with a 2D6 RKA that's "Based on Entangle" at a -1/2 modifier. What exactly does that mean? Linked, if I had to guess, but I'm not sure. They're both (the RKA and the Entangle) listed as coming from her whip arm, which is a focus, if that matters. Thanks.
  4. Hello! So, was playtesting a character and came up with a question. The character in question was built with a 3d6 Blast that included three instances of Double Knockback for a total of x8 (Per the last paragraph on Double Knockback 6e1 P. 334). He was stuck in a 7 Body 7PD/ED Entangle. His blast is not restrainable, and does not require a focus, so as far as I know he can use it when entangled, but it's not enough to actually damage the body of the entangle. Does the extra knockback in any way assist him, or is it simply wasted because the real body of the attack did nothing? In a similar vein, the character used this blast effect on another character (a brick) who was holding a car. Is there president for someone having any kind of KB Resistance owing to holding something heavy, or would that be considered a "Dramatic Effect" and subject only to GM fiat? Thank you! Hope these haven't been asked before :-)