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Found 1 result

  1. I have already got an answer from the admin about this, but the admin suggest that I would make a topic about it here, as it might make an interesting conversation. So to the point, Drain powers on non-living things? Question: -"One of my players want to make a drain, but specifically for non-living things, such as buildings, weapons, armor and more. As long it ain't a well-.. living! Since she want a sort of a "withered" effect on the stuff, but all thos things normaly doesn't have a recovery, nor any other sort of meaningful stats? (Beside PD/ED and Body) Which would make that power really powerful? Unless i give all thos kind of things recovery and power defense(Which would be absurd in my own opinion unless they are of magic or awesome alien tech?) Myself been thinking on damage over time power insteed. So I am mostly wondering that if you want to make a power specifically to wither down non-living things(Such as Vehicals, Buildings, Weapons and Armor); What sort of power should we make? Drain? Damage over Time or something different completely?" Answer: -"I don’t currently have access to all of my books and materials, which have been packed up as part of my home renovation project, so I reserve the right to edit or change this answer at a future time. Yes, it’s possible for characters to use Drain (or other Adjustment Powers) on non-living or inanimate objects. Since the recovery rate for an Adjustment Power is set by how the power’s bought and doesn’t depend on the target’s REC, the lack of REC is no obstacle. If the object has Power Defense, that of course applies to protect the object. And the GM may establish other restrictions based on common sense, dramatic sense, and game balance." Now with an answer. It is clear that it is possibal to make a drain effect on non-living things, as it would make it easier to break/destroy thos things as they "wither" away, geting lesser in PD/ED and body for example, and then they slooowly recover back. But what do you guys think of all this? Should me and my player go on with making it as a drain then to make things wither away? Or something else? Or is it possibal to even make a drain on non-living things? Or is it the most logical choice to do here? What do you guys think~? Sincerely NisseFrasse