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Found 2 results

  1. Greetings all! Something that have me really confused is that when I look into the HERO system 6th, Advanced Players Guide. Is there are expanded growth Table, it gives all the costs, complications, and extra small neat effects to each size, so it's all fine and good. However, when I look closer and look between Expanded Size Templates and the Expanded Growth Table. I am confused by the costs of them, it seems none of them really add up. For example, in the Expanded Size Templates it says that Monumental total costs is 666 as in it's total cost. But in the Expanded Growth Table it costs only 300. I believe it have to do with the "Physical Complication Moonumental(All the time, Fully Impairing)(35 points)". Thats why the cost is reduced, so that is also fine. But how does one reduce the cost of the power by the complication? I tried to look through the books of any other exampel of equation but havn't found any. If someone know the equation of how to do it? I would appricate it very much! Thanks on before hand!
  2. The Growth table just goes to 125m tall ("Colossal" size). I'd like to build a character that gets even bigger than that (a lot bigger). How should that be built? Thanks!