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Found 3 results

  1. Empathy?

    Is using enhanced senses in this way valid and not broken? For a mute character who's primary means of communication with others is by giving empathic sensations/'nudges'. It only operates within 8m from the character, and may or may not need to take Penetrative... 34 Detect (Mental Sense Group) Emotions (Large Class; 10), Sense(2), 360 PER(5), Range(5), Discriminatory(5), Transmit(2), Concealed(-5; 5). The alternative AFAIK would be building something like: 39 Telepathy 3D6, Alien, Animal, Plant, Machine classes (35 BP), AoE Radius(8m; +½), Reduced END(Zero; +½), IPE(Hide From Targets; +½) (87 AP); No Range(-½), Empathy(-½), Not Through Mind Link(-¼) 43 Mind Control 3D6, Alien, Animal, Plant, Machine classes (35 BP),Telepathic(+¼), AoE Radius(8m; +½), Reduced END(Zero; +½), IPE(Hide From Targets; +½) (96 AP); No Range(-½), Empathy(-½), Not Through Mind Link(-¼) Which IMO are massive point expenditures for not much effect. Not to mention they are way over the game's AP cap...
  2. Hi assembled Hero-ites, I would like some advice for building a creature that is basically an "energy being". I am thinking of it having the attributes of being able to interface with - and possibly even "possess" - computers. But while not "possessing" a computer and existing as an independent entity is basically Desolid all the time. This may or may not be in a game with the existence of "Cyberspace" - would that choice make a difference on the interfacing/possessing aspects? Question: Should I buy Desolid + Zero END + Persistent + Inherent - Always On, in addition to a Physical Complication of being intangible with the exception of computer systems? Question: Should I buy Mind Control and Telepathy (both Machine Class of Mind), or just a very high Computer Programming roll, or for some reason both? Question: Are any of the other mental powers useable in dealing with Computers/Cyberspace? Thanks much for your input!
  3. Greetings HERO system! How would NND work for a Mental Power like Telepathy or Mind Control? Would it just ignore Mental Defense or would it also make the targets EGO inapplicable? Thanks alot on before hand!