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Found 1 result

  1. Forgive me if this has been asked before, asked before frequently, asked RIGHT ON THIS PAGE, etcetera. Now, that said, some games have (end-user) licenses. The OGL 1.0 license created the d20 boom in the 2000s. I myself authored and published a game whose SRD is released under the Creative Commons License. Creative commons is also the same route that Eclipse Phase famously took. Most games, though, don't have licenses. They full into a weird gray area where you might be able to assume the same things about them you would about software, but maybe not. That's where things get sticky and tricky. Is HERO System Fifth Edition (Revised, if it matters) effectively considered abandonware by the greater RPG community? My basis for assuming that it is abandonware is that it is strictly speaking "unsupported". If a representative of DOJ Inc. personally wants to step in and clarify the licensing status of FRED, that would be BEYOND AWESOME. However, just to clarify, and no disrespect to any parties involved, the answer of whether DOJ Inc. considers FRED to fall under the broad definition of abandonware is distinct from the answer of what the general gaming community at large thinks. Disclosure: because I plan to publish a product including HERO System stats (along with several other systems: it will be an adventure with stats for four systems, one of which hopefully will be FRED), the "official" answer is undeniably more important. Thanks, - Devon